Masamune woke up to find the bed cold beside him. The room was dark, yet some sunlight glimmered past the window. The chilled warmth that had been beside him was gone, and had gone to stand on the far side of the room. The porcelain skin and silver hair of Mitsunari was vibrant against the dark walls. Masamune sat on his stomach, propping himself up on his shoulders as he gazed at Mitsunari. He was pouring tea, his lithe hands propping the kettle up to pour. His amber eyes turned to Masamune, and he realized the other Lord's stare. He scowled, averting his eyes. Masamune rubbed the eye patch covering right eye, saying in a groggy tone,

"You look nice in this light."

Mitsunari's eyes seemed strangely sad, but he went towards Masamune, leaning down to kneel in front of Mitsunari. He suddenly put his fingers to the eye patch, making Masamune flinch away violently. But he relaxed, feeling Mitsunari's fingers gently caress the skin surrounding the eye. But he recoiled again when Mitsunari's fingers went under the patch, taking it off slowly. The scar was revealed, and Masamune let out an uncommon whimper,


"You're beautiful."

Mitsunari said softly, kissing the skin there with such tenderness that it made Msamune's lip quiver. Then, he heard a whisper that made a chill go down his spine.

"I'm sorry."

He remembered the taste of tea, with a deep kiss following. Then a throbbing blackness, leading to a blank in his memory. A rough shove from Kojuro woke him, and his retainer spoke words he couldn't understand. His head was foggy, and the one thing he could notice was the absence of the silver haired man that so captivated his single eye. He managed to mumble,

"K-Kojuro,... Mitsunari is…?"

Kojuro shook his head, saying,

"He left. I don't know where he was going, my Lord…"

Masamune bit his lip, looking around wildly for any sign of Mitsunari. He spied something familiar on the mantle beside his six swords, and clambered onto his feet and wobbled towards them. Mitsunari's sword sat there neatly. Masamune picked it up and clutched it in his hands. After a moment, he dashed out of the room, tripping through the doorway and ignoring Kojuro's shouts. He ran all the way to the entrance to the estate, chest heaving. He fell to his knees, knowing MItsunari was gone. But nothing in his mind would ever consider him lost.