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"Eat something, please" my mother begged me with a pleading look in her eyes but I just looked at her with blank, staring eyes and went back to watching shadows play across the ceiling.

I heard my father's heavy footsteps enter my room and cross over to my bed,

"At least drink some water" he said as he placed an icy cold glass of water on my bed side table.

My father tapped mother on the shoulder and they both left me in peace. I glared at the glass of water in disgust, and went back to staring at the ceiling like I usually do most days.

It started to rain heavily outside and I watched the raindrops roll down the glass doors that led to a balcony, my parents were yelling at each over again downstairs so I pulled my pillow over my head in a hope to block out the sounds of their argument. Exhaustion caught up with me and I felt my eyelids drooping, as I fell into the grasps of oblivion I heard the soft whoosh of air as somebody jumped lightly from my balcony.



I stood in the middle of a beautiful forest with flowers of many colours decorating the trees, the sweet fragrance of lavender and rose brushed over me as a slight breeze travelled across my skin. A crystal clear lake sparkled like a million diamonds from the sunlight that filtered through the tree tops and a fawn with its mother drank from it peacefully, they looked up at me before the mother ushered the small fawn into the tree line. Pine needles cover the damp ground sending an earthly secnt into the air and muffling my footsteps as I walked. I looked ahead of me and I saw Haku standing up in a large oak tree, I started to walk over with a wide joyful smile to the aged tree Haku stood in but as I walked I did not seem to get anywhere and I broke into a jog.

Haku jumped lightly from his tree, landing without a sound, and started to walk away,

I yelled out to him and he turned slowly, he started to walk towards me but something seemed off as he did, I stopped running since it was obvious I'm not going to get anywhere and I was already drenched in sweat and my hair stuck to the back of my neck.

I watched Haku as he came closer; he stopped about two meters away from me and stared at me with a sneer on his lips,

"Your pathetic, you actually thought I would come to the pig sty you call the human world and see you." Haku said then turned around with a humorless laugh and left me in a darkening forest as I stood with my mouth hanging open in shock.

A tear slipped down my face and I snapped my jaw shut, the tear travelled slowly down my face and as it dropped to the ground the dream shattered like a broken mirror and I woke up in a cold sweat, shaking.


I glanced at my clock and groaned saw that it's 7:45, I haven't gone to school since my mother saw that I had started skipping breakfast and dinner and when she was told by the school that I had been skipping lunch as well. I had lost a drastic amount of weight and no one knew why since I wouldn't talk to anyone.

I heard a strange voice downstairs and someone knocked on my door and came in, I glanced at the door to see Makura , who I have seen around school, come into my room and look at me with a sympathetic eyes. She came over and started to talk to me but I got good at tuning out when someone was speaking, after a while of trying to get me to talk back to her Makura left and told my parents that it was hopeless to get me to talk. A small brown sparrow flew through my window stared at me for what felt like ages then flew out to open glass doors again.



6 years….. I haven't seen Chihiro in 6 long, lonely years.

I feel ashamed for keeping her waiting so long, but maybe she has forgotten me? Maybe she has already moved on? Maybe that would be for the best.

It makes my heart hurt to think that she might not remember me, I really don't know what I feel for the child I found wandering around the spirit world alone anymore.

"HAKU" My door slammed open and I looked up to see a panting Lin leaning on the door frame for support.

"What do you want Lin?" I asked her wearily. Her face was flushed and sweat ran down the side of her face like she had been running nonstop.

"A Spirit that went to have a look at her forest and being the nosy spirit she is decided to see what was happening in one of the houses and said she saw a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes and that she lives in a small blue house near where the Kohaku River was and that she is seriously ill and is refusing to eat or anything and that has to be Chihiro." Lin finished in a rush watching me closely and waiting for how I would react to the new.

Chihiro is refusing to eat or drink anything? How long has she been doing this? How ill is she? Is she alright? Questions buzzed around my head and made it hard to think clearly.

"Lin, get that spirit to watch Chihiro and if her condition changes for the worse to contact me immediately." I said starting to pace in my room and thinking hard of what could have caused her to do this to herself.

Lin rushed out of my room to find the forest spirit and ask her to watch over the fragile human.

Why Chihiro, why would you do this to yourself? To me?

I went out on to my balcony, breathing in the cool night air. I changed into my dragon form and flew into the moonlit sky to try to clear my head and figure out why she would starve and dehydrate herself. Was it family issues? Did something happen at her school? Maybe it's my fault for staying away so long?



I woke with a jolt but instinct told me to keep my eyes closed, I heard a slight movement at the far side of my room. It doesn't seem like it's my mother or father, I opened my eye barley as to not let the intruder know that I was awake but only saw somebody's tall leather high-heeled boot.

"Just open your eyes already, I know that you're awake." Said a voice that demanded authority but was carefree at the same time.

I slowly opened my eyes to see a woman leaning against the wall of my room with her arms crossed over her chest, watching me. Her wavy red hair fell to her waist and her bright green eyes seemed to continuously change to different shades of green as she stared at me. She had a pair of light blue jeans on and a black shirt with curly writing embodied in silver thread.

I opened my mouth to speak or scream but my throat was to dry to form any kind of sound, I glanced at the glass of water that still stood on my bed side table mockingly and considered drinking some to clear my throat but decide against it.

"If you were going to ask me who I am, I am Nichimori, Taiyo for short, I'm a forest spirit." She said while looking at a painting hanging on my wall, I had painted it when I was 12 it was a detailed portrait of Haku in his dragon form.

"You're a good painter, maybe you should be an artist" Taiyo said then turned her attention back to me.

"Anyway, you need to start drinking and eating again, you making the Kohaku River spirit worried, what makes you so special to him?" She asked as she looked me up and down, when I didn't answer she shrugged as she crossed my room to the glass doors that let a cool breeze carry across to me. "Anyway I need to go now." I watched Taiyo's back as she jumped off my balcony and changed mid-air into the small brown sparrow that had flown into my room.

Haku is worried about me? No he wouldn't be he's probably forgotten about me already, and that's good I guess, he shouldn't be worried about some petty human. That spirit must be messing with me for her own entertainment.

I lay back down on my soft pillows and thought things through and came to a conclusion, If he cared he would have already come to me before now. As I thought this I slipped into a welcoming dreamless sleep.

The forest spirit watched the frail human closely for the next few days and noted that she is going to be on death's door very soon.


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Random: Nichimori means sun forest and Taiyo means sun