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Burning ice


Something small, cold and wet hit my face, then another and another and I woke to see drops of water falling towards my face. I sat up from where I lay and looked over towards where Taiyo should have been but my eyes fell on empty space, the rain was starting to drip down my face and I quickly stood and shoved my bedding into the hollowed out log that still held the backpack. I ran over to the tree line, thankful that the thick canopy kept the rain from soaking me, a rustle snapped my head to the left and I sighed in relief when I saw Taiyo walk towards me but the grim look on her face quickly washed the relief away.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" She asked as she leant against one of the many trees, blood was dripping from a cut across her face and was soaking into the sleeve of her shirt.

"I think the good news first." I answered wondering what Taiyo had encountered that had left her with such a wound. She smiled sadly and I wondered if the good news was even good news at all,

"The Fountain of Judgement is just through these trees," I wondered why we had got here so quickly when it had been said that I took weeks, "But the fountain seems to have a guardian which the old tale forgot to mention." Great, just great, a guardian of the fountain that will stop at nothing to keep us away, kind of reminds me of someone back in the spirit world. A sad smile crept up at the thought and I wondered if she had done anything in my absence, I don't doubt that she has.

"Two questions, one, how did we get here so quickly and two, what do you mean by guardian and what do we do to get past it." I raised a finger with each question and Taiyo let out an exhausted sigh. She motioned for me to follow and I walked behind her, we soon came upon a clearing but Taiyo whispered for me to stay in the shadows. The clearing was filled with warm sunlight and daises bloomed from the grass, the soft sound of splashing water caught my attention. In the middle of the clearing stood a fountain, it was made of white marble and clear water was running down the sides, the Fountain of Judgement.



The paper work in front of me only seemed to grow as I singed and filed them one by one, it has only been three days since Chihiro was sent to the dead land but I still had to work. I was about to stand from my desk when everything started to shake violently, everything stopped and silence was everywhere before I heard the screams erupt from below. I made my way quickly to my window to see warriors from the different spirit tribes outside of the bathhouse with non other that Arashi and her sister. Ok before it was stupid of her but now this is just psychopathic crazy. The army was ramming the bathhouse doors with whatever they had their hands on, whether it be magic or weapons. Chihiro's body. That's what she's after, to destroy it for good and give her no chance of returning to it. I ran out of my room as I came to this conclusion and sprinted my way to the room that Chihiro's body was being held in, I locked the door with my strongest seal spell and glanced over to her body. Her wounds had been healed and she looked pale and lifeless as she lay on the bed, only a ghost of her former self.

About five minutes went by when everything went deathly quiet and a light knock echoed through the room that I sat on the floor with my back leaning against the door.

"I know you're in there Haku my beloved you need to step out for a moment so I can deal with that wench." A gleeful voice sounded on the other side of the door and I kept as still as death and I heard wood groan, I watched with eyes wide as the door bent before snapping in two and a smug looking Arashi walked in with hands glowing black. She looked from me to the bed and I watched as a grin formed on her ugly mug of a face, a chill swept through the room and I snapped my head to the door way to see Fubuki forming a snow blizzard in her hand and before I could react I was frozen stiff by the blizzard she had formed. I could only watch as the pig that is Arashi cross the room while her icicle of a sister watched in amusement, Arashi tried to grab hold of Chihiro's arm but jerked back as if she had been burnt. Chihiro's body started to glow a soft orange which changed to a deep blue, her fingertips started to fade and as they did salt water took their place. The three spirits watched in horror and marvel as the dead girl's body became water and the scent of sea salt filled the room, Arashi gapped at the place chihiro should have been and she did a double take when she glanced up at me. A warm feeling washed through me and I looked down at myself to see a white glow shining from my arms, I felt the warm feeling creeping up my neck and was soon swamping my brain and everything vanished into the bright light.



Taiyo picked up a rock and threw it as far as she could into the clearing, I gave a questioning look but her eyes stayed focused on the rock that she had thrown. A loud roar caught my attention and I snapped my head up to see the beast from yesterday floating towards where the rock had landed,

"That is the guardian and there is no way to get rid of it, you have to make it into that protective barrier." Taiyo's voice was barely audible and I watched as the beast floated back into the tree line,

"We got here quicker because I decided to see what would happen if we entered the back of the forest, it's where the guardian resides except for that small clearing." She said still staring where the beast had disappeared from sight.

"And you didn't tell me why?" I hissed at her and all I gat in answer was a small laugh. Taiyo looked like she was thinking hard about something and I suddenly realized something, if the only place that the beast can't get into is that clearing, doesn't that make us fair game out here. Worry washed over me and I glanced over the shadows of the trees,

"Okay, I'm going to run out and distract the guardian while you make a run for the barrier." She didn't give me time to answer as she shot out of the tree line and the beast was behind her in an instant, I took this as my cue and ran out of the tree line and ran for the barrier. A cloud of black smoke was suddenly all I could see and it was all I could do not to throw up, I kept pushing through and came to a golden barrier. I pushed against it and nothing happened, it was like I was trying to push a brick wall over. I felt like sitting on the ground and just crying over everything that had happened to me in my life, the black smoke was around me again and I felt tears sting the edge of my eyes. Haku please help me, please help me get home. The barrier suddenly gave way and I fell forward and face planted the ground,

"Well done my child you have shown you purpose is true, now drink from my fountain and you shall be deemed worthy or if not sentenced to eternal damnation." A booming voice echoed around my head as I stood and looked to the outside of the golden barrier to see Taiyo running back into the trees and the guardian slinking back into the forest of the opposite side. I turned back to the fountain and stepped forward and took some of the crystal clear water in my cupped hands, the water was surprisingly cold and as I brought it to my lips I felt I warmth radiate of it. The water was ice cold as I swallowed it and a burning in my stomach caused me to scream and double over myself, the last thing I saw before darkness consumed me was blue sky and fluffy white clouds and a brief felling of soft, warm grass against my skin.


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