Welcome to my strange mind! This is what happens when you have always liked Harry Potter, and your younger sister convinces you to read Twilight. I have seen this idea out there, and decided I wanted to give it a go.

Carlisle gets a call from a friend in the UK. Albus Dumbledore needs the Cullen's help in protecting a very important young wizard. Why, it's Harry Potter! So now the Cullens must travel to the UK and try to protect Harry, without exposing that they are not human. How is that going to work when they are surrounded by witches and wizards? Post Breaking Dawn and set during Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire.

Disclaimer: As much as I wish I was, I am not J K Rowling or Stephanie Meyer, so I have no ownership over any of these characters or settings. Depressing yes…but we must live on

Chapter One: Letter

Bella POV

I laid there in the meadow. Our meadow…Edward slowly twisted a piece of my hair in his hand, watching me carefully. I opened my eyes to look at the light reflecting off of his perfect face. I knew mine, though it would sparkle, was nothing compared to his beautifully etched face. And he was mine.

"What are you thinking lamb?" Edward asked me.

I smiled at him. "You" Edward gave me my favorite smile. After eight years of living with him, it still took my breath away. But then again, I didn't really need to breathe anymore. I rolled over onto my husband and rested my lips against his. Edward's once cold hands, now felt warm as they caressed my face. I slowly broke away. "They are probably missing us by now." I noted.

"Let them" was his simple reply. "Should something important happen, there is always your phone." Once he was finished he kissed my neck and under my chin.

"True" I smiled at him. A playful growl grew in my chest and Edward flipped me, so now he was on top and I was on the grass. Before things got any farther however, my phone rang.

"Perfect timing" Edward said.

I pulled the cell out of my pocket to see who was calling. It was Alice. Figures. So much for our perfect afternoon. I flipped open the phone and put it to my ear. "Hello Alice"

"Bella, you and Edward should get here right away!"

"What is it?" I was filled with sudden panic. "Is someone hurt?"

"No no no. Just something important is happening and you need to be back at the house right now. See you then, bye!" She hung up the phone. I took the phone away from my ear and frowned, before looking to my husband. He shrugged and we both stood. I removed my heels, why bother? I held them in my hand as we raced through the forest. The run was thrilling. It was almost like we were flying over the roots and plants on the ground.

In no time we were back at the Cullen household. We paused briefly just outside the tree line to look through the huge windows. All of the Cullens, along with Jake and Renesmee, were standing in the dining room. Seated at the table was an elderly man with a long beard and a pointy hat. Along with that, he was wearing a long robe of some kind. Weird…

We were through the front door in just a second. Another half got us next to Renesmee. "What is going on?" Edward asked so fast that humans wouldn't realize anything was said.

"Professor Dumbledore is here asking for our help" Carlisle replied at a normal human speed.

"What help could we provide?" I asked, confused.

"He knows of our…abilities." Carlisle said. Edward and I looked at the elderly man. "Perhaps, he should explain himself."

The Professor, if he was one, picked up a dumpling from his plate and placed it in his mouth. He smiled before turning to Esme. "Splendid cooking, if I do say so myself. Perfectly browned. Amazing when you can not taste your own food"

"Thank you professor" Esme said. She didn't seem comfortable around him, which was odd for Esme. She liked people in general. "Would you like some more?"

"Oh no, I couldn't. I have things to do." Dumbledore stood and turned to the rest of us. "Now, to explain myself. I do apologize for any inconvenience I might cause you, but I am in need of your assistance…"

And here is our first chapter. Please feel free to read the first chapter of To Kill or Not to Kill, a twilight fanfic.

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