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Chapter Eleven: Owlery

Emmett POV

We'd been in Hogwarts for less than four hours, but I had to get time with my Rose. After asking about the layout of Hogwarts, I think I have the perfect place for us to meet up. All I needed was to get close enough to Rose to tell her my idea.

The feast was over, and everyone was headed towards the common rooms. Fred had told me how to get there, and being a vampire I had a handy photographic memory. I managed to work my way around and through the crowds of kids to get towards the Slytherins.

"Oh lookie! It's a Gryffindor"

"Get out of our face!"

"Move on!"

"I'm looking for someone" I almost growled. As soon as I gave them the evil eye, most of the Slytherins shut up. I searched for her….there! She was next to that blonde kid again. He better not get any ideas...

"Emmett, what are you doing?" Rosalie asked.

"I wanted to talk to you"

"About what?"

I leaned in and put my mouth to her ear. I knew no one would hear us if I spoke at vampire speed. "Meet me outside the great hall around midnight. I'll tell you then." When I leaned away Rose gave me a 'what are you up to' look. "Trust me" I was at normal speed. "It's a good idea." Before she had a chance to respond I quickly, by human standards, made my way out of the great hall. This was going to go great!

A couple hours later

I bounced from foot to foot. Rosalie would be here any second, and when she was, I could take her to the perfect place! We could be in and out before anyone noticed. I looked at the stairs and saw her beautiful face looking at me with suspicion.

I ran forward and grabbed her hand. "Come on!" I began to lead her out at vampire speed. No one should be awake, so we would be fine. We jetted outside and began to work our way down the path.

"Where are we going?"

"you'll see!"


"Shh! We're here!"

I smiled at Rose, expecting her to be pleased with my idea. "Emmett…is this…is this…the owlery?

"Yeah, no one is going to be showing up here." I led her inside. It was a circular stone room, and I guessed it would be cold, but it didn't matter to us. The floor had a layer of straw that I thought would be perfect. "And I doubt the others would think of this good of a place-"

"Emmett, you're thinking…." She looked around. "In here?!"

"Why not?"

An owl hooted above us. And a large white something dropped right onto Rosalie's perfect hair. "That's why not! Emmett! Think things through! These owls are everywhere! They poop everywhere! They spit up dead animals!" She sighed. "When you have a better idea find me." She started to walk out. "That's disgusting!" She was referring to her hair.

I watched after her. "How am I going to find a place that works?"

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