A/N: I'm writing this story AU, because upon several viewings of this scene I wasn't sure if Daphne knew about Niles' feelings for her. And it made this story much more fun to write!

July 4, 1999

Frasier adjusted the collar of his brightly colored costume and smiled sanctimoniously.

"Well, I'm off! Don't forget to watch me on TV! Roz and I will be waving proudly from the KACL float! It's such an honor to be a part of the Seattle Independence Day parade!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Dr. Crane but I'm afraid I can't watch. Some English girlfriends of mine are havin' an Ugly American party in honor of the Fourth."

Frasier smiled and looked Daphne up and down. "Ah, so that explains your hideous outfit!"

Daphne laughed as she spread her arms and turned in a dramatic circle. "Why, thank you Dr. Crane!"

"That'll be Niles." Frasier said at the sound of the doorbell. "He said he'd come over and keep Dad company while Roz and I are at the parade."

"Well, that was awfully thoughtful of him. Although it doesn't surprise me at all; your brother's always so sweet and kind."

Frasier's eyebrows rose at Daphne's faraway look. "Yes, he is."

"Hello, Niles. Happy Independence Day!"

Niles blinked in surprise at the sight of Frasier's elaborate Uncle Sam costume.

"Hello, Frasier. For a minute I was expecting you to hand me a flyer for a mattress sale!" Niles quipped.

"Very funny, Niles." Frasier replied.

"What about my costume, Dr. Crane?"

Frasier grinned. "Oh yes, Niles. Don't you think Daphne looks absolutely atrocious?"

Niles gasped at the sight of his angel; wearing the most awful red white and blue suit he'd ever seen.

And as usual she looked incredibly beautiful.

"Frasier, how can you say that? She's not atrocious at all!"

"Oh..." Daphne said, the smile disappearing from her face. "Well, I suppose I could go and change and make meself look worse."

Frasier laughed. "Daphne, I'm sure Niles was just kidding. You look awful!"

"But Frasier-."

"I have to get going, Niles. Dad?"

But Martin stared at the television set, engrossed in the baseball game; oblivious to his eldest son.

Frasier tried again. "Dad? Good Lord, I wish I had never given him those wireless headphones! I just hoped that they would provide some peace and quiet when we're both in the living room and I'm trying to read. Dad always picks the most inopportune time to find a very loud program to watch!"

Frasier walked over to Martin and pulled the headphones away from his ear.


Martin jumped in shock and stared at Frasier. "What? Oh geez, you scared me half to death!"

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm leaving now. Niles is here to keep you company!"

Martin returned his attention to the television and waved his arm absently.

"Fine, have a good time."

"Don't' forget to watch-."

"Yeah, Yeah, I know... But can you shut your big bazoo? The Mariners are rallying!"

"Whatever that means." Frasier said as he walked out of the condo, closing the door behind him.