There was something there. We just never talked about it. We just started out close and grew closer. It changed without us even noticing. And I promise it was never planned. I was always the kid. I should have been in Junior High picking up the cheer leaders (at least that is what Weaver told me). But now I am spending my time killing Skitters.

Now I would jump over bridges for her. She protects me. But there is something more to it. I still do not understand the word love but she taught me a lot about it. And that is all I can possibly think about as I sit here. It might be my last day here on earth. Well every day could possibly be my last. That is something I have grown to live with.

I pull out my gun and look straight at the skitter. I pull the trigger as usual and know it is done. She smiles over at me like always. I love it.

"Thanks for watching my back. The usual."

We begin to run towards our target. An abandoned warehouse that is supposed to have a lot of provisions we need. Maggie grabs my hand for a second. I wish I understood this whole thing. I know what everyone would say in the past but now it was… whatever you can call this. No one has noticed yet but I knew it was a matter of time.

Right now it is stolen glances. Grabbed hands when no one noticed. Hugs when all I want to do is sit and cry, Which I try not to do. This world, it does not have room for kids. If you want to survive you have to grow up. So when you still feel like a kid you have to hide it. And I have hidden it from everyone else besides her. I don't hide it from her.

When it gets to much I go to her for a hug. She holds me. And that makes me feel better, like I am not alone. That is the first time our relationship changed. She gave me a soft kiss. Not the kind I used to see in the movies. Just tender like she wasn't sure why she was doing it. We didn't say much after that. It was our unspoken bond. Something that happened once in a while that was not spoken.

Ben came up to me. "Jimmy, what is going on?"


"Do you think I haven't noticed? Everyone has. I just want to make sure you are ok."

"Yah I am great."

"You don't have to be such an adult. Try and be a kid. I know it is in there. You used to be so vibrant. So then this happened."

"Exactly. This happened. I grew up."

HE looked me over and smiled. I didn't know what he was thinking but my mind was on Maggie. She cared about me. She knew the real me. She knew I had not real grown up. I just hid it so well.

"Do you really think that its love?"

I stared at him in shock. "That what is love?"