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The halls of Fairy Tail Academy were oozing with hurried kids, giggling girls, laughing guys, and future students. The awaited day has finally come; the Festival, where Fairy Tail can promote the school and attract future students to work hard and possibly comes here.

The busiest floor was the second, where the second years were having their booths and stands.

"Move it people!" a guy with messy brown hair said.

"Kyaaa! Don't touch me!" a girl screamed running out of the classroom.

"Woah! The haunted house is getting popular,"

"Yeah! Yeah! But I also heard the third years' café is also a big hit!"

"We should go there once we get a big scare here no?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

Lucy smiled to herself. The festival was becoming a big success; her class is neck and neck with Mirajane's class.

"Lu-chan!" a girl with a petite build and blue hair blurted with a creepy smile. Droplets of blood were falling down her face, a corny fake ax on top of her head. Though she knew the blood was not real Lucy shivered and backed away, "Eh Levy get back!"

Levy chuckled, "Can you believe it? The haunted house is a big success! It was a good idea to put Gajeel as the grim reaper and Natsu as an ancient mummy from Egypt," the girl giggled, "More and more people are coming here."

Lucy sighed but with a tired smile, "Yeah thanks to those idiots I have more work here in the ticket booth."

At that, two giggly girls came to the front purchasing their tickets. Lucy handed it to them with a nice smile before gesturing where to enter. She then turned back to Levy, "Though I'm curious—" again she was interrupted by a set of three girls blushing and asking for tickets to enter, once they did Lucy frowned, "—Why there are so many girls coming here…"

Levy smirked, "Oh you didn't hear?"

Lucy raised a brow, not following, "Hear what…?"

At that a scream was heard followed by laughter of squealing girls leaving the building, "Did you see him? Did you see him?" one girl with dyed black hair asked to her companion. Her friend giggled, "Un! He was so… so hot!"

"I know! I wouldn't mind if he scared me tonight," the girl giggled as she walked out with her friend.

Lucy's eyes twitched, "Err. What was that about?"

"Hnnn," Levy gave her a wicked smile before shrugging, "Who knows?"

"Levy…" Lucy muttered, "Don't tell me…it's that idiot's doing?"

"Bingo!" the small girl chirped, "Who knew they would like him in that costume huh?"

Lucy rolled her eyes, "Uh you did! You were the one who specifically wanted him in that costume!"

"Oh did I?" Levy mocked, "Don't remember."

Lucy pouted, "Levy," she whined, "I'm fine with the creative freedom you were granted for this. But if I have to deal with air heads that are only here to see Gray's stupid face, please count me out."

"Whose face is stupid?" a rugged voice said behind her. Levy laughed while some of the girls waiting in line to enter were screaming. Lucy jolted, not daring to turn and face what smirk was awaiting her.

Because behind her was Gray Fullbuster. Grinning so wide his white teeth with fangs were showing, his now gray pale eyes crinkled making the boy's face even more handsome. His black hair was tussled to the back leaving only a few strands of his hair falling flawlessly on his forehead. His black cape flowed as he laughed.

"Ehhh." Lucy tried to sound persuasive "No o-ones," she stuttered, afraid if she got a good look of Gray she would get a nosebleed.

He laughed, "You're never honest Luce."

"Shut up."

Levy giggled, "So Mr. Vampire, having fun scaring people?"

"Tons," he said sarcastically, "Though it's hard to scare people when they actually look forward to it."

Lucy huffed up her cheeks in annoyance, many girls were giggling at the mere sight of Gray, "You're not scaring anyone because you don't look scary enough. Levy who's in charge of the makeup? Make him…look more gory!" she complained.

"Oh relax Lucy. I would but Gray has to leave in thirty minutes to get ready for the performance. It will be a hassle to get so much makeup off of him and the others."

Lucy frowned but forced a smile other wise. Gray didn't seem to care as he blew off the remaining strands of flying hair off his pale forehead and shrugged, "Actually now that you mention it I should be leaving now. My shift is over. Levy can you go tell Jet and Droy to take the flame and iron head's place will you?"

"Will do!"

"Great thanks!" he nodded at both of them before taking his leave back inside the dark classroom, some of the girls that overheard their conversation whined. Levy and Lucy looked at them with pity and sweat dropped.

"Uhh don't worry Minna!" the small girl perked up, "You'll be able to see Gray and the others today at three for the battle of the bands! Don't miss it!"

"Yay!" they cheered. Lucy scoffed, huffing her cheeks out. Annoyed at the many fan girls Gray has. She doesn't even want to picture how much he will get once his performance is over.

"I sense a little blonde girl is getting jealous…" Levy sung. "I'm not jealous!" the girl retorted. "And who are you calling little?"

Levy giggled giving her friend an evil smirk, "Oh? Then why were you asking—no begging to make Gray look scary? Didn't want any girl to see his be-au-ti-ful face?" the girl cooed causing her blonde friend to blush madly. "What? NO!"

"Lucy you're not honest with yourself," her friend grinned, Lucy half annoyed that Gray's words were directed towards her again only frowned.

"So when is your father coming?" Levy asked quietly once the commotion quieted down with the people falling in line and thus changing the subject. Lucy checked her watch, "Around ten minutes or so…"

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you? Or Erza?" her friend asked, Lucy shook her head, "No I'll be fine. I trust Lyon and Gray's ability. Plus if this works it will be like killing two birds with one stone?"

"True enough," Levy smiled, "I really hope that Gray can catch their eye," Lucy nodded but gave her friend a questioning stare. "Why are you so worried about him Levy?" her insides were running frantic when she asked, "D-don't tell me you l-like him!" the girl blushed.

Levy blinked a few times trying to understand what Lucy just asked her, "Hah? N-nani!? That's not it!" Levy blushed out of embarrassment. She couldn't help but giggle at Lucy and her frivolous imagination.

"Jeez Lucy, you come up with all these weird ideas and still won't admit you have feelings for him. And no if you're wondering I do not like him that way," she winked at her reassuring which made Lucy blush more.

"It's just that I know he's been through a lot so I hope he can get his chance at happiness," Levy said while rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. The tone she had given made it seem that Levy knew something that Lucy didn't, which made Lucy frown.

'He's been through a lot?' her eyes look down casted with worry. 'I wonder what that would be…'


"Yo! We're here!" yelled an energetic Natsu with a stiff Gajeel following behind. Loke nodded, as he took off his host's outfit he was wearing for his class in 2-A.

"You're late." He deadpanned as he put on a nice white button down. Natsu waved his comment off, "Only by two minutes. It was hard trying to find our way out when it was dark!" he grinned.

"Natsu you still have bandages around your head," Gajeel pointed out as he took off his black cloak. "Oh. Thanks man!"

"Where's Lyon," Gajeel asked. They were currently in one of the third year's empty classrooms since their class was in charge of handing out flyers at the entrance.

"He's in a meeting but promised he will be here before the show starts." Loke replied as he rummaged through his bag to find a comb. "Remember the plan boys and everything will be a success."

"Don't need to tell me! I'm all fired up!" Natsu roared as he unfastened the remaining bandages around his pink head, "Gray is in the bathroom by the way. He's having problems getting his contacts off."

"Contacts?" Loke mused with an eyebrow up, "Why does he need contacts? His vision is perfect."

"It's for the costume that he was wearing for the haunted house," Gajeel explained, his voice gone gruff, "He was a vampire and shrimp wanted him to look authentic."

"Ahh" Loke laughed, "I heard your guys' haunted house is a big success. I wanted to go check it out but it happened that my break will be during rehearsal."

"Ahh that sucks. We heard that Sanna's class' café had super good food!" Natsu laughed, he was in the middle of putting on his grey skinnies.

"Ahh who would've thought that Lisanna knew how to cook sweets?" Loke grinned, "She was a big help for our class—" his smiled faltered when he noticed what Natsu was doing, "Uhh what are you doing? Those are not the clothes I laid out for you!" he screamed.

"Hmm?" Natsu pulled his pants up, "No offense but I prefer if I just wore clothes that suit me."

"Gah Natsu! You could have at least told me! I would've picked something out for you!" Loke cried.

The boy merely shrugged as he grabbed his maroon shirt from his bag, "Loke I'm seventeen. I'm old enough to pick out my own clothes."

"B-but what about the band's image?"

Gajeel only grunted, "If you're that worried just see what the idiot has on before crying that the world is ending. You need to relax."

"Sorry," the strawberry blonde apologized, "I just want everything to be perfect…"

"And it will be," Natsu smiled at him while he placed a firm hand on Loke's shoulder, "But we got to stick to ourselves in order to be recognized by our talents. Not by what we wear."

"You're right," Loke grinned giving them an apologetic glance, "So show me what you have on!"

"Dude…" Natsu mumbled.


"Well…" Gajeel suddenly spoke up.


"Not that I use this term as an insult…"

"But that sounded…." Natsu started to add.

"A little…"

"Gay…" both Natsu and Gajeel said in unison. Loke glared at them both, "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!" his cheeks dusted with a shade of pink while his hazel eyes brew into a menacing gaze.

Gajeel was the first to laugh, "You know we like to tease you, you womanizing cat."

Natsu chuckled as he drew in his arms down his black jacket's sleeve; the collar of it was round with no flaps and looked nice around the pinkette's collarbone. A nice white button was on it with a matching one at the end of one of his sleeve's cuff.

Loke noted that Natsu did look better in dark clothes then in light ones as he inspected the spicy ramen loving boy's attire. The black jacket, Loke also noticed had different colored cuffs; they were maroon and were folded up.

Natsu started to put on his shoes; this made the strawberry blonde laugh as he noticed the shoes were Nike RT1 High Blacks. He guesses the lad took what he said seriously about the lyrics of the song and projecting it through their appearance.

The shoes were very nice and a good touch. It blended well with Natsu's outfit with dark and red and plus it made him look a bit more cooler and taller.

Then to top it off Natsu added a black-grey beanie hiding most of his messy pink hair except for his fringe. Loke was impressed but also shocked to see this newfound image of Natsu.

He kind of looked like a bad ass.

And with a cheeky grin he wrapped around his signature scaly muffler loosely around his neck, surprisingly giving a finish touch to his appearance.

"Natsu…" he started but was too baffled to say more. Natsu smirked, "Stop drooling Loke I know I look good."


Gajeel laughed, "You look good bro," he put on his red bandana which was preventing his long dark bangs from covering his eyes, he tied it into a knot, "We should hurry and finish changing before we set up. Where's Gray?"

"Here," a cool voice said with footsteps entering the room.

"GRAY!" Loke cheered, both Natsu and Gajeel nodded at him as he entered the room.

"Hey where's Lyon?" He asked as he propped himself down on one of the chairs.

He set his guitar case down while watching the others finish getting ready.

"Ah he didn't tell you? He had a meeting with your manager. He said it was important and that he will be here before we're on," Loke simply stated as he reached down to fasten his combat boots. Gray's eyes made off with a questioning glance as his brows knitted downward.

He frowned; he had every reason to believe that Lyon is the culprit for everyone acting all secretive around him. Their so-called plan may be based on his performance but Lucy's future rests in his palms and guitar pick. That's a whole lot of pressure. And with Lyon suspiciously and willingly taking all of Gray's workload actually stresses Gray out even more.

But of course he isn't going to let his brother do all the work.

"Well I need to see him now. It's urgent." He coolly stated as he took a swung at his cold ice bottle of water. Natsu frowned, "Is this something band related?"

"No," he grunted, "It's something blonde related."


"What do you need?" the older sibling said has he ran a hand through his white spiked up hair. He frowned as he watched his younger brother looking ticked off with his hands in his pockets.

The boy arched an eyebrow up; Lyon was wearing a dark suit with a light blue button down and a black tie. He didn't look eighteen he looked like a CEO!

"I don't know what you're planning…" the younger Fullbuster started, "But even if you won't let me in on it. I still want to help."

Lyon's head shook with a faint smile playing on his lips, "You came all the way here? To the company, before we go on to tell me this? By the way you didn't have permission to take my car."

Gray rolled his dark blue eyes before giving him a mischievous smirk, "Not my fault you left it in the school parking lot unattended. And no I didn't come all the way here to tell you that. Look at this." Gray rummaged through his backpack before throwing some files at Lyon who caught them with ease.

Curious, Lyon opened them. The contents made Lyon's eyes grow wide as he read the loose and messy documents. He looked at Gray astonished when he was done, with Gray looking back amused.

"When did you find this? I mean I didn't even know about it…" Lyon trailed off. His uneasiness earlier was now replaced with excitement and more confidence. With this they boosted their chances on helping Lucy.

"Well I hated the fact that I didn't do anything this whole week. And since you've been taking my workload I had some free time." He gave his brother a jeering smile, "And that's all thanks to you Onii-san"

Lyon chuckled; Gray was his brother after all. He gave him an evil smirk, "Shouldn't expect less from you Otouto."

"Damn right you shouldn't," the lad gave him a sly smile before heading back to the white sleek sports car. Since Lyon was driven here for the company authorization he left his car at school. And Gray had a spare key.

"You head there now and set up. I'll leave in five." Lyon said as he waved his brother goodbye.

Gray nodded, "Don't be wearing that for the performance. Or I'll kill you."

"Don't worry about it. I have it covered."

"Okay see you bro."


Gray drove off gracefully as the wheels turned quickly with ease on the asphalt road, then accelerated to the highway taking a fast route to school. Lyon smiled to himself as he watched his brother leave, he took off his black blazer before heading back inside the office. His cellphone rang as he entered the building.

"YO!" he said cheerfully purposefully trying to irritate the other person on the line.

"Get bent Lyon."

He faked pouted, "Oi you ugly hag that's no way to talk to your superiors. What do you want?"

"What do I want?" the woman half screamed into his ear, "I want to know what time I have to be there!"

Lyon sighed before grinning to himself, "Be there three-fifteen and don't be late."

"Right." The phone line went dead. Lyon hummed to himself before turning to the assistant walking alongside him handing him a cup of coffee. He accepted it happily while taking a few sips as his assistant looked at him quite curiously.

He stopped drinking after noticing her stare. "Do you want to ask me something Trina?" he asked politely.

The assistant now known as Trina blushed embarrassed for being caught staring at her boss, "N-not really L-Lyon-Sama it's just that…"

"Just what?" he interrupted, "Oh and just use San I'm not that honorable to have a Sama honorific."

"Ah-ah G-gomen Lyon-san. But I was wondering why you told Miss Banks to be there fifteen minutes after the actual meeting time." She said timidly.

He gave her a devilish smirk, "Oh that," he said cheerily, "Keep that between us all right? I just don't want Ms. Banks to be there for a while. I like to have my fun too you know." He gave her a playful wink before walking towards the main building where his driver was awaiting for him with spare clothes in his hand.


"Yes don't worry Loke. Lyon is heading over there now and gave me his spare clothes. Yeah just sit back relax and do your best!" Levy cheered as she hung up the phone.

With the bag in hand and a cheery smile on her face she couldn't wait for the events that would unfold.

"Everything ready Levy?" asked Mira in her maid uniform. She smiled sweetly at the second year, Levy nodded, "Yeah I all ready requested to have a break during the concert. Once it ends I have Lyon's clothes ready. And you guys?"

Mira smirked as her blue eyes twinkled, "Yes. While Lucy is giving the "tour" with her father and the Harris' we will distract them and keep them away from the concert—"

"—Until it closes to an end." Levy finished, "Then with Lyon ready with his new merge agreement they will coincidently bump into them—"

"—And will expose Harris for the fraud he is!" Mira exclaimed excited, "And then Lucy…"

"Won't get married!" Levy happily ended.

Mira giggled in delight, "Ahhh and then Gray will get his chance with his dream of getting a record deal," she sighed happily, "I know that he definitely deserves it. He always dreamed of getting into a band and writing his own songs when we were kids." Mira looked down, her smile slowly fading, "But ever since the accident both he and Lyon never got the chance to go any further and pursue their dreams."

Levy looked at her sadly before giving her a reassuring smile, "Don't worry. The past is the past. Today is just a reflection of the possible future."

"You're right." Mira brightened, "Let's do this for our nakama's sake."


"And this is where we study our social sciences and economics," Lucy stated promptly with her head up. Jude nodded approving with Mr. Harris behind wrinkling his nose in a disgusted way. As if the classes did not meet his standards.

At first glance upon meeting Mr. Harris, Lucy only had one thought running through her head: "My Father is doing business with this chump?"

But of course she didn't state her true feelings for her father would have labeled her as a judgmental opinionated young woman. The man was stubby and round with crooked stained teeth with a cheap looking twirling mustache. He wore glasses too big for his shifty black eyes. His grey hair only complementing the look of his appearance of a pervy old man.

'He is no better than Dan, ' Lucy thought with a frown. But one thing is for sure. She doesn't trust him.

Or the sleazy son of his who is walking a few steps behind her, which was why she was keeping a close walking distance to her father. It was either doing that or she would feel Dan's hand on the rear of her bum.

And we all know she didn't want that.

'But Father is acting rather strange lately…' she thought quietly, 'It's like he's in a good mood? Is it because of this?' she wondered, the crease on her forehead deepening, 'Or something else…?'

"I see the school has been heaving more business related studies," the blonde's father states with great optimism. "I'm glad that my daughter can take advantage of this opportunity before she heads off to university. Right Lucy?"

She firmly nodded with tight lips, "Yes Father."

"Well that's good in a sense Jude." Harris stated, "But if it all goes well today there wouldn't be a need for Miss Lucy to study the art of our business," he casually fitted his black blazer while swooping a hand through his dishevel white grey hair. "Am I right Dan?"

Dan who was walking right next to his father gave him a big toothy grin, "But of course Father," he chuckled.

Lucy's tried her best not to punch Dan and his Father in the face at that moment, 'No wonder Dan is such a sexist and a pervert! Like Father like son!' she thought angrily.

Jude stayed silent for the most part, "So daughter. What has your class prepared for the Festival?"

"Ummm." She dusted off the fake dust from her skirt, "Well we prepared a haunted house but I feel that it wouldn't be appropriate for this meeting," she smiled sheepishly. "Sorry for the inconvenience. As an apology we could visit my senpai's class. They're doing a Japanese Style Café and I heard the tea and sweets are delectable."

"That sounds reasonable." Jude simply stated, "We'll go there. Is that all right with you Harris?"

The old balding man just rolled his black eyes while twirling his gray mustache, "I suppose Mr. Jude though it probably won't be nearly as great as the café shop in our district. Am I right Dan?"

"Yeah! The wagashi nerikiri pompon is their specialty Mr. Heartfilia. Delicately handmade it's sweet but subtle and simply delicious. If you'd like we can head off over there since we're unable attend your daughter's class. But I'm sure she would also like to try." Dan asked hopefully.

Harris nodded with a good grin, "That's a splendid idea my son! So what do you say?"

Jude grunted. It was obvious he didn't like Harris' pushiness. But money is money.

"For the most part I think it's a grand idea Andrew," he continued walking with Lucy by his side that had an agitated look on her face, "But I call the shots. And if I remember correctly isn't this the senpai Mirajane Strauss?"

"Uh. Yes! Yes that's the one," Lucy brightened with surprised eyes, "How did you know?"

"I remember once you mentioned you had a senpai that was your role model here at this school," he said in a monotone voice, "I just assumed that was one of the reasons why you were so thrilled to attend."


"Well let's go then."

Lucy nodded as she walked graciously in front of her father leading the way to the third year's class, a small faint smile playing on her lips, 'So he remembers?' she thought happily.

Harris begrudgingly followed with a quiet Dan behind.


"There you go and enjoy your meal," Mirajane smiled while setting down four plates for Lucy and her father.

"Thank you so much Mira. They look really yummy." Lucy smiled brightly while her Father merely nodded. Mr. Harris and Dan though were looking somewhere else.

Somewhere that even Lucy and Jude will not condone.

"I think that's enough Andrew." Jude grunted as he took a sip of his coffee, he gave Dan a glare.

Dan gulped and looked away from the eye-catching sight of Mirajane the third year beauty, and blushed embarrassed that he was caught staring at another girl when his supposed Fiancé was sitting right in front of him.

Harris merely shrugged it off, "Oh Jude get with the times now. When I see a pretty sight I can't deny my eyes to not see such a voluptuous beauty don't you agree?"

Of course Mirajane who was still attending their table wasn't naïve and couldn't ignore the pervy look she received from Harris.

She stepped on his foot on her way out, "OUCH!" he cried.

"Oh dear," she placed a mocked hand across her mouth, "I'm terribly sorry. I'm such a clumsy person I promise it won't happen again."

"It better not." He replied darkly while rubbing his throbbing foot. Heels are not a man's best friend.

Lucy smiled a bit to herself as she watched Mira leave with a playful smirk lying across her face. 'If only she could do that to Dan and his face, ' she dreamily thought. But she couldn't help but feel that her father smiled at what she did too. But then when she got a good look of his face he was still sipping his cup of coffee.

'It must be my imagination.'

"I have to hand it to you Miss." Harris grabbed a pink cookie from the tray, some left over crumbs were combed over his mustache, and "I see that beauties run in packs. The pastry here is also not that bad." He swallowed the remaining bits of his cookie, "Though I feel like I have seen that girl before and tasted these before," he said quite perplexed.

Lucy merely shrugged off his first comment before taking a sip from her oulong tea, " Oh you don't know. She's the spokes model and sponsor for Noel Strauss Bakery. Also one of the daughters of the big establishment as well."





"What ?" Harris nearly choked on his cookie; Dan almost spurted out his ice tea. "Wait so that's Janey Strauss? I thought she was still in France. " Dan asked surprised.

"Nope." Lucy said popping the p sound a bit, " She's taking a break during the school term. She said she wanted to focus on school and help out with the bakery."

"Well that's good. I suppose models have to study too," Harris said with a hearty laugh, "I hear many business cliental go to Noel's and many celebrities have recommended it." He said amazed, "of course I had many of their master pieces." He said in a snobbish way.

Lucy wrinkled her nose, she couldn't take it, "Is that so? Because most of my friends can tell its her baking from just one taste. I find it actually rare for you to not know it when you had it so many times sir." She said quietly with mischievous eyes, "Quite odd."

Jude set his cup down, " It is rather odd. Andrew, don't tell me you're losing your taste buds are you? The old age catching up to you?" He chuckled.

Harris looked discomforted with a red face before looking away sheepish. "Oh I'm not that old Jude!" He said jokingly trying to brush off Jude's crude statement.

Lucy on the other hand was rather astonished to see her father actually joining her with the teasing. Usually he would give her a dark glare and tell her silently to stop. But now he is joining her?

'Something is up,' she thought.

Jude gave a sly smile before taking another sip of his coffee. " Oh is that so? Denying is another sign you're not comfortable with your age Andrew."

"Well enough of this talk of age Jude. We should head straight down to business."

Jude simply placed his cup of coffee down after his final sip. He made a noticeable glance at Lucy before turning his eyes on Harris. "Now? Patience Harris there is still much more I want to see of my daughter's school before I make a decision. Let's not be haste, those kinds of decisions always end unwell."

Harris sighed annoyed, "Very well Jude. Where would you like to go?"

Lucy looked at her father in bewilderment; he seems to be in a grand mood that even Lucy can't even comprehend. But what happened?

'He would have normally jumped at the deal so why is he stalling?' she looked at him with suspicion.

"Lucy?" his voice interrupted. She flinched, "U-uh yes Otou-san?" she answered nervously.

He stood up quietly and made his way towards the exit, "Show me the arts department here in the school."

"U-uh yes! All right!" she said while getting up as well. Harris and Dan followed willingly.


"Mira what's up?" Levy asked as she closed her cell phone. She received a call from Mira that there will be a change in their plans.

"It seems that we don't have to distract them." She briefly stated. Levy's eyes widened, "Huh? Why?"

Mira smiled, "It seems that Mr. Heartfilia is doing our part."

Before Levy could ask what she meant by that she quickly removed her apron and grabbed Levy's hand, "But that doesn't mean we won't follow orders. We still have to keep them away from the concert."


"GRAY!" Lyon yelled after putting on his blue coat with a red cross on the back. "I know you gave me the information about Jude's company but…"

Gray gave him a sly grin before he took a sip out of his water bottle, "Hmph. Mad that I beat you to it?"

Lyon placed a palm over his forehead as he shook his head, "Matakun! Spending a million dollars of our company! WITHOUT PERMISSION! That was uncalled for!"

Gray rolled his eyes, "We would have done that anyway after your proposition with him later today." He gave him a cheeky grin, "Right?"

Lyon gave an aggravated sigh, "Seriously. I don't know how to communicate with you sometimes."

"Just leave it as it is. Since everything is all right. You're just mad that I'm right."

Natsu looked at the two brothers oddly, Lyon suddenly came barging in while they were prepping and suddenly started to yell at Gray. "A fight? What's this about."

"Beats me." Loke responded while looking at the two bicker, "Lyon suddenly texted me saying he received an urgent call from his company. Then all of a sudden he came barging in with a red face I might add."

Gajeel was checking the symbols making sure they were put on properly, "Well it must be what Avalanche has done. Lyon mentioned something about him spending a lot of money."

"Money?" Natsu raised an eyebrow up, "Did he buy a giant sized stuffed dragon?"

"Natsu I don't think that would cost a million dollars…"

"EHHH A MILLION DOLLARS? What did Droopy-eyes buy!?" the pinkette screamed.

"Well what ever it is," Loke started while watching Gray smile at his brother, "He must have had a good reason."

"Well we'll find out the details later. We still have to worry about our performance." Gajeel motioned with crossed arms. "The concert starts at 2:40. There are four bands ahead of us before we perform. So we have to make sure we have everything set."

"What time is it now?" Natsu asked.

"2:35" Loke answered.

Natsu nodded, "Gray. Lyon." Both brothers looked up, "Lyon you can give Gray a lecture later. It's time."

They both nodded before looking at each other annoyed. "All right."

"Yosh!" Natsu beamed, "I'm all fired up!"


"Where is he?" a young man stated while looking around. His dark eyes roamed waiting to see a familiar head of white hair.

"Excuse me?" a voice interrupted his searching. He looked to see a beautiful woman with long scarlet hair.

Well scratch that, a beautiful girl seeing how she is wearing the school's uniform.

"H-hai?" he asked while blushing slightly. He never would have thought he'd meet such a beauty. Well another beauty compared to Uri.

"Can I help you?" the girl asked in a stern voice. The man eagerly nodded, "Uh yes! Mine name is Eve Tearm from Starlight Co. and I'm here to meet an associate of mine."

The girl arched an eyebrow, "Well it seems he's not here yet. Are you a talent scout?"

"Yes." Eve responded with a smirk, "I hear there was a unknown talent roaming around in your school and I came to see it for myself."

The girl nodded understanding, "All right. If you don't mind I can lead you the way. I'm actually one of the judges for the performances."

"Ah." Eve nodded, "I'd appreciate it," he smiled, feeling that fate may have gotten this girl to lead the way. Well he isn't wrong.

"No problem."

"Can I by chance get your name?"

The girl smiled knowingly, "The name's Erza. Erza Scarlet."

Gray oh you sly dog, what the hell did you get that it took one million dollars? And why is Jude so smiley and weird, Happy? Huh. Does it have to deal with Gray? fufufufufu (Well yeah that's what I'm saying and implying) hahaha OH THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE THE BIG BANG. So complicated huh? lol wait innuendo to the actually story title, i never intended for that pun but oh well~

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Next time on It's Complicated.

"Here's your seat Eve-san." Erza smiled at him gently, he nodded gratefully at her, "Thank You Miss Scarlet. I just hope my partner is able to get here." He shook his head, "And he was lecturing me for coming on time. Typical."

Erza laughed, "Mind telling me who this guy is before I head to the judge's table?" she pointed her thumb towards the back; Jellel and Mirajane are all ready seated.

"Ah." Eve tapped a finger on his chin, "His surname is Vastia. First is Lyon."

Erza smirked, she shook her head surprising the talent scout, "Well you're in for a big surprise Mr. Tearm." She started walking towards the back greeting Mirajane and Jellel.

"Eh?" he looked at her confused, "What does she mean by…" RING! His phone vibrated. 'A text?'

' Hey Eve! I'm sure you're all ready seated. Don't worry I'll be at your assistance once Gurei's show is over. So just sit back and relax. I know you'll be extremely shocked by the time I see you! ^_^


Eve narrowed his eyes, "Damn it Vastia. You have something up your sleeve I'm sure."