The boat speeds off towards our new life, one I'm eager to dive into. Everything's perfect.

"The two of us together again! There's nothing we can't do," I exclaim with a genuine smile carved into my face- the first one I've had in years.

"Yes… Noatak," comes Tarrlok's voice drifting from the back. I can plainly hear the aloofness and slight resent in his voice over the motor but chose to ignore his unwillingness. This is supposed to be our big reunion where we can forget about our past, our impasses, and our grudges. We can finally be a family here.

"Noatak," I repeat, the name sounding foreign on my tongue. It sounds like it belongs to someone else. I shake my head slightly with a quiet laugh. "I had almost forgotten the sound of my own name."

I'm greeted with silence from the back. I wait for a reply, relishing the way the salt felt against my skin in the meantime. At last, I can be with my element in peace. I can bend to my heart's content, and maybe I could even find a way to give Tarrlok his waterbending back.

"It will be just like the good old days," He finally replies.

My eyes water up with pure, unadulterated happiness, and I'm unable to keep a smile off my face. He accepts me! After all I've done, we could finally live as brothers once more, leaving our past back in Republic City and starting a new life. I could turn over a new leaf. I'll find a beautiful wife and have a wonderful family. And everything will finally be-