Okay, well...this IS my first story...So have mercy on me please?

Oh, and this story is Male x MALE. BOY X BOY . Hombre x hombre. x


...Why'd you look it up?


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"Ethan...I think I'm dying..." Benny panted out, closing his eyes in the process.

"Benny shut up. You're not, you're just hungry." Ethan snapped back, stretching up to look into the cabinets. He and Benny had just gotten home from school, and as usual Benny came home with him, and "died" on the couch until the delicious smell of a pizza filled the air and brought Benny back to life.

Ethan and Benny had planned this weekend perfectly. Since Sarah wasn't needed until tomorrow night because of Jane being over a friends for a " 'Fabulous Debby Dazzle Tea Party' Party/Sleepover," and Ethan's Parents being at a boss dinner a few towns over, They had the night to scream at the T.V. while playing video games all night. Benny and Ethan had planned for them to hang out and raid all the food they could.

After Ethan had put his and Benny's bags upstairs, Ethan noticed his friends chest rising, up and down slowly.

He kinda looks innocent...weird. Ethan thought to himself. Better check on the pizza. He thought as he walked past the couch into the kitchen. Ethan grabbed two Oven mitts and turned the oven off. Bending down, Ethan retrieved the pizza and laid it onto of the stove top to let it cool.

Benny should be getting up in 3...2...1-

"Oh-My-God. The awesome smell of pizza has resurrected me from the dead!" Benny shouted, jumping off the couch and booking into the kitchen.

Ethan hadn't noticed Benny coming up behind him.

"Smells good," Benny whispered in Ethan's ear, putting his hands on his shoulders.

Ethan dropped the pizza cutter and turned around to face Benny, a mild red blush staining his pale cheeks.

"Jesus Benny! Don't do that you nearly made me scream." Ethan said as he put a hand to his own forehead

"Sorry E," Benny apologized, as he noticed the mild blush. "Hey Ethan? You feeling alright?" Benny asked while grabbing Ethan's wrist, moving his hand away from his forehead and replacing it as his own.

"My god Ethan, you're on fire. We need to get cooled." Benny said while he pulled Ethan to the bathroom, without even giving him a moment to register their situation.

"Benny, I'm fine. I'm just tired." Ethan fought, trying to un-grip Benny's hand from his wrist, Blushing even harder now, If possible.

"No way man, I don't need my best friend dying out on me even before we start our 3 day weekend!" Benny shouted as he pulled Ethan towards the bathroom to cool his friend down.

"Be-Benny I'm fine!" Ethan said, being thrown into his downstairs bathroom, sitting on the toilet lid as Benny grabbed a small towel and running it under water.

"Ethan, let me do this." Benny states as he rings the cloth out over the sink and tapping it to Ethan's forehead.

Not...NOT GOOD! Ethan screamed in his mind.

"Benny...stop it!" Ethan yelled a he tried swatting Benny's hands.

Benny dropped the cloth into the sink as he knelled in front of Ethan, holding both of his hands and putting his forehead to Ethan's shaking knees.

"...How long?" Benny asked

"What...?" Ethan asked, confusion laced his voice.

"How long?" Benny asked, getting a little angry at Ethan's act.

"Benny, I have no ideas wha-"

"How long Ethan!" Benny yelled, standing up and letting go of Ethan's hands.

"How long what?" Ethan yelled standing up as well.

"How long have you liked me?"

"I don't know what you're-"

"Oh my god Ethan! I don't even know why you're...fuck it!"

Benny slammed his lips into Ethan's, causing the smaller teen to almost trip over the toilet. Benny held the back of Ethan's head wig one hand, the small of his back with the other.

After about 2 minutes of kissing, the need for air was impeccable. Benny pulled away and looked directly into Ethan's eyes.

Ethan's eyes held a great deal of shock and horror, something that worried Benny. Benny pulled his hands away and left the bathroom.

What the he'll did I just do? Benny thought to himself, tears threatening to fall.

Ethan's POV!

I watch Benny leave as I reach of him, he storms out of the bathroom and I hear footsteps descending up the stairs.

I fall back onto the toilet, panting and running a shaky hand threw my hair.

"how the he'll did he find out about it?" I ask myself. Tears rolling down my cheeks. I get up and look into the mirror, my face is beet red, hair disheveled and dried tear trails down my cheeks.

"That's it!" I yell as I open the door and slam it.

Benny's POV!

I burst out of the bathroom and run upstairs to Ethan's room and slam the door sliding my back down it. I look at my hands and think about what just happened.

"I...I-I kissed him!" I whisper as I wipe my eyes. Staring at my stuff on the floor,

"That's it," I say as I grab my cloths and shove them in my bag,

"I need to get out of here." I say as tears run down my cheeks.

After doing a check making sure I have everything, I put my bag over my neck and shoulder and tub to walk out the door, when-

3rd Person View!

Ethan bursts through his own bedroom door, looking and seeing Benny avoiding his eyes, bag slung over his neck, shaking clearly visible.

"Benny," Ethan said with a bit of strength in his voice.

"Ethan, don't worry. I'm leaving and you dot have to worry anymore. I know, save it." Benny said, still avoiding his eyes from Ethan's. Benny walked towards the door, almost there until he felt 2 hands push him onto Ethan's bed, and removing his bag.

"What the? Ethan!" Benny yelled as Ethan threw his bag over by his desk.

"You," Ethan started, straddling Benny's heated crotch. "Never herd how I feel about this little incident." Ethan said, his voice laced with confidence.

Benny looked up at Ethan, confusion written on his face but lust in his eyes. Ethan moved and pinned his hands above Benny's head and moved so he was right above Benny's ear.

"Benny, it's too late to back out" Ethan whispered "I'm your best friend, and I've waited long enough." he said, nibbling on the shell of Benny's ear and blew cool air on the damp shell. Ethan couldn't help but chuckle. "Your ears were always sensitive," he said, licking his way up Benny's neck, behind his ear.

"Ah..E-Ethan, wait...please." Benny pleaded. trying to wiggle his shaking arms out of Ethan's grasp, who was stronger at that moment, which was to Benny's surprise. "don't get the wrong idea..." Benny said, loud enough so Ethan could hear over his lust filled actions.

"Wait..." Ethan asked, letting go of Benny's hands. "So...you don't like me?" Ethan asked, sitting pretzel legged on his bed as Benny sat up. Ethan hid his face from Benny's gaze which soon made him uncomfortable.

"Nope," Benny said, moving a little closer to Ethan without him noticing. Benny looked at Ethan, who had tears running down his cheeks. The sight nearly broke Benny's heart. Benny reached for Ethan's cheek, with his right, shaking hand, which was soon brushed away by Ethan's quivering hand.

"I'm sorry...Benny forgive me..." Ethan begged, looking up at Benny, bloodshot brown eyes starring at foolish green eyes.

"You didn't let me finish what I though about this little incident!" Benny shouted as he flipped their position on Ethan's bed, so Ethan was now being straddled.

"But you just said!-" Ethan said before lips crashed into his, silencing his protest.

Benny already knowing what he was going to say.

"I said I didn't like you,". Benny said breaking the kiss "I don't, I love you Ethan Morgan. Always have," Benny confessed as Ethan crashed his lips to Benny's, not having to give a response. The kiss said it all, a kiss, a brutal yet sweet kiss that spilled Ethan's emotion all over the room. His emotions of fear of rejection, love, hurt, and lust.

"Benny, I love you too." Ethan said, trying not to make his voice shaky. "But why did you kiss me...in the bathroom?" Ethan asked.

"I just couldn't stand it anymore," Benny said snuggling up to the crook in Ethan's neck, biting lightly then moving up to his ear "You looked so cute, all red and shaky..." Benny whispered making Ethan shiver.

"I-I just..." Ethan stammered out, turning red again in the process, looking away from Benny.

"See?" Benny said, poking Ethan's face. "Right there, THAT face, sent me over the edge." he kissed Ethan's forehead lightly and flipped so he was now on his side, rubbing a hand over Ethan's chest.

"Wait...I have some questions." Ethan asked, worry in his voice. "You're not just doing this because you found out I liked you and how did you find out. Also, how are we going to break this to everybody."

Benny sighed, moving his hand to the bottom of Ethan's cheek, grabbing it and pulling it towards his own mouth, covering Ethan's questions.

"Okay, where to start...first off, I've liked you on and off for about 2 years, every since like the beginning of seventh grade. Second, me and Rory were talking and he basically broke it to me. Lastly, you shouldn't care about what people think, your parents love you, even if you do like me, you and Jane may fight, but she loves you and you love her. Also, for gods sakes, Rory, Erica and Sarah are all vampires, I'm a spell caster, and you are a seer. We don't really equal normalcy, so who cares? Were all use to change." Benny explained, holding Ethan to his chest, and kissing his cheek.

"I guess you put alot of thought into that?" Ethan asked, breathing in Benny's scent and closing his eyes.

"Don't go to sleep yet Ethan..."

"Why?" He asked, looking at Benny.

Benny sat up, leaving Ethan laying on his right side,

"I'M FREAKING STARVING!" Benny shouted running downstairs to get their forgotten pizza. Benny herd a faint "Asshole!" being yelled by his soon to be lover.