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Past Circumstances


Kakashi sat up in his bed, his pajamas and sheets drenched in sweat. His breathing was hard and heavy, as if he had been running a marathon, and not sleeping. His eyes closed as his hands went through his thick white hair. He had a nightmare, one that he hadn't had in years, and here it was, rearing its ugly little head again. Kakashi got off of the soaked sheets and put on his clothes; he was going for a little walk.

The moon shone bright with the stars as they watched over the obsidian rock sitting in the middle of the park. Kakashi ran his hands over its smooth black surface, feeling the engravings of his fellow Leaf ninja over the years. He looked for one particular name. Squatting down, his eye saw what he was looking for. Obito Uchiha. Kakashi breathed in a sigh and closed his eyes again. That was who he was dreaming about. Dreaming? No. It was more like a nightmare. He saw Obito again, and he saw his death replaying before his very eyes, over and over again. Kakashi believed that it was his fault that Obito had kicked the bucket, because he thought he didn't need him, didn't need any of them. A tear fell onto the dew-ridden grass beneath him.

"I'm sorry."

As Kakashi started standing, he saw the stone glowing. Quickly, he tried to remove his hand, but it wouldn't come off. He grabbed with his other hand, but still had the same effect. He felt the light consume him, envelop him in a warmth that he couldn't comprehend, a warmth he welcomed to the night's cool breeze. Finally as the light consumed him wholly, he fell into a deep blissful, much needed sleep.

"Hey! Wake up!" Kakashi heard a familiar voice, one he never thought he would hear ever again. Light flooded his vision as his eye opened, causing him to use his hands as shade. He squinted to get used to the light, and when he opened them fully, he closed and opened them again to make sure what he saw was real. The boy's voice filled his ears. "Kakashi, what's your problem? You look kinda freaked."

"Obito… is that you?"

"Hell yeah it is! Who else would it be? Now get your lazy self up, we have a mission to get to."

Kakashi sat up straight, taking in his bearings. "Mission?" he asked.

"Yeah, so hurry up." Obito walked out to the door, and stopped short, looking back at Kakashi. "And what's with the headband, why is it covering your eye?" Kakashi touched his eye (the one under the headband)… it was still there.

"Nothing," said Kakashi as he got up and dressed.

Minato and Rin met the boys outside, and there they were debriefed in the next mission.

"You two," said Minato pointing to Rin and the Uchiha, "will go together, and search the town for anything suspicious. This is a simple mission, so don't cause any problems okay," he said staring directly at Obito.

"Hey Sensei, I won't be a problem at all."

"And if he is, I'll knock him down a bit," Rin reassured.

"Good to hear, now let's go." Kakashi followed after his teacher as Obito and Rin went to the town.

The town was peaceful, nothing at all seeming out of the ordinary, nothing at all seeming suspicious. The duo continued to walk further into the bazaar, making sure to check everything out. "This is boring… I want something to happen."

"Oh come on Obito." Rin turned to her right, and looked at the merchandise one of the shops sold. "Remember Kakashi's test is coming up any day now."

"Oh yeah… Do I really care?"

"Oh Obito." Rin moved her hand to a small package. It was a first aid kit, filled with the most basic medical supplies. It would be great for Kakashi. Rin spoke to the merchant. "How much is this pack?" After buying, she put it into her backpack. "Are you going to buy anything?"

"No, I don't care if he's about to become a jounin. If he becomes one, maybe then I'll get him a gift… for being out of my life!" Obito laughed bending over, holding his sides.

"Obito, stop it, people are looking…" Obito's laugh rang through the square; it was a while before he calmed down.

"Are you good yet?"

"I'm good." The duo walked around the town, searching for the suspicious activity that they were there for. Minutes went by and all was peaceful. As peaceful as a bazaar full of haggling merchants and customers could be. Before them, a man walked by. He had on a cloak, despite the clear weather. He walked into them, bumping into them hard before going on his way. "Man that was uncalled for. I would've beaten his butt if he didn't walk away so fast."

"Of course you would've Obito."

"You guys look out!" came a voice they recognized as Kakashi's. Kakashi jumped in front of the two, bringing them to the ground just as a clone with a shuriken came at them. Minato stopped him before his students got hurt.

"Are you guys okay?" their sensei asked when the danger was gone.

"Yeah," spoke Rin, "thanks to Kakashi."

"Thanks to him! He could've hurt us more than that shuriken how hard we fell to the floor," yelled Obito.

"I'm just glad you're okay," Kakashi smiled at the boy, earning him looks from the others.

"Glad I'm okay? Glad I'm okay?" repeated Obito, "Who the hell are you?" Kakashi smiled again.

"Oh sorry, I just thought that that paper bomb on your jacket would've exploded already…" Obito looked down and a look of horror crossed his face. He took the paper and threw it into the air. The paper exploded and dust and shrapnel littered the air around them.

"Why you… thinking he can just swoop in and save the day…" Obito was glaring at Kakashi, but it didn't last long. As Minato and Kakashi walked away, Rin placed her hand on Obito's shoulder.

"You better buy someone that gift for saving your life…"

The next day they met up outside. "Here, good luck." Rin handed over the parcel she had bought for the boy yesterday; he examined the contents before pocketing it and thanking her.

"Kakashi, if you do well in this mission then you're set. You'll be a jounin capable of leading his own squad. After that, we'll go celebrate, okay?" said Minato. Kakashi looked over at his team, remembering that this was the fateful day when Obito had died in the past… he knew he came back for a reason, and that reason was to keep Obito from dying, he was sure of it.

"Watch out!" Kakashi threw the kunai just as another kunai was about to hit Obito. He had already seen this play out, which was why he able to save the Uchiha without any injuries to himself. He looked about him and tried to remember for dear life how Obito died… but it was already starting, faster than he could stop it. As soon as his kunai had stopped the enemy's kunai from killing his comrade, a paper bomb exploded the rocks hovering above him. Dust and pebbles fell from over Kakashi, and as Obito saw this, he threw himself at Kakashi, pushing him out of the way, as the rocks piled on, squishing him under their massive weight.

Rin was already at the scene trying to save the boy, pulling at his arm to get him free, but her strength just wouldn't cut it; Kakashi's eye widened. "Not this time," he said as he threw a paper bomb onto the rock, and blew it to pieces before it could do some real damage. With one final tug, Rin pulled Obito from the rubble, him landing beside her on the dusty ground. Kakashi sighed a sigh of relief and took all his anger out on the foes he was to capture.

He turned to two of the three ninja (one of which who had been at the town the other day), knowing that Minato already took out the third. They hovered on the branches, willing him to make a move, and he did. Kakashi unleashed his most powerful punches, knocking one of them off to the floor. He fell with a plop, and nobody paid him any attention after that. The last one, had his kunai in hand just waiting for Kakashi. The rouge ninja's hands did some hand signs, but before he had a chance to finish them, Kakashi ran at him with a loud and shrill scream, completely unlike him, taking the ninja by surprise enough to stab him in the eye, lodging the weapon deep into the brain. "That's for what you would've done…" The ninja fell to the ground, right next to his ally.

Kakashi watched as Obito tried to sneak over to the girl's side of the spring; Rin was in the bath and Obito was no doubt trying to spy on her. Kakashi remembered at that moment that the eye that Obito was supposed to give him, had he died, was now securely in his friend's head, where it was supposed to be. The hot steam made Kakashi feel hot and sticky, so he left the steamy room, and sat across from his sensei, who was enjoying a hot bowl of ramen.

"Congratulations again on your mission!" Minato toasted. "It could've gone either way, but…"

"Sensei… I need to tell you something…"

"Oh that's a first. You're usually so reserved and now that I think about it, you're unusually nice to Obito today, what's up?" he asked, face going serious.

Kakashi touched his covered eye. "I'm not supposed to be here. Obito was supposed to die."

Minato stared back. "He didn't; why are you so uptight about it?"

"I changed the future…"

"Of course you did… it would've been a totally different future had he died."

"Not like that…" Kakashi said sharply. "I really changed the future…" Minato spit out his noodles, spraying it over the table; he was laughing. Knowing this was useless, Kakashi stood up and left to his room, unaware, that as he was leaving, Minato had a serious look on his face again.

Obito stepped into the room and found Kakashi lying down, staring at the ceiling. "Hey are you okay?" Kakashi never acknowledged him, but Obito knew he heard him. "You didn't make fun of me at all today…"

"Is that what you want, for me to make fun of you?" snapped Kakashi, who realized that was what his old self would've have said.

"No. I wanted to thank you for saving me…"

"And because you didn't get me anything to celebrate me being squad leader right?"

"You could at least make this easy for me, sheesh, and here." Obito walked up to Kakashi and threw a parcel on his lap. Kakashi opened it; it was a Make-out Paradise book. A smile crossed his lips.

"Where'd you get this Obito?" The Uchiha brought his hands to his goggles and smiled. "I bet sensei will miss this. Since you went to all the trouble of stealing it for me, would you like to join me?" Obito was surprised at first, then embarrassed. He was going to read an erotic book with his teammate. Kakashi looked at him, eyebrows arched. "I'm going to start without you." Not wasting another second, the two boys sat on the bed reading the book.

Obito's eyes trailed over Kakashi's face and he saw how happy he was. He wasn't outright smiling, but never before had he seen Kakashi so happy, and as far as Obito could see, he was resonating sunshine. A smile tugged on Obito's lips. He could tell that this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" whispered Minato to Rin. Ever since the morning, Obito and Kakashi had stuck close to each other, and were talking to each other no less… as in a real conversation. There was no bickering, or squabbling, or nothing of that nature. At one point Kakashi actually outright laughed; it wasn't a sarcastic laugh either. Minato stopped. Rin stopped, but the other two kept on walking as if nothing was wrong.

"He just laughed…" said Minato.

"I know," responded Rin. "He seems happy for some reason." Rin walked up with a smile, watching Obito and Kakashi closely, before beckoning Minato to hurry up. The man still had a pensive look on his face, but he put whatever he was thinking to the back of his mind as he neared his students and walked into the forest.

The forest they had to pass through was well beyond a "little" silent. A little silence would mean there were some small rustles, or a chirp or two here and there, but not in this forest. They walked under the canopy, looking around them as if they expected something, as if they too knew that something was wrong.

"Sensei," started Rin, "is it just me or…"

"No, there's something terribly wrong here." He had pulled out his kunai, holding it at the ready. They walked slower now, taking in their surroundings. Rin was at the rear, glancing back nervously time to time. She only had enough time to dodge as a shuriken flew to her feet; she jumped back two giant steps, but that was a mistake. The moment she took those two steps, the ninja left the trees. They jumped to the ground, two of them grabbing Rin, and the others surrounding the men.

"Let her go!" cried Obito who tried to run to her, but he was pushed back effortlessly. The two who were holding her jumped back onto the trees, Rin dangling from their arms. They seemed to have singled Kakashi out, looking at him with what seemed like hard eyes behind their masks. Kakashi ran forward as well; this hadn't happened last time. Was it because he saved Obito? He pushed through the human-made defenses, actually getting passed… it seemed too easy, but he let it slip his mind as he went after Rin. Behind him, Minato and Obito began to fight.

The ninja jumped from tree branch to tree branch as Rin flopped back and forth in the air. She had managed to get her hand between her neck and her captor's arm. She tried to pry him off, but she just wasn't as physically strong as he was. The jumping had ceased, and she found herself in a small clearing. Kakashi stopped right behind them.

"Let her go…"

"I've heard that already," said the man, "you should really make sure that the people you drop to the floor are really dead. Now as payment for that, I'm going to kill this chick here…" Rin's eyes grew wide when she heard that. She tried to struggle more, to tell Kakashi to leave her be, but it was futile. The kunai the man held in his hand was brought to her neck, sitting menacingly on her pulsing jugular.

"I really would like to think all this could've been avoided, but I don't think it could've." Kakashi jumped forward with amazing speed, punching the ninja closest to him to the ground before he ran to the girl. As he ran up to her, he saw her eyes flash with pain, and then a second later, blood poured. The bright red fluid trickled down at first, but when the man dropped her to the ground, it flowed even faster, gaining speed as it trailed to the earth under her.

Kakashi didn't care about the ninja at that moment, didn't care that he was about to leave. Kakashi took Rin into his hands, as his other teammates showed up and followed after the rogue assassins. Kakakshi lifted Rin, ripping off a portion of his clothes, pressing it to her wound to assuage the blood-flow.

It was as if the kunoichi knew that she had no time left. She struggled to speak to Kakashi. "I'm so glad that…"

"Don't speak. Please. It's all my fault…" His voice was becoming a mere whisper.

"… glad that you are happy." She coughed. "I thought… thought that when your dad died you'd be sad forever, but…" Blood started to trail from her mouth now, as she tried to finish her last words.

"Just be quiet Rin!" Kakashi all but yelled; it was his fault she was hurt like this.

"Be good to Obito; I know how you are… I don't blame you at all… just please," she said as the others came back. Obito took Rin's hand in his own, kneeling beside her. "Just continue to be happy…" Her free hand reached to stroke Kakashi's cheek, but it stopped mid-air falling to the earth with a dead thump. All the rage and sadness that he had felt at the moment surfaced, as uncontrolled tears ran down his face. He screamed her name. It was all his fault, Kakashi thought to himself, all his fault. If only he hadn't came back, only he hadn't saved Obito, but that was it… he wasn't at all sad for Obito being alive, and he sure as hell didn't regret it.

Was that wrong?

Minato watched as Kakashi worked through the emotions that came from within. He watched the hurt, the pain, and the sorrow for Rin form in his features, and as he saw this, the very words Kakashi had uttered to him only some hours ago floated into his mind. 'I'm not supposed to be here. I've changed the future.' Dead silence had replaced the saddened cries of his ninja students. He looked at their solemn faces and walked to the kunoichi. "We'd better go you guys," he said as he picked her up and prepared a proper burial for her.

They were back in the village hidden in the leaves when Kakashi walked away from the team, without a word, to his house. Obito noticed how much Kakashi had changed since Rin had grown lifeless. Half of Obito was sad because he had always loved Rin, but even more than the sadness he felt for Rin's death was the poignant feeling that came when he thought of Kakashi and the way he had cried over Rin. He watched Kakashi until he was a ways away before following after him. Kakashi went into his apartment, shutting the door behind him with a slam. Minutes later, Obito, who walked into the house and into the room, with the stealthy-ness of a cat, sat next to Kakashi.

"Kakashi," he asked into the darkness. There was no answer, but he continued on anyways. "It wasn't your fault Kakashi. You couldn't have saved her…"

"You're wrong," Kakashi said emptily. "If I didn't come back, none of this would've happened."

"What are you talking about?" yelled Obito, grabbing into the dark, and finding Kakashi's shirt. He pulled him up to his feet. "Ever since Rin died, you've been saying it was your fault. Explain to me how it was your fault? You couldn't have done anything… it was an accident." Obito's voice was starting to break as the tears cascaded down his face. "Stop beating yourself up about it; Rin wouldn't like it."

Kakashi grabbed Obito's hand and released the grip it had on his shirt. There was no way he could tell Obito how it was his fault that Rin, the one Obito loved, was dead because he tried to save him. "Are you still crying? What a wuss. Get over it; I did." Kakashi couldn't stop himself from saying those words, knowing full well the emotional trauma all of them were going through. He felt Obito stiffen, and he never stopped to call him back as the boy ran out of the room angry.

Minato was still confused. How the hell had he started to think about it; what could he do about it? He was thinking about Kakashi still, and the possibility that he really was from the future. What could he do anyways? Throw him into a portal of the past? Minato threw back his cup, savoring every bit of liquid sunshine, as the sake went down his throat. "What am I going to do?" he said to no one as he reached for a second helping sitting across from him.

Kakashi was still thinking about what he had said to Obito. Of course Obito was crying; he had loved Rin. Kakashi wanted to make it up to him… why come back to the past only to make the very person you wanted to save mad at you? Kakashi slowly got up and made a hand sign. He hoped that the years that went back didn't take his skills too. When the hand signs were complete, Pakkun was standing in front of him.

"Hello… whoa!"

"Keep it down. I know, it's too much to explain, but I need you to find Obito for me." Pakkun, trusting of Kakashi, kept the questions down and picked up the scent of the Uchiha. They went to where he was, and that was where Pakkun left Kakashi.

Obito was sitting in a tree, watching the stars twinkle above. "Figures you'd be here."

"What do you want?" His goggles were over his eyes.

"Hey you can't stay mad at me forever…"

"Wanna bet," Obito retaliated, "I can stay mad as long as I want to."

"And how long is that per say?"


"That's what I thought." Kakashi jumped up behind the boy, pulling him back so that he fell toward the ground. Obito caught himself, twisting to land on his feet.

"What the hell!" Without a word, Kakashi attacked, keeping his real skills to a minimum. "Why are you attacking me?"

"No reason." Obito ran forward and tried to punch Kakashi, but he dodged effortlessly.

"You have to have a reason." Kakashi ran forward, moving his face close to Obito. "Ok, I do…"

"Then what is it?" Another punch was served, followed by a kick.

"I won't tell you."

"Why not? Kakashi."

"Because… "

"Why the silence, huh?" Obito threw a couple of punches and got a hit on Kakashi. He fell to the floor, and like last time, Obito grabbed him by the shirt collar. "What do you need to tell me?" They looked at each other, an air of dread filling between them. The wind blew passed, ruffling their hair.

"I…" Minato came up to the both of them and pulled on Kakashi's collar.

"Come with me now," he said as he dragged him. Obito stood in a stupor watching as the sensei lugged the student away from him. Whatever Kakashi had been trying to say, it sounded important.

"I have to know what he was about to say…" Some sort of feeling washed over Obito, the kind of feeling that one just can't ignore, and it made him run.

Minato pulled Kakashi out to a small cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere. They were still in the forest, but far away from where he and Obito had been fighting. "What is it sensei?" asked Kakashi righting himself. Minato scratched his head and looked away as if he was embarrassed. It reminded Kakashi so much of Naruto that he couldn't help but laugh.

"This isn't a laughing matter Kakashi," he warned sharply,"this is serious."

"Then talk." That embarrassed air came back and Kakashi kept goading the ninja. Minato turned to him at the same time the cabin door opened. An old lady walked out. She was short, stout, and her graying hair flowed behind her.

"We believe you, and we have come to send you back to the future." Kakashi looked at them. Minato shook his head slightly. "We have to do this fast." Her hands moved in front of her, in lightening fast speeds. A portal appeared before the lot of them, a myriad of colors blending into a small black hole that stood in the middle. "Go, go back to your time."

"But what about all that I've already changed? Won't that…"

The old lady cut him off, her squinting eyes staring hard, straight at him. "Whatever changes occurred will be shown in your future, but you cannot stay here any longer." Kakashi looked between the two of them taking a small step toward the portal.

Obito ran swiftly in the direction Minato had taken Kakashi. He was going to find out what Kakashi was going to say. He didn't know why but that feeling that had overcome him when he watched Kakashi getting taken away was back and stronger than ever. Obito stepped onto the dry grass under him, in the view of the cabin. He saw the new- jounin take a step forward toward the portal and he almost lost his senses; he felt like he wasn't ever going to see Kakashi again. He ran, screaming, trying to get the ninja's attention.

Kakashi looked over at his sensei again, who had a look of alarm on his face. He nodded to Kakashi, but quickly looked away to something behind the ninja. Kakashi had finally put his foot inside of the swirling vortex when behind him came a shout. He turned to look back, but only got a glimpse of the crazed-looking Obito screaming his name. His sensei had pushed him into the portal before he too, changed his mind about Kakashi leaving.

Obito was held back by Minato when he reached the portal. "Why did you do that?" he asked, still hectic, "he needed to tell me something… something important."

"You'll see him again but he really had to go Obito." Obito stared at the disappearing portal, the earlier energy he had before transitioning into dread once again.

Kakashi fell through the vortex, in a different way than when he had been brought to the past. He closed his eyes and let his future be made as he went through all other 'past' events that happened due to his intervention. He was only saddened by the fact that he hadn't exactly told Obito what he was going to tell him, but he had made it a mission to keep the boy alive right? and that's exactly what he got, a living breathing, Obito…


A/N: Find out what Kakashi was going to tell Obito in the next exciting episode of "Past Circumstances".