Chapter 1

Third Person Point of View

Charlie yawned as he sat with his stepbrother, Lloyd in his limo, watching the scenery outside pass him by. He had been down this road many times before, but today it just seemed different somehow. Of course, there were the same old apartment buildings, the busy coffee house, and the luscious green park, but it was like he was seeing it for the first time. It might have been the new paint on the buildings or the flowers that swayed in the gentle breeze, but that didn't seem right. It was something else.

"Charlie, are you ok?" Lloyd asked him suddenly. Charlie jumped slightly directing his attention to his stepbrother. He looked concerned in Charlie's opinion, which startled him. Was there something wrong?

"What?" He asked not hearing his question.

"Charlie, you seem stressed. Are you ok?" Lloyds' eyebrows furrowed in more worry than confusion. The look on Charlie's face as he stared out the window a few moments ago appeared confused and worried than his usual easygoing attitude. He thought that even though Charlie loved his career as a singer; there were times when he just wanted to be alone with no fans or company men around. He just wanted time to himself, which was hard nowadays considering how famous he was since the world found out he was Rags, a year ago. It was fun at first, but when the crazed fans wouldn't give him his privacy, it was frustrating to know that he didn't have time to write songs.

"I'm fine." Charlie smiled. Lloyd stared at him for a long minute before nodding and dismissing it. This was probably the only time Charlie had to think. Slowly, he looked back towards the window and stared out of it again. He felt the car slow and stop at one of many intersections, near the familiar park he used to play at. People were walking, running, and talking as the kids played various games. It was all the same. Suddenly, Charlie noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look and was instantly confused; he couldn't tell what it was, which attracted his attention more. It didn't move even when people walked around it. No one cared about what it was or how it got there, they just ignored it. He was about to forget about it too until it moved slightly, but just enough for him to realize what it was. His body jolted in realization; it was a person, a girl! No one stopped to help or even to call the police, and as that thought ran through his mind he yanked the door open right when the car just started to move. He ran through the traffic quickly, wasting no time at all. Cars honked their horn and came to a sudden stop as the superstar ran in front of them. People yelled rude remarks, but none of that mattered; he just needed to get to her.

Lloyd yelled his name and screamed for the driver to stop as he, himself ran out of the limo and after Charlie. 'What's gotten in to him?' Lloyd thought. He had obviously not seen the body lying on the sidewalk yet, only thinking about his brothers' well-being.

Charlie felt the heat of the sun beating down on him as he commanded his legs to run faster. The heat was insane and an unconscious girl on a sidewalk was not good. Why hadn't anyone stopped or asked questions? She was hurt or at least unconscious for the entire world to see, and no one cared?

Finally he slid on the sidewalk and knelt beside the unconscious girl. Turning her over, Charlie checked her breathing and heard her give one last breath before she stilled. The situation had gone from bad to worse. Frantically, he searched for his phone before realizing he left it back at the car. People started to stop and watch the scene that was held before them whispering incoherent things. This was not the time to be talking. A girl was barely alive on the hot concrete and everyone just sat and watched? Charlie felt anger boil at the pit of his stomach towards the city people, but he masked it easily.

"Charlie! What's going on?" He heard his stepbrother ask as he ran up next to him.

"Lloyd, I need your phone, now!" He practically screamed. Lloyd looked at him for a moment not understanding the situation, until he acknowledged the pale body lying beside him. He snapped out of confusion quickly and hurried to fetch his phone, throwing it to him. Charlie said a quick 'thanks' before dialing nine-one-one.

The phone rang a few times before a representative answered. "9-1-1, what's your emergency?" The lady asked calmly.

"There is a girl unconscious on the corner of Fredericksburg Avenue and Quill Street! She stopped breathing just as I got here; I think this is serious!" He said into the cellphone. His hand was trembling as he spoke and looked at the girls face. She was becoming paler and paler by the second, but he didn't know what to do. Would CPR work? He didn't know.

"Thank you, sir. An ambulance is on the way." Those were the last words he heard before he abruptly hung up the phone and tossed it back to Lloyd. Charlie looked down at the girl and finally understood why no one helped her. The girl was boney and dirty. Her ribs stood out and it looked like she was literally skin and bones. Her cloths were basically rags and shoes were just scraps of leather. Her hair was dull and shaggy, but it didn't matter. She needed help and he was going save her.

It wasn't unusual to find a homeless person dead on the streets. Everyone just ignores it and waits until the city people dispose of the body, but she looked just around his age. He couldn't leave her there to die. It wouldn't feel right.

The sirens wailed loudly in the distance. He knew that the paramedics were going to take care of her and that he should just leave, but there was just something that told him to wait, to make sure she was ok. He just wanted her to be alive when she checked out of the hospital, but as the ambulance pulled up on the curb and surveyed the situation, Charlie realized that it was going to be a challenge. Their stricken looks and hesitance moves only proved that they didn't expect to rescue a poor homeless girl. None the less, they placed her on the gurney and wheeled her to the ambulance, but before they decided to rush, or at least drive, to the hospital a man walked towards Charlie and told him the girl wouldn't be able to pay for the treatment.

Charlie gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Was money the only reason why they weren't racing down the street to the medical center? His body shook in anger until he wanted to punch the guy in the face, but he held back and said in a surprisingly calm voice.

"I'll pay for all the necessary requirements."

At that the paramedics perked up and jumped into action, hooking her to all the equipment in their van. They quickly closed the doors and rushed to the hospital. Charlie was enraged. He had never seen such self-absorbed people in his entire life. The thought of them letting her die if she didn't have money sickened him. He just wanted to punch something, but he couldn't stand there; he needed to go to the hospital and make she would get the right treatment.

"Hey Charlie, what just…" Lloyd didn't finish his sentence as his stepbrother suddenly ran past him, through traffic and into the limo. Lloyd heard Charlie tell the driver to take him to the hospital quickly before the limo took off without him. He shrugged; he needed the exercise anyways.