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Chapter 4: We're on our Way!

Uuhh! Why do I have to get up at 4am! Oh, that's right I have to catch the train to go to school. I will get to see my boyfriend, Peeta and of course all of my other friends as well. Last year Finnick said he met a girl who was coming here this year. I wonder if we'll get along. I wonder if Cato will like her.

Cato is my best friend. He is very tall and muscular. He has short blond hair and dark blue eyes that can be friendly and very dangerous. We have known each other since we were very small children. We have no interest in each other and I addressed that when I started dating Peeta.

I am now dressed and ready to go. I grab my suitcase and head to Cato's house. He always takes me to the train station.

I knock on the door and a tall boy with blond hair who is almost identical to Cato answers the door. Only people who know them really well can see the one small detail that sets them apart. This boy has a freckle on his nose. It is very faint and you can barely see it but it is really the only difference. This boy's name is Crash. Cato's fourteen year old brother.

"Hello Clover! How are you?" Crash teases.

"Don't call me Clover! Oh and I'm fine, how are you?" I answer in a very dangerous tone.

"I'm fine," he says ignoring the first part of my sentence.

"Where's book girl Crash?" I say. Now it is my turn to attack.

"In the house. And her name's Lucy(Ceasar-Flickerman), by the way," he replies stepping forward trying to intimidate me just like his brother and like his brother's attempts it doesn't work.

"Clove!" Cato calls, "Is that you?" There he is. I'm surprised he doesn't have a girlfriend. He's pretty hot. Not that I'm interested. I have a boyfriend called Peeta.

"Hey Cato!" I say.

"You're just in time! We're leaving now," he says happily.

"Awesome!" I reply. I'm always happy when I'm around Cato. I don't know why.

Crash's girlfriend Lucy comes out and we head to the car. I call her 'book worm' because always carrying around a book. She has sandy blond hair and sea greeny blue eyes. She is very pale because she spends so much time indoors reading rather than being out in the open air. Her and Crash like each other a lot. Crash is so protective of her. It's really sweet. They both like each other a lot. They are only fourteen and I could see them getting married in the future.

We get to the train station very quickly. The train is just pulling in. Cato and I spot the usual carriage our friends are in. We say goodbye to Cato's family and head off in the direction of the carriage. We step into the carriage and I see them. All of my closest friends and a few other people I don't know. Everyone is asleep except for one girl. She is standing and I can see all of her features now. She is very short, has thick brown hair which is tied back in a single but very complicated braid. She has gorgeous grey eyes. I have never seen eyes like hers even though they are grey I can almost see a fire burning in them. She is very pretty and looks around our age.

"So, what's your name princess?" Cato teases. This is how he decides whether he likes people. It depends on whether they are tough enough to stand up for themselves. If they are he accepts them as friends and if they aren't well that's too bad for them.

"Katniss Everdeen. Oh, and don't ever call me princess again," she says almost as dangerously as me and that is very dangerous.

"Don't threaten me," Cato warns while stepping closer, trying to intimidate her with his size and power.

"I'll do what I like, thank-you-very-much," Katniss says in a very cheeky yet tough tone. I like her. We could become very good friends.

"Well I'm Cato," exclaims Cato. I think he likes her too because he has accepted her. He puts his hand out for her to shake but she just walks away.

"Don't just ignore me!" says Cato raising his voice. He's starting to get quite angry. He doesn't like people disrespecting him but I think he deserved that. I like that she won't take his crap. It's good. I like her.

"Cato stay calm," I say in a very soothing voice. Cato is starting to lose his cool. He can get very angry sometimes.

"Why does everyone treat me like an animal!" he shouts and flips a table over. Everyone is awake now and there are some younger girls who are starting to v=cry off to the side. Katniss is looking at Cato in horror.

"Cato! Calm the hell down man!" Finnick says.

"Don't tell me to calm down, Odair!" yells Cato in a very scary tone. I am official worried but not for myself. For Katniss. I had better say something.

"Cato, don't do anything you are going to regret!" I warn desperately.

"Don't worry! I won't," says Cato in a terribly devilish tone and showing Katniss his evil smirk. Oh no, this can't be good…

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