LIGHT: a supposed ending

by: Me


"Sam?" Edilio Escobar tapped at the door of the room lightly. "You there man?"

"Yeah," Sam said rubbing his sore eyes. He hadn't slept in days. Not after what happened. Not even Astrid's touch could calm him down. He had been through so much. Too much for a teenager, too much for anyone. He had saved lives and caused deaths. Many deaths. Too many to count for kids he couldn't even recall now.

This was the end.

He could feel it. He knew it in his bones. He felt it in his heart. This was the end of the line. The FAYZ was preparing to die. Whether or not it took him with it was a different story. He had taken to staying indoors to avoid people snapping photos like he was in a giant fish bowl. Some people wrote messages but the responses had diminished since they were all the same.

Have you seen my son?

Tell Howard we miss him.

Have you seen Bette?

Orsay I love you.

And the answers were all the same. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. And the parents were reluctant in accepting that. Some he didn't feel bad for them knowing. Zil's parents actually cried, unaware of their son's hatred and abuse. Drake's father, a tall, powerfully built man who resembled his son down to a T was asking to see him constantly and it made Sam want the barrier to come down right then and there.

Put an end to that sick lineage once and for all.

Sam got a hold of his emotions and stumbled into the building. They were residing at Clifftop planning their next move and so far a week had gone by since Gaia had created a whole new set of problems. Created a whole new set of evil and terror that Sam would have to face.

But why him?

Of all people why him? Why Edilio? Why Dekka? Why Astrid? They were all good kids. Why them? Why? Their small army was everyone who mattered at the moment. Astrid, Edilio, Dekka, Brianna, Computer Jack, Sanjit, Lana, Caine, Quinn and Roger who proved he could handle a gun and was increasingly trying to become the soldier that Edilio had molded himself to be. At times he grated Sam's nerves but they needed all hands on deck.

Perdido Beach was dead as of late. Kids, after news of Gaia had gotten out, had just gone to doing as they pleased and he didn't care in the slightest. Bigger problems had to be dealt with and unless they wanted to grab a gun and join then they could get out of the way. "Ok, I'm here."

"Sorry we woke you," Dekka said with a huge body shaking yawn. "We spotted Gaia. The Breeze did I mean."

"Thank you for using my proper name," Brianna said with a smile. "I was out-"

"And by out you mean showing off for the cameras?"

"You know me so well," she teased. "And I sped by the desert and saw Drake. He didn't see me but I know his shadow anywhere. You know the old shack where Hermit Jim lived?"

"They're there?" Astrid asked incredulously and then cursed at herself for not thinking of it sooner. "Hiding in plain sight."

"She's planning something," Lana said mostly to herself. "I can feel it. The Gaiaphage wants out and it wants out now. It's gonna kill everyone and everything. The FAYZ can only die when everything and everyone else is dead."

"Then we need to strike," Roger finally spoke up brushing the hair out of his eyes. "Fast, furious and no holding back. This battle ends with us or them."

"Show them we mean business," Brianna added for emphasis.

"The Gaiaphage isn't going to make it that easy," Lana laughed to herself. "No no no, you think we just rush in and kill it'll be that easy? No, that little devil is ready for anything we throw at it. We don't know who or what is going to be waiting behind that door and believe me, I don't wanna be the one to find it."

"If we had the missiles…" Caine commented. News of Albert fleeing had spread through PB faster than Zil's fire.

"We can't sit and do nothing," Sam stated. "We know where they are. I'm making the choice. We're going in."

"I can't heal death Sam."

"Good," Sam shuddered. "Wouldn't want Gaia being unkillable too." He could tell that hit a sore spot.

"You know what Sam?" Lana stood up. "I've been through a lot alright? I've been through Hell and back, don't sit up here like you're more high and mightier than I am. You know how many times I've saved your dumb ass?"

"How many times have I thrown myself into the face of danger to protect you guys hm?" Sam didn't mean to come off as cold as it did. Astrid stood up.

"Fighting won't solve anything! Now let's take a vote. All in favor for rushing the Gaiaphage head on?" Dekka, Brianna, Roger, Sam and Astrid's hand went up. "All against?" Lana, Quinn, Sanjit, Computer Jack and Edilio's hand went up. "Caine why didn't you vote?"

"Because I don't care," he replied numbly. "Whether we live. Whether we die. I don't care anymore." This made them all go silent. "But fine…I'd rather go down fighting. I vote rush the Gaiaphage."

Lana cursed violently under her breath. "You guys are going to get yourselves killed!"

"If you're so against it then go," Sam cried out. "All of you! If you're so against this and not going to help then go! We don't need anyone slowing us down." Lana and Sam glared at each other. "GO!"

"Fine," Lana grabbed Quinn's hand by mistake and then reached for Sanjit. "Let's go." The other group left but Edilio looked Sam in the eye.

"Why are you acting this way man?" he asked quietly. "Calm down. We don't need to be splitting up at this time."

"Edilio you don't have to go," Sam apologized silently. "And I'm just…I'm so stressed right now. But…Edilio don't go. You're my wingman. My brother. I need you here with me. Please."

"This is a bad idea," Edilio muttered. "A bad, bad idea. Just because you have hang ups with Drake-"

"You think all of this is about my problem with Drake?" Sam felt rage shaking every molecule of his being. "I'm trying to protect us all!"

"It's not all on you!" Astrid screamed. "How many times do I have to say it? How many times do we have to show it? It's not all on you any more Sam," she held his hand and pulled him in for a short kiss. "It's on me, it's on Dekka, it's on all of us. We're in this for the long run and we're not going anywhere."

"I don't agree with this plan," Edilio placed a hand on Roger's shoulder. "But I'm in too, where's a man without his sidekick?"

"Super!" Roger cheered. "But what about Lana?"

"Let her go," Sam said. "We have to get this done one way or another. Now, here's my plan…"