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The next day, Balthazar was back to his usual irritating self. It was still, by far, better than Michael had been. Balthazar didn't see the need to complain about anything and everything, something that had not only pissed off Lu but everyone else as well. Right now, it seemed like Balthazar only annoyed Lu, which was definitely an improvement. It was one he'd tolerate for the time being because the singer also had his moments where he wasn't quite a total dick.

It started after Lu stumbled out of his room the next morning, still half-drunk from the night before. At least this time, he'd gotten drunk off his own liquor and, as far as he knew, hadn't tried to fuck Balthazar. This, at least, was progress from the night before last. Still, when he went to the kitchen to get some breakfast—or lunch, as the time of day might dictate—he wasn't happy to see Balthazar already in there, hovering over the stove with a cigarette in his mouth and his shirt conspicuously absent. There was a kettle on one burner of the stove and a frying pan on another, and the scent of frying bacon hung heavy in the air.

Normally, this would make Lu even hungrier than he was, but bacon and booze don't mix, no matter how good they are separately. The smoke from Balthazar's cigarette was making his stomach churn as well. Despite enjoying the view of the singer's exposed chest, he was really in no mood to deal with any of this right now. Fuck it. I'll get something from the gas station. He turned on his heel and made to leave, but he froze when Balthazar called from behind him, "Oi! Where you going?"

"I'm getting a sandwich from the gas station," Lu said lamely, turning back and crossing his arms. He pointedly looked anywhere but at his bandmate.

"I'm making bacon sandwiches right now. They're bound to be better than anything the Valero has." Balthazar flipped a few pieces of bacon over before looking at Lu. "Besides, the tea will be ready in a minute."

The tea had made him feel better yesterday, but the thought of bacon grease in his stomach was nearly enough to make him vomit. "Bacon is a bad idea," he said. "And that cigarette's not helping, either."

"Ah." Immediately, Balthazar stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray next to the stove. "I've got other stuff in the fridge," he said, flashing him a wide grin that Lu could see out of the corner of his eye. "I'm sure you could find something that won't make you ill in there."

Lu was still half-tempted to leave anyway, until Balthazar added, "Besides, until you get another job, shouldn't you be saving your money?" Lu hated to admit it, even to himself, but Balthazar was right. Spending the fifteen dollars on a fifth of Jack probably hadn't been the smartest move, either. That was probably what bothered him more than anything—when he said something, he was usually right. So, with a sigh of annoyance, Lu went to the fridge and pulled open the door.

He rummaged through the shelves until he located an apple and settled for that. After all, he wasn't sure how much he could keep down right now. His stomach was saying it was hungry, but it could quite easily change its mind in five minutes and decide it wanted to be empty. He figured it would be easier for everyone if he didn't try to fill it just yet. Taking a bite, he went to the table and sat down.

After a few moments, he became aware that Balthazar seemed to be looking at him. Against his better judgment, he looked back. "What?" he asked, barely keeping the irritation out of his voice.

Balthazar held his gaze for another ten seconds before he finally set down his spatula. "Tell me. Are you planning on getting wasted every night, or just on weekends?" he asked, slowly approaching the bassist. He didn't look aggravated, but that didn't mean much. Lu figured he could probably look charming and cocky even at full rage. He certainly looked nothing short of charming and cocky right now, anyway. Still, he couldn't withhold his smartass answer.

"What the fuck difference does it make to you? If it's my liver and my booze—"

"But this is my house," Balthazar said smoothly. "And if your intention is to kill yourself through alcohol poisoning, I'd prefer if you didn't do it here." He was leaning so close to Lu, he could smell the soap and shampoo he'd used. Even under the scents of cigarette smoke and frying bacon, he still smelled clean. Lu had heard the shower running when he first woke up; it hadn't been more than twenty minutes since Balthazar got out.

And then he started thinking about Balthazar in the shower, which was so distracting that he nearly missed his next words. "Although honestly, I'd much prefer if that wasn't the case at all." But he did hear what he said and saw the way his lips moved when he spoke and it was utterly transfixing. He glanced back up into Balthazar's eyes just in time for the blonde to register where Lu had been looking and the singer's mouth quirked up in a smile. "Understand?" he asked tauntingly.

Shut up. Lu reached up and brought their mouths together in a greedy kiss. He ran his fingers through Balthazar's hair and parted his lips when the other man's tongue licked across them. Balthazar's hand slammed onto the table next to Lu and his other hand went to the back of the strawberry blonde's chair as he easily slid his tongue into Lu's mouth. Lu moaned softly, clenching his hand into Balthazar's hair and hooking the fingers of his other hand in the belt loops of his jeans.

He tasted like the menthol cigarette he'd just put out and toothpaste and something else deeper, something intrinsically him. Lu was sure he'd never get that taste out of his mouth and he was crazy enough right now to believe it was the last thing he wanted anyway. A shudder ran through him as their teeth scraped together and another low moan rose out of his throat. He moved his hand to Balthazar's waist and dug his nails into the skin, enjoying the heat radiating off his body. He was just feeling himself ease into a decent rhythm when the dull whistling of the kettle finally penetrated their consciousness, announcing the water inside sufficiently boiling. More easily than Lu liked, Balthazar pulled himself away to tend to it. "Tea?" he asked, as if they hadn't just been getting better acquainted with each other's tonsils five seconds before.

"Um." Lu gave himself a mental shake. How the Hell was Balthazar able to recover so quickly? He was still reeling, wishing Balthazar would come back and kiss him again. But that was idiotic and the whole situation—kiss and all—clearly affected him a lot more than it affected Balthazar. "Yeah, sure."

Feeling like he was missing something, he took another bite of the apple and stared at it until he heard the thunk of a mug being set down on the table in front of him. He nodded his thanks, not quite trusting himself to speak, and took a sip of tea. It was so hot, it nearly seared his tongue, but it wasn't quite enough to get the taste of Balthazar out of his mouth.

A few hours later saw him showered, shaved, and back in his room, feeling distinctly less shitty than earlier. He was going back and forth between roughing out a new song and just jamming on his bass, playing around and finding out what chords he liked together. He didn't know what Balthazar was doing and right now, he didn't give a fuck. They'd been in each other's faces a bit too much for the past few days. They both needed some space, if this morning was anything to go by.

His phone buzzed from where he'd dropped it on the mattress. He turned in his chair and eyeballed his phone for a minute, wondering whether or not he should check it. Finally, he decided it was probably smart to at least find out who texted him, so he shoved his notebook away and retrieved his phone.

Apparently, he'd been more absorbed in what he was doing than he thought, because Castiel had texted him more than an hour ago and he hadn't noticed. Good afternoon, Lu. I spoke to my boss yesterday and he said he would be more than happy to interview you for a job. Floor work, the same thing I do. Tentatively scheduled for Thursday at ten, but he'll give me a definite time when I go on tomorrow. Will that work?

Well, that was certainly a welcome bit of good news. Even though he didn't really know shit about electronics—not to the extent that Castiel did, anyway—a job was a job, even a part-time one, and he really needed another source of income. Even if their record deal ended up being fairly lucrative for a brand-new band, it would still be awhile before they could live off that money. Plus, it would get him out of the house and let him focus on something else for awhile. Hey, sounds good. Thanks. Just give me a heads-up when you know for sure.

He checked his other message, which was from Gabriel and sent to him, Castiel, and Balthazar. Hey, guys! Perdition tonight? I know we just went on Friday but none of us have to work in the morning!

Lu rolled his eyes. Well, this should be interesting. Sure, why the Hell not? He made sure it sent to the other three and flopped back onto his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

He could hear the TV going in the living room. He half-wondered what Balthazar was watching and idly contemplated joining him until he remembered that he'd retreated back into his room to avoid him. He gritted his teeth and rolled over onto his stomach until he heard and felt his phone vibrate again.

Speak of the Devil. It was Balthazar replying to the mass text. Seems alright to me. When did you have in mind?

A moment later, Castiel weighed in. I'm bringing Dean.

Lu snorted with laughter. Well, if one Sinchester was going to be there, the other one wouldn't be too far behind. Sure enough, Gabriel answered with, Yeah, I'm bringing Sam. I'm still at work but I was thinking we could be there around ten-thirty. I know Ray has to work pretty early tomorrow, but I'll still ask him if he wants to come anyway.

Lu rubbed his temples. Actually, it would be really nice if Ray came along, but when he opened on a Monday, he was seldom inclined to go out the night before. He didn't hold out too much hope that he would be interested.

For a Sunday night, Perdition was in full swing when the group arrived. Castiel, Gabriel, Sam, and Dean had shown up in Dean's Impala and Balthazar and Lu met them at the club. He really didn't have anything to reference a Sunday night here against because, when he did go to Perdition, it was on a Friday or a Saturday, but apparently Balthazar did. He sailed past the line and right up to the bouncer with a bright smile. "Evening, Inias! How are you?"

Lu couldn't quite tell in the almost nonexistent light, but it looked like Inias was blushing. "I'm good. You?"

"I'm brilliant." Balthazar gestured over his shoulder at the other five. "They're with me. Think you can let us in?"

Inias glanced at them. For a moment, it looked like he was about to say no, but he looked back at Balthazar, who was still flashing that charming smile at him. "Y-yeah, go ahead," he said, moving aside to let them through.

Lu was sure he saw Balthazar wink at the bouncer as they passed. He swallowed an irrational surge of jealousy and followed Gabriel and Sam inside.

They were slammed by a veritable wall of music when they first entered, but that was nothing new. Perdition was known for cranking their sound way up, and if a few people woke up the next morning with their ears still ringing, they didn't bother to complain. After all, anyone who went to Perdition ended up having a good time. Almost immediately, Gabriel dragged Sam toward the dance floor. It was pretty comical, watching five-foot-eight Gabe tugging his six-foot-four boyfriend along. A midget walking a Doberman came to mind. Balthazar went right to the bar to flirt his way to a free drink, and Lu didn't know whether to head for the bar himself—which had been his initial inclination—or join the crush of people dancing. He settled for just standing there awkwardly next to Dean and Castiel.

"Is this what happened Friday night?" Lu asked, shouting to be heard above the music.

"Basically," Castiel yelled back. "Raphael was here, though, and Anna showed up! But Balthazar was still able to get us in without waiting!"

"I think all the bouncers here know him!" Dean added. "Most of them, anyway! He knows all of them, that's for sure!"

And he apparently knew all the bartenders because he got free drinks all night. And every time he made a request at the DJ booth, his song was inevitably the next one played. Balthazar kept dropping easy smiles at damn near every employee he ran into and every single person who asked got at least one dance with him. Lu hated himself for not being able to look away from him almost all night. In the black lights and strobe lights overhead, the blonde looked like an angel, and it was riveting. He really wanted to dance with him, but he reminded himself of how stupid that would be.

Fucking a bandmate, getting involved with him—that would be a mistake. It could wreck everything, and right after they'd gotten a record deal? It wasn't worth it. It would be almost impossible to work with Balthazar after all this—not that it wasn't hard enough already. No, the only way to solve this would be to have a nice long talk with Balthazar after he sobered up.

That didn't mean it was going to happen, though. Lu didn't know how he would even start that conversation, let alone how it would go. It was bound to be awkward and terrible and he wasn't ready to face that right now.

So he stayed by the wall and watched the crowd, making sure that no one was fucking with his bandmates. He wasn't so worried about Gabriel, because Sam was a big guy and looked menacing when he wanted to, no matter how much of a teddy bear he was on the inside, and you'd be an idiot to mess with either of them. But Castiel always looked a bit freaked-out in crowds, even when he wasn't actually panicking, and that made him look like an easy target. Even with Dean within arm's reach, someone might not think twice about harassing him. But mostly, he was watching Balthazar—watching out for him, making sure no one fucked with him, but also making sure he didn't get into trouble. Lu had limited experience with an intoxicated Balthazar, but he seemed to be of the stock that had no problem punching someone out if they said something stupid to him. Yes, he tended not to shy away from fights, but they would be better off not fighting at Perdition. That was a sure way to get them kicked out, and then where would Balthazar be, even with all his flirting?

"Hey, we're gonna get going!" Dean yelled in his ear, jarring Lu from his reverie. He looked at Dean and then over his shoulder, where Castiel was waiting patiently next to Sam, who was holding up a drunk and giggling Gabriel.

"Alright. I'll get him home then," Lu called back, gesturing vaguely in Balthazar's general direction.

"You okay to drive?"

"Yeah, I didn't drink anything all night!"

Dean gave him a thumbs-up and led his brother and their boyfriends through the crowd and out the door. As soon as they disappeared, Balthazar arrived out of seemingly nowhere and practically threw himself at Lu. "Hey!" he slurred cheerfully, wrapping his arms around Lu's neck. "Where'd they go?"

"They went home!" Lu answered, letting his arms circle Balthazar's waist against his better judgment. "Actually, I was just about to get you! It's getting late, so we should go, too!"

Balthazar hummed happily and pressed a drunken, sloppy kiss to his lips. He cradled the back of Lu's neck and the taller man couldn't suppress a small shiver. He let himself be kissed for a few moments, but it wasn't the same—it wasn't like this morning. It was uncoordinated and a little unsettling. It wasn't bad—Lu was fairly certain that Balthazar couldn't kiss badly, even if he tried—but the man was definitely drunk. He finally pulled back, running his thumb over the crest of his cheek. "Where are your keys?"

Balthazar mumbled something unintelligible and fished them out of his pocket. "Sorry about that," he added, not that Lu could hear him.

Lu took his keys and, keeping his arm firmly around the blonde, guided him toward the door. Was I like this on Friday night? He hoped not, but he had a feeling he'd been worse. At least Balthazar wasn't trying to fuck him in the car, which was appreciated. Once they got back to the house, Lu helped him into bed, left a couple of aspirin and a glass of water on his nightstand, and closed the door with a definite click between them.

He leaned against the door for a minute or two before finally trudging to his own room. This isn't good.

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