A red headed cheerleader, her blond haired boyfriend, and his pink shaded naked mole rat were crawling through a cramped, grey space (otherwise known as and air vent). In the distance they could hear light murmuring coming from below. They slowly lifted the hatch to reveal a dim lit room. They lowered them selves to the ground. Ahead of them stood a strange, dark haired, blue man and a raven haired woman.

"Stop right there Drakken!" The cheerleader shouted. The blue man turned around and shrieked "Kim Possible!" Shego sighed and rolled here eyes "Seriously, still?". "Ugh what? Old habits die hard ok. Just um, just attack her! I'm almost done improving this thingy!" "Great use of scientific words boss" She says sarcastically before leaping after her arch foe.

While Kim Possible and Shego set off on a full scale brawl, Ron Stoppable and is rodent pal Rufus are left standing in front of the Doctor. "Ummm, hey were here too" the young blond mutters. "Oh yes the rat and that boy whos name escapes me right now… ugh just get out of my way you buffoon!" Dr Drakken shouts before reaching over to the object he was working on beside him. He takes aim at the blond haired boy. "Hey what are you doing?" Ron says. "Taking aim, what do you think I'm doing?" He announced. "At me, really?" Ron asked. "Well who else better to test it on?" Drakken said, "Ummmm what if it kinda kills me?". "Hm, what?" Drakken asked "Oh yeah, well thats just a risk I'll have to take isn't it?". Ron tackles him before he has the chance to fire.

Meanwhile, just a few metres away the brawling duo is off in a full scale riot. Destroying anything that gets in the way of their duel. "Nice to see your wearing green as usual Shego, ever get sick of wearing the same old thing all the time?" The redheaded cheerleader said. "Hmph, coming from you. Last time I checked you've changed you mission suit, what once?" Said the raven haired woman. "Least it's more then you ever have, I mean you didn't even change outfits when you left your brothers, don't you think that's even a little odd?" Kim replied. "Ugh whatever" said Shego before sending a blast of plasma towards her chest.

Back to Ron and Drakken…

The strange two were rolling about on the ground wrestling with each other both trying to grab the mysterious gun like device. "It's mine, get off of me boy!" The doctor shouted. "Never!" the young blond boy shouted back. "Oh come on, you don't even know what it does yet" "So, I know it's evil or we wouldn't be here!". Drakken glared at him as they came to a short stop before continuing to roll around the gloomy lair. "Oh come on aren't you even a little curious?" Drakken said. "Not really, sorry buddy I don't really take interest in to stuff that might hurt me" Ron said before accidentally knocking the object into the air with his foot. It slowly fly's through the air and lands at Rufus' feet. "NO!" Drakken shouted. "Quickly Rufus, grab it buddy!" Ron shouted.

Just as Rufus reaches to pick it up, a redheaded girl come flying through the air. Knocking him away in to the wall. She jumps up again just in time, as a green and black boot almost collides with her face. She just as quickly blocks it, before continuing the battle.

Rufus lies on the ground slowly rubbing his head. "Ow" He whimpers. Drakken and Ron slowly realise what had happened and dive for the gun shaped device. Everything happens in slow motion. Ron dives and misses. Hitting his face on the dark metal floor. While Drakken does something similar but manage to grab on to the the device. His hands slowly come around the device in an awkward position.

Suddenly it fires. The bullet is transparent, white, clear. Whatever you want to call it. The mysterious bullet bounces in all directions. It quickly gains speed to then where it is no longer visible. In the distance there is a soft agonised shriek as the bullet collides with its first victim . The bullet passes through though and carries on as if nothing had happened. It passes through every human in the room. Making every last one vanish in to thin air. Leaving only one small pink rodent to sit and gaze at the now the completely empty space.

A henchman bursts through the door with a strange stick in his hands. "Hey guys the boss is gone!" he says. Another comes through the door behind him, "Where did they go?". "Who cares, lets have a party!" The first henchman yelled. "I'll go get the drinks" announced the second henchman. "Uh oh" The poor little rodent squeaked.