Kim, Ron, and Drakken

The fogginess of the memory fading soon enveloped the three as they continued to the next memory. As the air cleared they soon found them selves in a grey, metallic room. Lit by long rod like lights upon the roof. Beeping noises soon became clear, and the beating of a very fast heart rate, maybe too fast. Throughout the room lay all sorts of medical equipment, the room looked similar to a hospital but different.

The room contained 6 people, all dressed professionally but wore the face of someone stressed and rather confused. They all seem to be crowded around a single figure lying upon a bed. The familiar figure had long, raven colored hair that seemed to have lately obtained a green hue and pale, mint green skin. She looked about 10 and they soon recognized her as Shego or Sheila.

Chatter was also heard, long complicated scientific words were used but no conclusion was met. "Does anyone have any idea what their talking about?" Ron said obviously having trouble grasping the conversations consuming the room. "Well they're obviously trying to come up with a, er, hypothesis to what's happening, um yea!" Replied Drakken all knowingly.

A groan was soon heard from the prone figure on the bed as she sat up. Gasps were heard around the room and equipment was dropped. "Where am I?" She asked to no one in particular. A doctor was soon to arrive "I think you should lie down and have a drink dear" She said sounding very concerned. "Why, I feel fine? She replied with another question. "Well you're looking a little green" Said the doctor. "Green?" She said in confusion. She shook it off.

"That doesn't answer my first question thought, where am I?" She repeated. The woman looked a bit bothered; in a way that she didn't know how to reply. "Well you're located in a medical centre, located in the midst of the main base of an organisation called Global Justice" She replied after a few moments of thinking. Sheila's expression soon turned to a frown

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about but all I really want to do is see my parents" Sheila replied. The doctor soon looked uncomfortable and shifted in her spot "You… can't see them right now". "Why not?" said Sheila annoyance showing on her features. "You just can't, alright" the doctor said stubbornly. Kim, Ron and Drakken watched as the young, raven haired girl stood and pushed past the small group of doctors.

"Look, I'm going to see them whether you like it or not" She said as she stormed past but then suddenly stopped. To her right stood a mirror, she turned slowly towards it and gazed upon it. The sight before her was different, she felt as though she was staring at a completely different person. Her naturally tanned looking skin was replace by a strange mint like color, her hair had gained an unnatural green shine, and her eyes had changed from a soft light brown to a bright but dark pulsating green.

She was completely shocked but what happened next would of shocked her more then anything had in her entire, short life. Suddenly her entire body erupted in a melting green flame. Her eyes were as wide as flying sources and she screamed. Suddenly the entire room erupted in chaos as the green flames ignited everything it touched. Kim, Ron, and Drakken gazed on the chaos, helpless to help. The doctors were soon able to escape but the memory did not continue further, as suddenly a blue portal opened up in front of them. The portal through which they were sucked through.

Wade and Rufus

Rufus soon found himself pacing back and forth. Every second felt like an hour, so when Wade's face finally appeared after 10 minutes, he was quick to jump upon the lit up screen. "Woah, there Rufus, don't crush it there buddy" Wade said surprised. "Sowwy" Rufus chattered back, although still excited and jittery. "Ok, I was able to figure out how to bring them back" said Wade pausing for dramatic effect, making Rufus lean over in anticipation.

Wade smiled "Alright all you have to do Rufus, is switch the black shaded dial to reverse, aim it towards a place with enough room, and pull the trigger. Hopefully a blue portal should appear and teleport all stuck back in here. Is that simple enough?" he asked. Rufus nodded. "Alright just follow the instructions and I'll, ah, sit here" said Wade.

Rufus soon walk towards the strange device and began looking for the reverse switch, which was soon discovered diagonal to the trigged. He flicked it to reverse. Next was to find a good spot to open a giant blue portal, which wasn't hard due to the wide, open spaces located in the room. Now to aim, Rufus picked up the large device and aimed it towards an empty corner of the room.

His small paw closed around the trigger as he helped balance it with the other paw "Good job so far Ru…" Wade began. Rufus jumped in shock and accidentally fired it towards the roof. Suddenly the blue portal opened above them and Ron, Kim, Drakken, and now Shego fell through and landed with an echoing thump on the ground. "gmmmmmmmm" they groaned. "We're back! Booyah! Rufus buddy how I missed you" Ron said as he recovered and began to envelope Rufus in a choking hug.

"Ron don't kill him" Kim said as Rufus's face soon became of similar shade to a grape. But all this stopped as they turned towards an infuriated pale green woman. Dr Drakken slowly stood to his feet and turned towards his sidekick, he gave her a nervous grin. "Hehe, ah, Shego lets not get too violent here" he said as he slowly backed away. A growl escaped her lips. "Ah, Shego?" said Drakken in a small voice beginning to back away just the little bit faster. "YOU ARE SO DEAD!" she screamed and soon began a raging chase. "Eep" was the only thing Drakken could reply with as he started a terrifying run for his life.

The End

Authors notes: And that is the end! Sorry about the long waits for the chapters I just kept forgetting to write it. I would like to once again thank all those who have taken the time to read and review my story. Also have an awesome Christmas and a happy New Year!