So I was randomly…. Thinking I guess about what would could have happened in the Casino Room. So yeah here is a short little idea. Enjoy! :D

He picked up the fallen guns from the ground.

"Hatter," Alice looked at him in relief and surprise. "You're ok!"

"Yeah," He nodded and looked up at her, his face covered in cuts and bruises. He checked the mags in one of the guns and reloaded it.

"Oh my god," She gasped at his wounds.

"Oh it's a few cuts and bruises," He told her. "I'll be fine."

She suddenly surged forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I thought you were dead," She said softly, holding onto him tightly.

Hatter groaned happily as he gently wrapped his arms around her. "That feels good," He closed his eyes for a few moments. "We should save that until we're safe," He forced himself to push her away for the moment, intent on getting Alice and himself out safely.

"I'm sorry I didn't trust you," She breathed.

His brown eyes met hers. "Do you trust me now?" He asked.

Alice took a breath, determination filling her gaze. "Completely."

"Good," Hatter nodded. "Follow me, I'm getting us out of here," He walked past her, ready to shoot his way out of here if he had to.

"No," Alice's voice stopped him in his tracks.

Not again, He groaned to himself. "No?" He turned to face her. She had her back to him.

"I have an idea," She said, looking around the room. "Do you see any more Suits in here?"

Hatter looked around in slight confusion. "I-I don't think so. No."

Alice took a couple of deep breaths as if psyching herself up for whatever she was planning. She then started making her way to the other door. "Let's seal the other exit!"

He raced after her, holding the gun behind his back. The shouts of Suits could be heard through the door.

"Find something to brace the doors," Alice told him.

"Uh…ok," Hatter looked around, not used to her taking charge. He found a broom and braced it against the doors.

"Something Caterpillar said," Alice said, more to herself than to him. "Mix the wrong feelings together and you wind up with a complete breakdown." She paused. "And Charlie," Hatter turned to look at her. "Charlie said the Queen only wanted to feel the good, not the bad remember?"

"So?" Hatter asked, not really following her train of thought.

"We're going to stir up some emotions," Alice said determinedly.

Hatter could hear the Suits rattling on the doors as he ran after Alice to the stage, jumping into one of the boxes that the ladies had been dancing in. Both of them fired the guns into the air to get their attention.

"Deal another hand, spin another roulette wheel and it will be your last!" Alice said, aiming the gun around. Her voice grew softer as she addressed the drugged Oysters. "Hey, everyone. Wake up!" Her expression was sad as she looked at the seemingly lifeless people. "This isn't a dream! This is really happening." She lowered her gun. "Look at me. Think! Where are your families? Your kids? Your husbands and your wives? And your mothers and your fathers?"

A few of the Oysters stirred, "Where did I leave my keys?" A man dressing in a security guard's outfit said in confusion.

"You were taken from them," Alice continued. "And brought here. Try to think. Your name." She looked around. "What's your name?"

"Taylor," A man said. "No, that's my son….my son." His face lit up as he remembered.

"Look down at your feet!" Alice said loudly. Everyone did. "Try to walk away from the tables."

"It's stuck!" A girl called. "I can't move my feet!"

Hatter glanced around. He smiled lightly at the thought that Alice had done what no Wonderlandian had dared to do, or even think of doing. The Queen had either scared them into doing everything she ordered or she had brainwashed them, making them think that stealing emotions from Humans was right.

"They're trying to break down the door," Alice interrupted his thought. "You know why?" The Suits' banging on the door was getting louder and more frantic. "Because they don't want you to wake up!"

Hatter raised his gun as the doors burst open and Suits came running in. Alice quickly took cover behind one of the tables and started shooting at them. Hatter stayed where he was for a few moments, letting loose a few rounds into the group, before jumping down and taking cover.

"Stop!" A voice shouted, a man that hatter recognized at Carpenter came in. Alice froze on the spot. "You're frightening the Oysters." Alice stood up and aimed her gun at him. Carpenter glanced back at the Suits. "I'll deal with this." He said. He slowly started to walk towards Alice. Hatter tensed, ready to kill him if need be.

"What do you want?" Alice asked, she was struggling to keep calm.

Carpenter slowly advanced towards Alice. "Put the gun down."

"You stay right there!" Alice said, her voice full of sadness and hurt. He obliged.

"It's me Alice," he told her softly. "It's your father."

Alice shook her head. "You don't remember me," She looked to be on the verge of crying. "You don't remember anything."

"I-I do," Carpenter pointed to the watch on his hand, Hatter recognized it as the one Alice had shown him earlier, it was her father's watch. "Thanks to you I remember everything."

"I don't believe you," Alice tightened her grip on the gun. Hatter hated seeing her so sad and sounding so hurt. "This is just another trick." She started speaking to the rest of the room. "You see this guy?" She shouted. "He's the one who brought you here! He hooked you up! And when he's done with you," Hatter silently moved from his position, creeping acrossed the floor. "When he's done with you he'll get rid of you. Isn't that right?" She looked directly at Robert Hamilton. "Daddy isn't that right?"

Robert looked down at the ground for a moment. "It was a Sunday," He looked back up at his daughter. "A-and w-we'd just come back from the movies." Alice faltered as she listened to him. "And you were wearing your yellow dress and those," He smiled slightly as he remembered. "Little black shoes that always hurt your feet. " He chuckled a little. "And Carol met us in the driveway, and told us Dinah had been hit by a car." Alice slowly started lowering her gun. Robert slowly started walking towards her again, holding her gaze. "And you ran into the yard and hid and I came and found you and held you for hours while you wept." He stopped and looked at her with regret. "I should have known you the moment I saw you. I've been a fool Alice. I've missed so much! Wasted so much time!" His voice lowered. "Please forgive me." He whispered.

Alice let a little sob as she walked into his embrace and started crying. "I'm so sorry." He breathed.

Hatter saw movement out of the corner of his eye. It was Walrus; he was raising a gun towards Alice and her Father. Without thinking for his own safety Hatter jumped between the Two Hamiltons and their attacker and fired three rounds into the wounded man. He fell to the ground dead.

But there had been a fourth shot.

"Hatter!" Alice gasped as she saw him stumble back. She broke out of her father's embrace and caught her companion as he started falling. Robert quickly helped her lower the younger man to the ground. Alice looked at Hatter's face. It was blank with shock.

A split second before the bullet had hit him; Hatter realized too late Mad March had disposed of his body armor. He was sacrificing himself for the lives of Alice and her Father. He now looked up at her now stricken face. "Ow," He breathed. He was pressing his hands against the bullet hole, it was a couple inches below his rib cage.

"Hatter," Alice said again, tears streaming down her face. "I-I'm sorry!" She had his head nestled in the crook of her arm as she placed her free hand on his cheek.

None of the three seemed to notice that everyone had cleared out the room, the Oysters having been released.

"Not your fault," Hatter groaned a little. "It was my choice to step in the path of a bullet, not yours." He could feel his energy slowly ebbing away. He forced himself to remain focused on her.

"I-I" Alice didn't know what to say. She couldn't believe Hatter was dying; after all they'd been through together. He was slowly slipping away from her; she could feel it, the life slowly draining out of him, in the form of a dark red liquid that was slowly forming a pool around them. "Don't go," She whimpered.

"The place is going to blow," Robert said softly. The entire building was shaking and rattling. "We need to get out of here."

"Go," Hatter told Alice softly. He started to reach up a bloodied hand to her face, but stopped as it was too much of a strain on his already energy depleted body.

"No," Alice sobbed. She shook her head, sending tears flying everywhere, a couple splashed in the small pool of blood that was rapidly growing. "Not without you."

Now there are a couple different endings I have for this little story. I'll post them later. Tell me what you think about my little twist on the story!