Swan Song. An alternative ending.



Dean didn't know how he had managed to hold his emotions in check while Sam explained his little plan for pushing the Devil back

into the Cage; of how he would let Lucifer in and then throw himself into the Pit of Despair for all eternity.

He had listened silently to Sam's guilt trip about everything being his fault and how Lucifer had been freed because of his

stupidity; of how he had to make amends and take his punishment for what he had done.


If ever Dean Winchester merited an Oscar for his acting, it would have been for those moments in Bobby's yard as he listened to

his brother.

Sam seemed calm but Dean could hear the underlying tremor of fear in his little brother's voice as he talked and Dean's heart

grew hard and pitiless against those who had driven his brother to such a terrible decision.

His whole essence was screaming, "No! Never! No!" but he kept his face impassive and did his best to give Sam the impression

that he was going along with his plan


Dean was furious but not with Sam, never with Sammy, because he and Sam were a team; brothers, and he understood him

better than he did himself; Sam WAS himself, as much a part of him as his arm or his leg or his heart and there was no way he

was going to let his little brother jump into that Cage with Lucifer.


Dean had intimately experienced the horrors of Hell; the agony, the desperation, the hopelessness, the psychological tortures

tailored to hurt even more than the physical ones. He had been there, and he knew that while there was breath in his body,

Sammy wasn't going to suffer it.

He was Dean's responsibility and whether he be seven or twenty-seven, a skinny kid or a giant sasquatch, it made no difference;

he was not going to be the sacrificial lamb for the little master-plan of a worthless bunch of angels and demons.


He kept an impassive face with the others too, somehow seeing them in a different light, inordinately irritated by their easy

acceptance of Sam's extreme decision, as if they subconsciously believed that that it was exclusively his little brother's fault, and

that it was fair and just that he should be the only one to pay for it.


Bobby's words especially, had hurt him; surely he should have known better than to ask him if he was "more afraid of losing or of

losing his brother?" Dean's great acting skills had stopped him from gawking openly at Bobby.

Did the older hunter not know him?

Dean didn't care a damn about losing, but he cared passionately about not losing his brother.


He understood Castiel better, although he agreed with nothing that the angel believed. While Castiel manifested sympathy for

Sam, Dean was well aware that he had always looked down on him as an abomination; a human tainted with demon blood;

designed as a vessel for Lucifer.

From the angel's point of view, Sam jumping into the Cage with the Devil to stop the Apocalypse, was a sacrifice that was

eminently acceptable.


As for Crowley, he could exhibit that friendly face as much as he wished, but Dean didn't need to have an Honours degree in

Psychology to know that the Demon was only in it for his own gain.

He was a demon, for God's sake; but at least you knew where you stood with him.

He wanted Lucifer out of the way so he could be the Big Kahuna in Hell.

Understandable from his point-of-view but for Dean completely unimportant. He didn't care in the least who was King of Hell!


So Dean passed the rest of the day as a yes man, outwardly approving all the plans that were being made to efficiently condemn

his little Sammy to eternal torment, while working on his own agenda to do the exact opposite.


He had hoped to have been able to avoid that Sam accepted Lucifer into himself, but his best idea to save Sammy and put the cat

amongst the pigeons as far as the Apocalypse was concerned, unfortunately hinged on that.

His plan was simple, so simple that it seemed too easy, but if it didn't come off and Sam did end up in the Cage, then Dean would

be right behind him. Before he himself had been pulled out of Hell, he had already been on the road to becoming a demon, having

taken Alastair's razor in his hand. So if he did end up with his brother in the Cage, he had no reserves about becoming a fully-

fledged one if it could be of help to his brother and if that happened, he would take out his revenge for all that had been done to

the Winchesters.

God help the Supernatural world if Dean Winchester became embodied with demon powers. He was no saint like Sammy was!




Sam had gone to the appointment in Stull Cemetery as convened and Dean had made his preparations to get his brother back.

He and the Impala roared into the graveyard to rhythm of Rock of Ages, disturbing the little angel/ devil get together.


He looked into his little brother's eyes as Lucifer turned his glare on him, but the expression in those puppy-eyes was not Sam's.


"What do you want Dean?" Lucifer asked, surprised at his presence. "I left you alive as a gift to Sam but if you become too

annoying I will be forced to revise my decision."


Dean once more gave free rein to his acting chops, as he answered. "I only came to give my brother one last embrace before this

battle, for whether you win or lose Lucifer, I may never see him again."

"You have already said your good-byes, Dean. I have no patience left for your delaying tactics."

"I promise that If you let me have one last good-bye with Sam, I will turn and leave and I won't ever give you any trouble again.

It seems small thing to ask for such a big promise on my part," Dean pleaded, a grief-stricken expression on his face.


" Lucifer," Michael's voice rang out impatiently. "Give the human what he wants and let's get on with this."


"Dean, Dean, the things I do for Sammy!" Lucifer sighed, in the pseudo- friendly way he had. "Come, let's get this over with,



Dean came forward, eyes and body-language duly miserable; a perfect image of a man desperate to give his brother one last hug

before losing him.


"Sammy, I'm sorry " he whispered as he put an arm round his little brother's neck, and pushed an angel sword through his body.

His hate –filled eyes met the surprised ones of Lucifer as his angel essence illuminated Sam's body from the inside, culminating in

the Devil's death.


Dean carefully extracted the weapon from Sam's body. He had tried to do as little damage as possible, and he hoped he had

avoided any vital organs. He culled Sam to himself uncaring of the astounded expressions of the three onlookers who stood there,

unsure of what they had just witnessed


"Dean', Sam's voice whispered weakly. "What happened?"

"Shh, little brother, you'll be fine. We've got to get you to an hospital pronto. Don't worry. Big brother's here," Dean soothed as he

pulled a wad from his jacked and pushed down on the wound.


As if his ginormous little brother weighed no more than a feather, Dean picked him up gently and laid him in the Impala, ignoring

the others, and driving away from the cemetery.


He didn't want to hear or give explanations. He had what he wanted, Sam, and nobody was going to get near him again.

His brother would be seen to in hospital, by human doctors. He wanted no more favours from the supernatural world.

If by any chance Sam didn't pull through, well Dean wouldn't be long in joining him wherever he went!