Sawada Tsunayoshi, the 10th boss of Vongola, wasn't sulking.

He was not sulking.

He wasn't sulking when he found out that Hibari had forgotten his birthday,; the date being the 14th of October.

He wasn't sulking when Hibari came home from his mission a week later than the said date.

He wasn't sulking when Hibari didn't bring any presents, nothing, from beautiful, romantic Venice; the place where he had perfectly accomplished his mission.

He wasn't sulking when Hibari didn't greet him just as he arrived; the man went straight to the bedroom upstairs and slept like a freaking log.

He wasn't sulking when he woke up the next morning and found the man gone; no good morning kisses and (he had hoped) an apology.

He wasn't sulking when he went downstairs to find the living also empty, the man had probably left again for another mission. Leaving him alone again.

He wasn't sulking when he smelled something delicious –it strangely smelled like his favourite food, hamburger steak- and went to the dining room; only to find a black-haired man waiting at the table with all of his favourite dishes served.

He wasn't sulking when the man stood up, walked to him and smiled ;When was the last time he had seen that gorgeous expression on the stoic man's face?

He wasn't sulking when Hiba- Kyoya put his arms around his small waist, bending down to his ear and whispered,

"Sono a casa, mi dispiace, e ti amo, Tsunayoshi,"

He wasn't sulking when he returned the hug, replying with a soft nod and a little sniff. He was touched.

He wasn't sulking when they spent the whole day cuddling, talking, and catching up on things; replacing all the time they had lost when Kyoya was gone.

He wasn't sulking when that night, they slept in each other's warmth; it was the best sleep he ever had for the past week

He wasn't sulking, when he mumbled something softly before drifting off to dreamland; making another smile bloom on the older male's face.

"Anch'io ti amo, Kyoya"

He wasn't sulking.

Sawada Tsunayoshi, was not sulking.

He really wasn't.


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