Author's Note: The story starts with my OC Alexia arriving at Fox River, but I will reveal the events that led up to her incarceration through flashbacks. Trust me when I say there are going to be some twists that shock people (not every chapter has twists though). The italics are the flashbacks and the parenthesis in between are her thoughts now as she's remembering these events. I hope you enjoy!

I was led into the office of Warden Pope at Fox River State Penitentiary by a guard named Bellick. I was pushed roughly into the wooden chair in front of a large desk and was then handcuffed to the chair by another guard. Bellick snickered at me. "Stay put sweet cheeks. The Warden will be here shortly." he told me. I glared at him steadily but he just chuckled and ruffled my dark hair. Then he left the room with the other guard, both of them seeming to find it amusing that a girl was going to be an inmate at an all-male prison. I could hear them speculating about what I could have done to get in this situation, punctuated by derisive laughter. I ignored them as I silently stared down at my cuffed hands.

My name is Alexia Grace. I'm eighteen now. I have chin length, slightly disheveled black hair and dark brown eyes. My friends used to call me Lexi. That was while I still had friends. Now they, along with my mom, think I've gone crazy. Maybe I have, maybe I haven't. All I know is that I needed to be here and you don't get sent to a maximum security prison for nothing. Especially an all-male prison when you're a girl. Now, I'm not a violent girl at all. I have no desire to hurt anyone, ever. I'm one of the better people in this terrible place. So how did I manage to get myself put in here? Well, it's a long story and I don't even know all the details myself. Perhaps we can discover the whole truth together.

As I sat there, waiting with a hint of impatience for the Warden to get here, I looked up at the ceiling and flashed back to the night when my life stopped making sense.

There was only darkness, except for a sliver of sunlight pouring in through a crack from the slightly open door of the barn. Scratchy ropes chafed against my wrists. I could hear sounds, like frightened whimpering. Where was I?

(I felt like I should know…. but I couldn't recall. Everything was foggy and unclear. Only certain details still remained, like that I was in a barn. Why did I remember that of all things?)

The barn door creaked open and intense light poured in. I had to shield my eyes so I didn't go blind. I heard footsteps and quiet breathing. I held my own breath and squinted, trying to make out who was there. All I could see was a shadow, lurking at the entrance. Although I couldn't see the person, somehow I knew it was a man and that he was watching me. I closed my eyes and tried to calm my racing heart as the figure suddenly stalked closer to me. I felt a hand touch, no; caress, my hair. I couldn't suppress the shudder that ran down my spine. Then, without warning, the ropes that had been binding my own hands were pulled away. I hesitantly rested my arms in my lap and began to rub at my raw wrists. I opened my eyes to get a better look at my captor, but he was gone. I held my breath for another moment. Then I let it out, but didn't make any other move. What was going on?

(Now I was sure of one other thing. That day, whatever else happened, I was being held captive one moment and then I was set free the next. Why? Did whoever kidnapped me let me go? Or was someone else my savior? I don't know which it was. I feel like there was only one person with me in the barn, but why is my gut telling me something else? I have this feeling deep down that not everything was as it seemed.)

After a while, I realized that I was still alone in the barn. Whoever had just been in here wasn't coming back for a while. I got to my feet shakily and stumbled over the barn door, peeking out cautiously. I could taste freedom in the crisp air. I knew instinctively that I could leave without being caught by whoever had taken me. Whether they were the one who released me or not didn't matter at the moment. What did matter was getting as far away from this place as possible. Then why did I feel so hesitant to go?

My mother started to shake my shoulder gently. "Alexia, wake up. Honey it's okay." her voice said soothingly. It pierced through the dream and I woke with a start. I met my mom's concerned eyes, so like my own. "Are you alright?" she asked worriedly.

I shook my head slowly and sat up. "I don't know. I had that nightmare again. The same one that I've been having since I was twelve. Why have I been having it for six years? That isn't normal." I replied.

My mom frowned slightly and pulled me into a gentle hug. "Oh sweetie. I'm not sure, but it's just a bad dream. No one is going to hurt you." she murmured gently. Her tone was reassuring, but I knew her well enough to know she was hiding something from me. What that was, I had no idea. I just had one lingering thought. Why was I allowed to live?

The Warden's arrival startled me out of my reverie and I jumped slightly. Pope sat down behind his desk and gave me a fatherly look of sincere concern. "I apologize for startling you Alexia. Now, can you please tell me why you were sent here of all places? This is no place for a young girl such as yourself." he said kindly.

Having locked away my emotions soon after that last dream to prepare for what I would inevitably have to do, I simply gave him a level look that said all too well how broken I was inside. "I need answers and don't ask me why, but I know with absolute certainty that there's one inmate in here that might be able to give them to me. I don't know the reason, but I've been feeling drawn to this place for years. What I'm searching for is here." I responded coolly.

Pope looked curious, confused, and uncertain at the same time. He eyed me like he wasn't sure of my sanity. I've been getting that look a lot lately. Just wait until he hears my request. I did my homework on this prison, and everyone in it. Plus, like I've been telling everyone for three years, I just get these feelings sometimes that I have to listen to.

"Which inmate are you referring to?" he asked slowly.

A ghost of a smirk touched my lips. I took a deep breath and leaned forward ever so slightly, looking him right in the eyes to let him know I was being completely serious.

"Theodore Bagwell."