To my brother, Raphael


My brother,

Hamato Raphael,

Is like a brick wall, as high as the Heavens

He is solid, like a brick wall

He is sturdy, like a brick wall

He is a protector, protecting us, his family, behind his brick wall

He is like a barrier, protecting us from evil

With him around, nothing can break through

He is strong, and brave, and protective

Not even the fiercest of winds can knock him down

But there are faults

Small cracks in the wall, that allow for sunlight and emotion to leak through

It is then that we get a chance to see through his brick fa├žade

To the soul underneath

A soul that isn't afraid to smile

A soul that isn't afraid to let others in

And a soul that's not afraid to be imperfect

This is written to you, my dear brother

My brother

My everything

My wall

It's okay to let your wall down sometimes Raphie. Because when you do I'll be right there to build it back up again.

~Hamato Michelangelo


To my brother and leader, Leonardo


My Brother,

Hamato Leonardo

You are like a mountain, which reaches to the stars

Nothing can move you

Nothing can uproot you

Nothing can deter you

You defy gravity

And challenge death face to face

And always win

You are the weight that holds the rest of us down to earth

And connects us all through mind and spirit

You are the weight that helps us keep our feet planted on the right path

You are always there for us

Never failing, never stopping

I appreciate how much you have done for me big brother

And I only wish that I could repay you

To say that you are simply a mountain is not enough

You are the rock that keeps me focused,

That keeps me attached to everyone and everything

You are the sky,

Limitless and a beauty to behold

You are the river

That washes away my sadness

And shows me my reflection underneath

You are the moon and the stars

You are my brother

And I thank you for being here,

Always ready to comfort us

And I promise you, big brother

That you can always count on me,

As I have always counted on you

You can never do wrong by us Leo; you're too strong for that. And though at times, you fear you've failed us, I assure you dear brother, that you have never, nor will do, such a thing. Because the answer is simply, you can't.

~Hamato Michelangelo


To my brother, Donatello


My brother,

Hamato Donatello

You are like a bird

So full of life and so free in passion, spirit and kindness

Your kindness knows no bounds

And your passion for life and knowledge bind us all together

You are like glue,

The way you hold this family together

You are my inspiration, the one I look up to

You are my genius, kind-heartened brother

And you mean the world to me

I don't know how many times you've cleaned my wounds

Murmuring soft words

Comforting hands

That make the pain all go away

If I ever feel stuck or lost

I know I can go to you for guidance

That you'll help me find an answer to what I'm looking for

And help me find my way again

Because you're never lost

I don't think you know how much you mean to me Donnie,

How grateful I am to you for everything that you've done

So I'll say it all now Donnie,

Thank you, simply for everything

And I know, if I ever feel trapped, or lost or stuck

You'll be right there

Taking me on your wings

And flying me to freedom

Don't ever let anything hold you back Donnie. And don't be afraid to explore every once and a while. Stretch your wings, and you'll learn how to fly.

~Hamato Michelangelo