Story Notes:
***TRIGGER WARNING*** This story may be a bit triggering with it being based on ***self harm*** So here is my official warning. I really hope it won't be, so if you even think it might, please please don't read this.

Currently through the eyes of Quinn. Maybe later Rachel too.
Faberry. May later include some Brittana too.
My first story, so go easy on me; and please leave reviews!

-Disclaimer: I do not own anything at all, ex: Glee, the characters, etc

The story is named partially after the song Scorpion Flower by Moonspell, but I thought that Scorpion Heart would be a more fit name.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Just a quick ~present day~ prologue that the story will eventually get back up to.


You sit in the tub, hazily watching the red drops fall down your arm and onto the bottom of the bathtub with a light thud. You love the sound of the dripping, being able to actually hear and know that part of you is leaving your body. The part of you that you hate. The part of you that you dread to show to certain people. The part of you that hurts others. You need to get rid of it, it's too painful to keep around any longer. Good thing you've finally, out of so many years, have thought of the best way to get rid of it. Afterall, they say that Death is the best way to get rid of all your troubles. Perhaps its time to see if it's true.