The Chase

I was bored one day so I began to let my thoughts drift off. When all of a sudden Treasure planet came to mind, I began to wonder what it would had been like in Silver's POV and that's when this story was born! I hope you like it.

I am Long John Silver - The pirate and half cyborg that had been searching for Treasure Planet for over 20 years now, but being unsuccessful in finding it. Treasure Planet is a planet full of gold hidden somewhere on the surface. The only way to track down that planet is by a golden sphere - also known as the treasure map. I've looked high and low for that orb, tearing apart hundreds of planets during my hunt. But it was all nothing except a waste of time. Until one faithful day - I found him.

Billy Bones; the old cabin boy that used to work for Captain Flint. I spotted him at a bar. I went there with my crew to take a small break and stock up on supplies. I was far too restless to enjoy any of it. It was then that I noticed him, sitting alone at one of the tables. Three empty chairs surrounded him. With that hat and coat, I didn't recognize the guy. It was the big chest by his feet that gave him away. I had wasted no time in barking orders at my crew. They threw the rums aside, attempting to close in the space between Billy Bones and the entrance.

For an old turtle, he sure knew how to fight. Before I even had time to blink, he smashed the fire extinguisher. Smoke blocked my vision, I could only make out a large silhouette disappearing out the door. We wasted no time in running after him, leaving the smoky bar and entering the fresh air. A trail of smoke shot across the sky. With help from my cyborg eye, I could clearly see that it was a small spacecraft. No doubt that it was Billy Bones. Fortunately, my ship was not far. We were sailing across the galaxy before I knew it. Chasing after our prey.

Now here we are in the present, same scenery. The small aircraft took the lead, our large ship not far behind. A trail of smoke flew through the empty abyss. At this rate, he would surely escape us with ease. My mismatched eyes scanned the deck. My crew loaded their guns and took fire at the aircraft, too far away to get a single hit. The purple lights flew into the distance, disappearing into the darkness. I released an angry growl until my eyes fell upon the ship's cannon. It had enough power to reach that old geezer.

Feeling time slipping away from me, I barked orders at my crew, "Aim th' cannon!" My eyes followed Grwnge, one of my crew members, as he rushed over to the unsupervised cannon, plopping himself in the seat. His giant hands covered the joy stick. I watched in suspense as he lined the weapon up with the aircraft. With a single flick of the wrist, a giant purple laser ball shot out. It moved a hundred miles an hour, lighting the whole dark sky in the fiery glow. A smirk tugged at the corners of my lips as it made contact with the aircraft, leaving a huge, black dent in its place.

The loud bang echoed through the air. It was like music to my ears. I couldn't keep the grin off my face, nodding in satisfactory. Smoke erupted in the distance. My gaze followed it downwards, plummeting towards a planet down below. Now we could track him down with ease and receive our prize. It wouldn't be long until I had that map in my hands. I could just about touch that treasure. Gold... Jewels... Fortune! It was only a galaxy away. But enough daydreaming, our mission is not over yet until we get that guy.

My gaze found Turnbuckle standing at the helm, his tentacle wrapped tightly around the steering wheel. "Brin' 'er down, Mister Turnbuckle," I ordered the four-armed-alien.

Mister Turnbuckle did a salute with his two spare arms. "Aye Captain." He twisted the wheel to one side. The ship lowered towards the unknown planet. I believed it was called Montressor. I had traveled to many planets, but I've never been to this one before. It looked a bit too dull and lifeless for my taste. Guess that's why I've never bothered going here.

The ground shook slightly, breaking me from my thoughts. It took only a second to realize that we had arrived at our destination. The ship hovered a few feet above the ground. Too big to land and not enough parking space for us. It looked as if we were going to have to ride down on long boats. I barked out orders towards my crew, pointing to those I wanted to accompany me and for the others to guard this ship.

In no time, I was sitting in the small boat, floating down towards the ground with my eager looking crew. The smiles on their faces told me that they would be willing to jump from this height and run to that aircraft to beat up Billy Bones for that map. They were leaning so far over, I was afraid they would all fall off and be dead from the impact of the concrete. However, I must admit that I couldn't keep this grin off my own face as I thought about that map and the loot of a thousand worlds. I was already imagining what I would spend all that money on. Of course, I would need to wear a disguise. I am an outlaw after all. I felt something wet roll down my neck, feeling a chill running up my skin, resisting the urge to shiver. More droplets made contact with my skin, drenching me in water. It was then that I realized it was raining. The clouds were as gray as smoke.

I landed the long boat next to a small wooden house that was perched on a hill. The first thing my crew did was attack that aircraft, guns held high in defense. I ascended towards my crew, my cyborg arm switched into a gun, ready for battle. Not that it would be much of a fight. All of us against him, the thought almost made me laugh. My eager look morphed into confusion as my crew faced me, guns lowered. "He's not in there," said one of them.

My glare hardened, feeling my body beginning to tense up from the anger that was building up inside. I just wanted to smash a rock to let all this rage out! My hands automatically clenched up into large fists, matching my mood. With one angry glance at my crew, I noticed they were shaking, creating distance from me. I surely would had tackled each and every one of them for letting that old turtle get away. But instead, I deeply breathed in and out, controlling my temper. After doing this repeatedly, I felt more relaxed and ready to find Billy Bones. My gaze took no time in finding the wooden house my eyes had landed on moments ago. It was the only place close enough for that old turtle to go too. Whoever lives there must had seen Billy Bones crash onto the deck and decided to help him. Big mistake. "Let's head ta t'at house. He is sure ta be t'ere," I ordered, my voice full of determination.

My crew and I hastely made our way down the dirt path, guns held high. A line of light invaded my vision, using my organic hand to shield my eyes from the beam. It only took me a moment to realize someone had rolled the curtain up a crack, just enough for the stranger to peer out of. But just as fast as it slid opened, it closed just as quick. The thunder roared across the sky like a beast. Once we reached the run down house, I attempted to open it the old fashioned way; by using the door knob. Just as I thought... It was locked...

Without hesitating, I swiftly switched my cyborg arm to a cannon. Not giving my crew any warning before blasting the door down. The purple laser flying straight through the wood like liquid, leaving a huge gaping whole in its place.

I allowed my crew access to the house first. Running in, they began ripping it apart. Desperately searching for the map. Loud clatters filled the small area. One of the pirates smashed the ceiling lamp during all the rush. Fire erupted from the ground, dancing along the floor in a graceful way. Warmth surrounded my body, sensing it getting hotter in here. My gaze flickered from the red and orange flames towards the ground where a familiar body laid, formerly known as Billy Bones. I gently kicked him. But he didn't even stired. The old sea dog was good as gone. I noticed his old chest lying beside him, wide opened. It was as if it was begging to look inside. I eagerly leaned over the chest, a grin forming on my lips. I stared into the dark leather box, scanning it over with my night vision. My excitement soon faded into disappointment, realizing it was nothing but an empty chest. The map was long gone by now.

"Where is it?" I heard a shout, bringing me back to reality. Clatters of kitchen ware alerted me of my crew's presence once again, shaking my head to clear my thoughts.

I heaved myself back onto my two feet with a soft grunt. "It's got to be here somewhere!" another voice said, the same rage in his tone. A loud bang caused me to flinch. I lifted my gaze to see a table had been flipped over, next to it stood one my smallest crew member, roughly breathing through his mouth in frustration.

My gaze switched towards the stairs, the only thing that seemed undamaged in this small house. Surely the owners of this place must had ran onto the second floor. There were no where else they could be. Pointing to the stairs, I glared directly at my crew. "Find it!" They immediately got the hint, dashing up the wooden steps, guns in hands. Nodding in satisfactory, I followed slowly behind, holding up my cyborg hand which I had changed into a gun. My mismatched eyes scanned the area as I continued my way to the top, keeping my guard up. I could smell the strong scent of smoke, growing stronger as it multiplied. Eventually, I decided to hold a hand over my nose to prevent inhaling the smoke.

I finally reached the top, hearing the loud thud as my cyborg feet touched the wood. My eyes immediately spotted my crew, they were looking out the window, backs turned to me. Raising an eyebrow, I trudged over to the bunch, roughly pushing pass them. I could feel the glares at the back of my neck, but wasn't bothered by it. I was far too busy being shocked at what I saw outside. In the distance was a carriage riding away, obviously it was the people that lived here. I felt my blood boiling. My hands clenched into fists so tightly that they were turning pale white. "Blast it!" I Slammed my cyborg fist into the wall, making a huge gaping hole. Well, it's not like this house wasn't already destroyed. I pulled my hand back, shaking off bits of rock that had fallen from the crack.

Turning back around, I stared into those fearful faces that belonged to my crew. They instantly locked eyes with me, standing up straight like soldiers, hands at their sides.

"N-Now what should we do, Captain?" Onus asked. He was a short little fellow with eight eyes poking out from the top of his head. He had a green body of a slug with tiny arms.

Rubbing my chin, I took a step forward, seeing their eyes widening in fear. "T'ose people will be wantin' ta go to Treasure Planet after t'ey find out t'at orb is a map. We will be hired as t'eir crew." I said with a smirk, my eyes gazing out the window, staring into the darkness of the night. "We will strike 'em w'en we get ta Treasure Planet." My crew members exchanged grins, murmuring their agreements. I smirked, staring up at the thousand of stars in the sky, blinking down on me. Those people were going to regret they ever found that map. Tomorrow, we are heading to the Space Port.

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