Escaping Treasure Planet

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A familiar voice from above startled us two, causing us to break eye contact and gaze at the ship flying above. "Aloha, Jimmy!" It was Jim's annoying robot friend, I still don't understand why he invited that machine to tag along. "Hurry, people! We've got exactly two minutes and thirty-four seconds 'til planet destruction!" Jimbo and I exchanged fearful glances, probably thinking the exact same thing. I watched as the ship banged into the metal platform the boy and I were standing on, I pulled him back incase the ship crashed once more and sent us falling to our dooms.

Jim climbed onto the ship, helping me as it lifted into the air.

"Take us out of here, Metal Man!" Amelia called over to the robot

"Aye, Captain!" he saluted, pulling down a lever that caused the ship speed up.

Jimbo and I ran up the stairs that led towards the helm. I took this chance to kiss up to the Captain, hoping she might go easy on me. "Cap'n! Yeh dropped from the heavens in the nick o'-"

"Save your clap-trap for the judge, Silver!" she cut me off, turning away before I even had a chance to say anything else.

I nervously grinned to myself, chuckling but it was dry and lifeless. She seriously was mad that I planned a mutiny on her ship and had her tied up.

A loud bung erupted from above. Starling, I stared wide-eyed at the sky, just in time to see a large rock crashing into one of the masts. A large piece of rock suddenly crashes into one of the masts, knocking down the main sail. The mast fell onto the deck and completely destroyed the cannon, not that we really need it now anyway. I exchanged a worried glance with Jim, not being the only one that noticed the ship slowing down.

I was too busy scanning the destroyed Treasure Planet to even pay attention to the conversation, although I knew it was about something bad. It's hard to believe this was the same place that I had been looking for half of my life with my father. Speaking of which, I found the treasure, but gave it all up for the boy. My gaze turned back towards Jim, he kept his head down, looking slightly worried. It didn't suit him to just give up so suddenly.

Jim's face suddenly lights up as if he just thought of something. "We gotta turn around!" Jim stated as he leapt onto the deck, running towards what was left of the cannon

"What?!" Amelia suddenly asked, surprised by that plan. I would be to, but I knew how smart Jim was. He always had a plan.

"There's a portal back there! It can get us out of here!"

I decided to use my cyborg arm to get a better look at the scene behind us. Jimbo was right, there was that portal that we used to enter Treasure Planet, it could transport us anywhere in the galaxy. I gazed back at Jim, seeing the boy attaching pieces of the cannon, creating some sort of device. The Doc seemed unsure, disagreeing with the plan

That didn't stop Jim though. "Yes! But I'm gonna change that! I'm gonna open a different door!"

"Captain, really, I-I just don't see how this could possibly-" Just when the doc was trying to convince the Captain that it was a bad idea, I cut him off.

"Listen to th' boy!" I know I should had been more convincing, but Jimbo needed my help, I wasn't about to let him down again. I'm not his father. I sat next to the boy, staring over his shoulder at his odd little creation.

"One minute twenty-nine seconds 'til planet destruction!" B.E.N. panicky shouted.

"Whatta yeh need, Jim?"

Jim looked up at me, his eyes full of determination. "Just some way to attach this!" he gestured towards his invention, attempting to use a rope to attach them.

"Alright... Stand back, stand back, now!" Jim did as he was told, allowing me to turn my cybernetic arm into a blowtorch and weld the two pieces of metal together. Once I was finished, Jimbo and I worked together to lift that large contraption onto the railing. "There yeh go!"

Jim attempted to climb onto the piece of metal, cringing slightly. I quickly grabbed him by the arm, before he was able to get up, holding him in place. The boy whipped around, staring at me with confusion by my reaction. "W'at are ye gonna be doin'?" I know that I must had sounded like worried father, but I just had to know.

Jim sudden grinned up at me. "I'm going to get us out of here," he stated simply, heaving himself onto the large piece of metal.

"But... Ye hurt..."

Jim smiled again. "Don't worry, I'm strong," he quoted the exact same thing that I had said just moments ago before fighting Scroop. His face suddenly turned serious again, staring into my eyes. "Okay, now, no matter what happens, keep the ship heading straight for that portal!" He said that as if he knew something bad was gonna happen, I didn't really want to think about it right now.

"Fifty-eight seconds!" the robot shouted, causing us all to panick more than we already were.

Jim gave the robot a quick glance before focusing his gaze back on me. His expression was unreadable, but his eyes held a mixture of hurt, fear, and determination. I stared back at him as if my head was telling me this might be the last time that I would ever see him. He suddenly tore his gaze off me, his face now one of complete determination. He kicked the cylinder, starting it with his foot. It sparked and began spinning rapidly. I had to cover my face to avoiding getting blinded. I saw the boy take off towards the sky, looking as brave as ever.

My eyes found their way back towards the Captain and Doc, noticing they had not moved. "Well you 'eard 'im! Get this blasted heap turned 'round!" I ordered, gesturing forcefully back towards the portal.

After a few unsure glances between the two, the Captain spoke up. "Doctor, head us back for the portal."

The Doc turned the wheel, causing the boat to spin around and head in the direction of the portal. "Aye, Captain..." he said, sounding a bit unsure.

My eyes darted back to the boy, watching as he sped up, aiming straight for the portal that seemed that it was miles away. I fiddled with the buttons on my coat, flinching everytime large pieces of metal from the planet almost crashed into him. Treasure Planet was coming apart much quick than I had thought it would, there were barely any land to stand on. I couldn't seem to focus anywhere except on that boy who was in an extremely dangerous position.

I could hear the Captain's frustrated voice coming from the helm. "Turn to the right, THE RIGHT-"

"I know! I know! Will you just let me DRIVE?!" came Delbert's reply, sounded frustrated and annoyed. I surely would had laughed at the two if I wasn't busy worrying about Jimbo.

"TWENTY-FIVE SECONDS!" the robot suddenly shouted, making my heart beat faster in my chest. I stole a glance at the three, rolling my eyes before proceeding to watch Jim. My breath caught in my throat at what I saw. The boy was doing fine just seconds ago, but I take my eyes off him for three seconds and he's falling down one of the large cracks in the ground plummeting towards the lava which was just a few feet down. To make matters worse, we're headed straight towards the portal which was still a picture of the exploding planet.

Jim frantically kicked on the pedal behind him, working furiously to start up the engine again. I stole a glance at the three that stood at the helm, looking just as worried as I was. A million thoughts filled my head, unable to come up with a solution for any of them. The button that I had been fiddling with came off and fell onto the floor, I didn't know my own strength.

"C'mon, lad..." I muttered, waiting for a miracle to happen. I was leaning so far over the ship that I swear that I was close to toppling over into the lava.

"SEVENTEEN SECONDS!" came the robot's booming voice.

Jim suddenly turned his machine around so the engine was scraping against the wall, sparks flying out. I grinned once I finally realized what he was up to. He was attempting to start up the engine again by getting a spark to form. My grip tightened around the railing.

As if answering my prayer, the fire started up again. The young lad swiftly turned his machine towards the portal, flying at full speed. I kept the lad in view for as long as I could until the ship floated over the crack causing me to lose sight of the boy. I turned my gaze towards the portal, we were just inches away from the explosion.

"Seven... six... five..." B.E.N nervously counted.

I covered my eyes, unable to stand watching this anymore, it was far too much for me. As much as I believed in Jimbo, I just knew we were going to die. There was no way he could make it to the front of the ship before the planet exploded, that was impossible.

"Four... THREE... TWO-"

Goodbye Jimbo...

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