Chapter Three- Mysterious Slave Woman, Literary Devices, and Ancient China

(African Flute music plays in the background)
"Just then, the Mysterious Slave Woman they own approaches them, then tells them about The Mysterious Ancient Slave Book From Africa © called "How to Kill a Mockingbird" except, it was originally written in African. They learn there is only one (1) remaining copy and it is guarded carefully deep, in the ninja lair, in Ancient China. Now it was on.
Hard Core."

An Ocean:
Modern Day (There's some quiet, peaceful, but totally awesome music going up and down in the background)

"The Pirates, Scout, and the Slave Woman get into the Time Machine, which was actually, a Time-Travelling Castle. (Also totally in the book.) They flew at Warp Speed around the Earth,

k-The French Revolution k- Dinosaurs! k- The great depression k- The age of pyramids k- Recent Times k- Pirates (Now)
Great Wall built by Pink Floyd k- ANCIENT CHINA k- Fire invented k- Days of yore k- Boo Radley is born from an egg k- Jesus k-
BIG BANG k- Unraveling the Mystery k- History k- Science k- Math k- Pyramids k-

Before they knew it (because it was fast), they arrived in ANCIENT CHINA, where the Ninjas lived. THIS SETS THE STAGE FOR THE CLIMAX OF THE BOOK.

Ancient China

"The Climax of a piece of literature typically follows a long progressive rise in action. The Climax continues until the reach a sort of Resolution, which is then followed by the Dénoument. That is French for The End, and is a Literary Device, like the Ninjas. That's why Harper Lee won the Pulitzer Prize."
/ \\

Rising Action // NINJAS \\ Falling Action
Introduce a Problem/ \\ Dénoument = PULITZER PRIZE