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WARNING: This chapter has a lot of action, as thus a dark scene involving Ethan. Young viewers may wanna read with an older sibling or adult. But don't worry; despite all of this, things will end well for Ethan at the end.

This Episode, we take on the Scorpions!

In the Cabin, calm wasn't the word, currently, as they tried to talk about what to do.

"What do you mean Ethan could be her next target, Yuki-Chan?" Kagura said. Even in the midst of fear, she still added honorifics in her sentences.

"Well, knowing Karla… er, Knives, she would like to torment any of us. We're lucky Bob and Hannah ran in first." Yuki replied.

"That Knives is scary…" Bob said, in a scared tone.

"I gotta agree with you, Bob." Hannah replied. "But we still gotta fight back, before any of us gets hurt, or worse!"

"Isaac… Where ever you are… Please, stay safe…" Luka said, while tears fell down off her face, as Tina hugged her.

"I'm sure Isaac is okay." Tina replied, trying to cheer her friend up.

"KNOCK, KNOCK!" Ian yelled out loud, as he started to try to kick down the door.

"Oh, crap! He's trying to kick down the door!" Maxwell said, as he opened the window. "Bob! Hannah! You guys go out first!"

"What?! Why?" Hannah asked.

"Well, if we kinda get… Look, if anything happens to us, try to get off this island, with the best of your abilities." Maxwell said.

"I still wanna know what happened to Selena, though…" Tina replied.

Confessional: Fear is the TRUE enemy

Ian: What is that door made out of! Nevertheless, I want to take down that Hawaiian-shirt wearing shrimp! I'm sure I can break his legs and arms!

Tina: They better had NOT mess with Selena!

Mess Hall

Selena ran into the Mess Hall after the Scorpions started to run after them. She was a bit scared, for the first time in her time on Dictionary.

"I can't believe… I'm gonna get beaten up on an island of nerds…" Selena said, fearfully. Clutching a frying pan close to her, Pike peeked in, and smashed in the window with a small rock.

"Okay, Death…" Pike said, talking to a incaged scorpion. "Paralyze that girl…"

Opening the cage, he threw the scorpion in, and the scorpion instantly noticed Selena.

"NO! SCORPIONS! HELP! HELP! HELP!" Selena said in fear, as she swung the frying pan left and right, as the scorpion pounced…

…And got hit by the frying pan, sending it into a wall, and squashing into guts, killing it.

"Is… it gone?" Selena said to herself, as she noticed the now dead scorpion embedded on the wall. "Whew… I can't stand scorpions…"

Outside the Mess Hall, Pike was pissed.

"UGH! And all the work I did to rob that pet shop, just for their scorpions!" Pike yelled out loud, before taking out another encaged scorpion from his pocket. "I'm not messing with her. Plague? I saw a kitten in one of the cabins. What do you say, you take care of it?" He said to the scorpion in the cage.

Back in the cabin, Bob and Hannah had escaped, as thus the rest. Tina was the next one to escape, as Ian broke down the door.

"RENT DAY!" Ian yelled out loud.

Maxwell yelped, as he crawled out the window, and ran with Tina.

"Dang, he's insane!" Maxwell said.

"Where's Bob and Hannah, anyways?

Behind one of the cabins, Bob and Hannah were sneaking past, when all of a sudden, they heard… eating of some kind?

"Bob? You hear that?" Hannah asked. "I could had sworn I heard someone eating."

"Mmm… This is good stuff…" a voice said in the cabin. Hannah peeked into the cabin to see Omar chowing down on snacks.

Hannah suddenly grinned. "Think I can take him on? He's a bit unfit, so he should be easy."

"Are you NUTS? He could… You saw what Joey did to me!" Bob yelled out loud.

Hannah was opening the window, without Omar noticing. "Just you watch…" Hannah said, as she climbed into the room.

"Please be careful…" Bob replied, as he turned around to see Joey, leering at him.

"Hi, kid! Enjoy my present?" Joey said, in a sadistic tone.

"Hi, there!" Hannah said in the room, smiling.

"Oh, it's the kid. Not like you'll beat me, you –BLEEP-." Omar replied between bites.

Hannah grinned. "Well… What about now?" She said, as she picked Omar up with ease. As soon as she was outside, she threw him on the ground.

"So, it's like that, huh?" Omar said, running towards her, but… He stopped to catch his breath. "Give me… a few… minutes…"

They waited a few minutes, before Ian peeked out the cabin.

"Omar? Beat up the goth, and let's go!" Ian yelled out. Cue Hannah's fight theme here. (One Piece: Franky's Theme)

"Very well…" Omar said, as he started to aim a punch at Hannah. Hannah held her wrists up as a shield, as he punched Hannah's spiky wristbands.

"OWW!" Omar yelled out in pain, as Hannah managed to punch back. Omar quickly recovered, and started to go after Hannah.

"Well, time to get serious!" Hannah said, grabbing ahold of Omar's fist, and picking him up, and slamming him onto the ground. She then picked him back up and backdropped him.

Omar, now in pain, picked himself up, and started to go after Hannah again.

"You never learn, don't ya." Hannah said, as she kicked him in the gut. Despite his obese body, that hurt Omar, as he was then floored.

Omar then looked up to see that Hannah has lifted one of the cabins over her head!

"Give up?" Hannah asked.

"Yes! VERY YES!" Omar answered, as he fainted.

"Okay!" Hannah said, as she put the cabin back where it was last. She then peeked over to where Omar fainted, to see a bit of a wet spot on his pants.

"Well… He kinda deserved it?" Hannah questioned, as she begin to tie up Omar.

Confessional: How strong IS she?

Hannah: Case in point, I would never make fun of anyone that peed their pants. But he, is kinda an exception.

In the Woods

Isaac, having caught his breath, continued to run from Jaws. But even he couldn't keep up forever.

"I gotta think of something…" Isaac said, looking up to see a vine. "Maybe…"

Climbing up, he saw a line of vines, that would make Tarzan proud. Below him…

"I'm coming to bite ya!" Jaws said in a sadistic tone, as he started to climb the vine.

Isaac, looking at the vine, jumped towards it, and managed to grab ahold of it.

He grabbed various vines after various vines, however, Jaws was following him, too. Isaac managed to reach a tree branch, until he noticed something. Cue Isaac's Fight Theme (Naruto, Rising Fighting Spirit).

"Dang, no more vines… And Chompy is getting close." Isaac said, as he looked at one of his wrists, and smiled, as he unwrapped his wrist bandage, and started to swing it around. "But when there's a will, there's a way."

"No more vines, huh? Time to get chomped!" Jaws yelled out loud.

"Hope you don't like fast food!" Isaac said, taunting Jaws, as he caught, and wrapped his wrist bandage to a higher, strong enough branch, as a makeshift vine!

Jaws stepped down on the branch, to see that Isaac has disappeared. "Where did that –BLEEP- go?"

"That bleep is right HERE!" Isaac yelled out, as Jaws looked to see Isaac aiming his feet at Jaw's face! It was a strong enough impact to send Jaws off the tree, where he hit a tree branch on the way down to the ground. Picking himself back up, Jaws spit out what appeared to be his teeth.

"Damn… That hurt!" Isaac said, rubbing his feet, and seeing Jaws trying to get up, suddenly lept towards him.

"You'll be paying for that, you—" Jaws didn't get to finish, as Isaac used his body to cushion the blow.

"I'm sure no dentist would be willing to work on your teeth, after what you pulled…" Isaac replied, as he punched Jaws, and knocked him unconscious.

Confessional: Crowing Moment of Awesome for Isaac

Isaac: Yeah, slippers aren't the most effective shoe used for kicking someone's head… At least he won't be chomping on someone anytime soon!

Isaac dragged Jaws behind him, while struggling to do so.

"Man, I totally need to work on my strength…" Isaac said to himself, as the body got lighter?

"Hi, there!" Betty, the angel said, behind Isaac. She was lifting Jaw's unconscious body as well "I saw what you did, and I'm SO proud of you! How DO you do it?"

"Well, I did used to play on swinging ropes when I was a kid…"

Ethan was a bit winded after running off. He pushed Yuki inside, and distracted Knives long enough for her to come towards him. He was currently somewhere on the island, but where?

"Doesn't seem familiar…" Ethan said to himself, as he went into a daydream…

A 6 Year Old Ethan was playing in a park, when he tripped on something. Holding his skinned knee, he started to tear up…

"There, there… it's okay." A female voice said. Looking up, he could see a raven-haired girl, with a blue-dyed fringe, and dotted eyes like Yuki's. "I can get my mom to look at it!"

"Thank you… -Sniff-" Ethan replied.

Ethan suddenly snapped out of the daydream. "Hold on… I never met Yuki before this contest! Quit playing tricks on me, brain!"

Meanwhile, Bob was running off from Joey, but a couple of familiar kittens saw him.

"Bob? You doing okay, meow?" Nerdi asked. Since the Scorpions arrived, she, along with Woolfur, and Kanata, were hiding up in a tree.

"Doing okay? I have my anti-me after me!" Bob replied. "Besides, he totally doesn't look good in a nose ring."

"Ain't that the truth… What's a nose ring, gov'nor?" Woolfur asked.

"Come on, doofus!" Joey yelled out loud.

Kanata, seeing the boy was in danger, lept from the tree, with its claws open. Cue Bob's Fighting Theme (Main Theme of Case Closed)

"Kanata, NO!" Bob yelled out loud, as the kitten held on tight.

"What are you doing, Bob? Punch that bully like a hamburger patty!" Kanata meowed out in her native cat tongue.

Joey, having grabbed the kitten, suddenly got pissed.

"You have about three seconds as to explain why I shouldn't spike this kitten with a stick!" Joey yelled out.

"I only need one!" Bob said, running towards Joey, and punching him. Kanata managed to squeeze free, and safely on the floor.

"Guess who, meow!" Nerdi got on Joey's head and covered his eye.

"Save one for me, gov'nor!" Woolfur yelled out loud, covering Joey's other eye.

"I can't see! You better get your toys away from me!" Joey yelled out at Bob!

Bob, seeing an opportunity, suddenly stomped on Joey's feet.

"Oops! I kinda missed… My contacts fell out!" Bob said, accidently kicking Joey in the... Let's just say, it was a critical hit.

"Oww… Quit it!" Joey yelled out, as he fell on the floor. Bob suddenly pinned him down, as he tied Joey up.

"Well… what should we do?" Bob asked the kitten puppets.

"I have an idea…" Nerdi said, taking out a tube of lipstick. "I kinda borrowed it from Selena. Now… do you think he's a Cobalt Red?"

"I would assume so…" Bob replied.

Confessional: MAKEOVER!

Bob: Wait, I'm a guy! How do I know about make-up?

Nerdi: Well, she borrowed Maxwell's bag and never returned it…

Woolfur: This is really crazy, gov'nr…

Kanata: Do you think I deserve a hamburger? Anyways, I fear for Luka and Kagura. After Pike saw I was gone, he is planning on releasing a scorpion at them!

Outside Somewhere, on the Beach…

Luka and Kagura were smashing scorpions left and right with boat oars…

"Damn, how many scorpions do you have?" Luka replied.

"Enough to try to sting everyone… You ruined my plans!" Pike yelled out loud. "Although… You seem like Scorpion material." He said towards Luka. "What about you and me… go somewhere private?" Unknown to both of them, Kagura was sneaking toward's Pike.

"Well, you are cute… And those piercings do make you hot!" Luka said, in a flirty voice. "Sure, we can do something private… But I have two things to say, first."

"What?" Pike asked.

"Think fast!" Luka said, as Kagura managed to hit the oar into Pike's… Bread Box, to an extent.

"OWWWWW!" Pike yelled out in pain.

"Like I go out with someone like you! And plus, I already have a boyfriend! Great job, Kagura!" Luka said.

"Well said, Luka-Senpai!" Kagura replied.

"You have defiantly become an honorary Peaceful Paw in my opinion!" Luka said, smiling.

Confessional: The Paws continue to grow!

Kagura: (She is wearing a T-Shirt with Luka's Pawprint on it) Wow, this is comfy! Who knew hitting an evil punk in the balls equaled joining a club? Thanks, Luka-Senpai!

Luka: I can guess he won't be having any Pike Jr's Anytime soon…

In yet another part of camp…

Maxwell and Tina, the former holding a tennis racket, and the later holding a frying pan, were having a stare down against Ian, the supposed leader.

"Well, well… Two nerds together. It's like killing two birds with one stone!" Ian said, creeping up towards them.

"Well, well… It's the Leader of the Group! You think if I beat you, I'll get a Gym Badge?" Tina questioned sarcastically.

"Well, challenge accepted! Ding Ding!" Ian replied, as he tried to punch Tina in the face. Lucky for her, she held her frying pan close to her face, injuring Ian's hand.

"OWW…" Ian yelled out in pain, as Maxwell went up to Ian.

"And here comes the serve!" Maxwell said, as he swung his tennis racket towards Ian, sending him airborne. "15-Love!"

Ian was currently in pain, as Tina picked up a rope.

"What do you say… We tie him up?" Tina asked.

"Tie away!" Maxwell replied.

On a faraway beach…

Ethan ran as fast he could go, and he was catching his breath.

"I must be away from that Knives girl by now…" Ethan said to himself.

Sitting down, he looked up at the sky. "This beach's really beautiful… Maybe I should take Yuki here one day…"

He laid down, but at that moment, footsteps walked up to him.

"Yuki?" Ethan asked.

"Guess again, buddy-boy!" Knives said, in a sinister voice, and sitting down on Ethan. His arms were trapped under Knives, so he couldn't move.

"So, you think you can defend Katrina, don't ya?" Knives said.

"Shut up! You put Yuki through various pain!" Ethan replied, as he was slapped.

"Her name's Katrina! And I have an idea so you don't forget!" Knives said, as she took out a switchblade.

"Um… What's that knife for?" Ethan asked.

"Well, let's just say… it's not gonna hurt one bit…" Knives said.

"Whew…" Ethan breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's gonna hurt a lot!" Knives said in a sadistic tone, as she held Ethan's head, and inched the blade close to his cheek…

The teens managed to cart the five bruised and battered Scorpions to the Dock.

"Thanks, guys. You're very helpful." Hannah said, as she got off the phone, and walked towards the others. "The police are on their way. However… Where's the girl with the long fingernails?"

"Not sure…" Maxwell said, before turning towards Yuki. "Yuki? You did say Ethan distracted Knives, did you?"

"I did… You don't think she could had… Oh, dear." Yuki said, as she ran off into the woods…

"Bah, like she'll make it to Knives in time." Ian said mockingly.

"Ian, is it?" Isaac said to the tied up teen.

"Yeah?" Ian replied.

Isaac said nothing, but introduced a punch to Ian. "Yuki… Ethan… Please be safe…"

Yuki was running in the direction she felt her friend was at, as the rains started to resume coming down, hard.

"Ethan, if Knives hurt you in anyway…" Yuki said, as she kept running as various memories came flooding back to her. From his complementing on a drawing, to her trying to hook him up with Jeanette. From him running to her rescue when Luka's parents held her captive, to Ethan hearing about her backstory. Ethan was more than a friend to her… In fact, he was pretty much her boyfriend, even though she hated to admit it.

But when Yuki reached the beach where Ethan and Knives was at, she saw something so shocking…

Ethan's cheeks were cut from the knife.

"Oww…" Ethan yelled out in pain.

"Why the moaning in pain? I like it! Now… time for the wrists!" Knives said, as she held up Ethan's hand.

Yuki couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was like this in Middle School, with Ethan in her shoes. Her best friend was in pain, and it was all her former bully's fault! All of a sudden…

"So... This may hurt a bit, so be prepare… Oh, what am I kidding; it's gonna hurt like before!" Knives yelled out loud as…

"HEY! Get! Away! FROM! MY! BOYFRIEND!" Yuki shouted out in anger, running towards Knives, and kicking the switchblade away into the water.

"You BITCH!" Knives yelled out, as Yuki punched Knives off of Ethan. Turning towards Ethan, Yuki was concerned.

"SO VERY SORRY! I wasn't fast enough!" Yuki cried out loud.

"Whatever, I'm glad you're here, oww…" Ethan said.

"Look, you get back to camp, I gotta deal with my past demons…" Yuki replied.

"But…" Ethan said, trying to reason with Yuki.

"Look, you should get those cuts looked at. I'll be fine, trust me!" Yuki said.

Ethan, knowing full well what Yuki said, ran off to get back to camp, as the rains came down harder.

"So… It's the annoying bitch, Katrina!" Knives said.

"Okay, I have one word… Why?" Yuki asked.

"Because you seemed like someone that would be fun to make fun of… And in the end, you messed everything up anyway! Thanks to your mom, my school went into a status that was worse than North Korea!"

"HEY! Don't bring other nations into this!" Yuki yelled out in an angry tone of voice.

"Plus, I knew you were too autistic to care! After the Superintendent came and ended my fun, I practically MADE my mom to switch me to another school! I even slapped her!"

Yuki was appalled. "You HIT your own mom? You're barbaric!"

"Yeah! The bitch disowned me, what do I care! That's when I met Ian, and joined up with the Scorpions! I was hoping to deal with Quana, but… I guess I can finish what I started!" Knives yelled out.

Yuki was a bit scared. "I'm gonna die now. I'm gonna frickin' die, now."

Meanwhile, Ethan caught up to the other campers.

"Guys! I found Knives… Yuki is currently taking her on…" Ethan said, between breaths.

"Holy crap, you're bleeding!" Tina replied.

Isaac then realized something. "Hannah? Tina? Think you guys can go to where Yuki is and assist? I gotta take care of Ethan's wounds." Isaac said, taking out two bandages.

"We will…" Hannah replied. "Let's go, Tina."

Confessional: This is getting serious… Like C-Span Serious!

Ethan: (He is wearing bandages where he was cut) Isaac said they would heal in no time, but they would be some scars remaining… I'm not sure how deep Knives cut, though…

Isaac: I knew Whitney's bandages would come in handy… I didn't think they would, so soon…

Yuki and Knives continued the fight. While Yuki had a few moves, she was no match for the more stronger Knives, and soon she was pinned. Holding her down, Knives got close to Yuki's face.

"You wanna know what I'm gonna do after I finish you off?" Knives said, in a sadistic voice… "I may finish off your boyfriend! And his friends! Yeah, I'm gonna start with that one boy with the blue streaks!"

Yuki, knowing full well who she was talking about, suddenly got mad. Cue Yuki's Fight Theme. (Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura No Theme 2)

"No way you're getting CLOSE to Bob!" Yuki said, as she broke free of Knives' grasp, punching her on the cheek.

"You're quite a cheerful pest… I always loved a good fight, like you'll gonna come out on top!" Knives yelled out, as she ran to punch Yuki, instead for Yuki to block the punch.

"You're not dealing with Katrina White anymore! Now you're playing with Yuki!" Yuki yelled out, smiling, as she noticed a rock. Noticing Knives was gonna advance towards her, Yuki picked up the rather heavy rock.

"Ready for a cut that paint won't hide?" Knives yelled out loud as… She scratched the rock… breaking her nails. She scratched the rock with her other hand, breaking the nails on that hand as well…

"My… nails… YOU'RE GONNA PAY, YOU PEST!" Knives yelled out. She was rather pissed off.

"And time for the finish…" Yuki said, as she stretched her legs, lept up, and kicked Knives towards the beach.

Sliding to a halt, Knives looked up to see that Yuki was still standing…

"You… cheated…" Knives said, before she fell unconscious.

"Nope! I used an advantage… Is this what Tina would say? Game Over?" Yuki noted as Tina and Hannah came to the scene, and the rains stopped.

"Yeah, you're right." Tina said, before noticing Knives on the ground, unconscious.

Yuki walked up to Knives, and felt she was still alive. "Well, she's still alive. I guess she is headed towards a fate worse than death."

"When you're right, you're right!" Hannah replied, tying up Knives.

"By the way, how's Ethan?" Yuki asked.

"Ethan's gonna be fine. Isaac put some bandages on him, so they should be healed up in no time…

Confessional: Crowning Moment of Awesome to Yuki as well

Yuki: I dealt with my past… And won! I feel like a new Yuki! But for now, I have some bigger fish to fry… Or confess to.

A few moments later, the Police came, and were loading up the Scorpions in their boat.

"Guys? I can't thank you enough for taking care of the Scorpions. We were after them for a very long time… And they always managed to slip past us…" An officer said.

"I guess they're going into Maximum Security, right?" Maxwell asked.

"Well, the female, is about 18 years old. And being she assaulted a 15 year old…" Another officer said, referring to Yuki. "…She's gonna be charged as an adult."

"I guess all's well that ends well, then." Yuki said.

"Now, as for Ethan… We checked him out, and he's gonna be okay. He did deny any counseling, though." The officer replied. "But he said he wanted to meet a Yuki on the clifftop. He left after he got checked out."

"Thanks. I know where I gotta go, then." Yuki said.

"You're welcome. Now go. Win Ethan's heart, and Total Drama Dictionary. My kids are really big fans of you!" The officer said, before turning towards the rest of the campers. "Are you sure you don't need any reward?"

"Nah, everyone's safety is our own reward." Tina said.

"Well… We'll be giving you guys some of the reward money, anyway…" The officer said, as they boarded the boat, and it sped towards the horizion.

"Well, should we get doing to what we were doing, before we were interrupted?" Bob asked.

"Yeah, lets!" Kagura replied.

"Well, I have some business to do…" Yuki said, as she walked to the Cliffside.

Confessional: Is this leading up to something?

Yuki: I already chosen who Ethan's girlfriend is...

Ethan was on the Cliffside. Looking down at a rather clear water puddle, he looked at his new scars he received earlier…

"Man, I am so glad Yuki came to the rescue, but at what price…" Ethan said.

"Ethan? You feeling okay, hon?" Yuki asked, as she sat on a rock next to Ethan.

"Yeah, I'm feeling fine. Thanks for earlier, but the scars should fade in no time." Ethan said.

"Ethan? I want to sincerely apologize for being too late to rescue you before you got scarred. But the main thing is… It didn't turn out more worse than it could had been…" Yuki replied.

"Well, that…" Ethan said. "But… How can I hide my scars, now?"

Yuki, thinking for a bit, suddenly got an idea. "Hold still, okay?" Yuki said, as she took out various paints, and painted a smiley face on the left side of Ethan's face, and an ice cream bar on the right side. "What do you think?" She said, giving a mirror to Ethan for him to see his new face decorations.

"They're so adorable! I do look good in face paint…" Ethan replied.

"I also have a confession to say… I kinda… already have a boyfriend."

Ethan was shocked. His best friend already had a boyfriend? "Who? What?"

Yuki giggled. "You, or course! I kinda have a confession, sweetie… I kinda kissed you last night, and that boyfriend line I said to Knives… It's no lie. I… love you. Really love you." Yuki said.

"Well, I have to say this… I love you, too! After you helped me with my problems… I knew you were the right one for me. Besides, you're cute for words! So… Wanna be my girlfriend?"

"I think you already know the answer to that. Yuki said, as she got close to Ethan's face, and they shared their first kiss together.

After what appeared to be a minute, they parted.

"So… This face painting thing's gonna be a thing." Ethan said.

"No problem! I'll teach you!" Yuki replied.

Confessional: FINALLY!

Yuki: I did it! I took down my former bully, and found love! Ethan's really awesome! I say this was one of the greatest days of my life, somehow…

Ethan: I won Yuki's heart! And everyone cheered me on, from Jeanette, to Whitney from Pokemon somehow! Now… Where do we go from there?

Hannah is on the Dock, giving the Outro to the Episode, as Ethan and Yuki came back holding hands.

"I can guess something happened on the Clifftop…" Hannah said, giggling.

"You bet, sweetie! Anyways… We took down a street gang…"

"Yuki beat up a true demon from her past…" Ethan said.

"And they both found love!" Hannah replied. "But what will happen tomorrow? Find out next time, on…"

"Total!" Ethan yelled out.

"Drama!" Yuki also yelled out loud.

"DICTIONARY!" All three yelled out loud.


And the Street Gang is beaten, Yuki faced off against a bully from her past, and she hooks up with Ethan! I would say, this came out good!

Once again, a big thank you for CragmiteBlaster for letting me borrow Ian and Omar!

NEXT TIME: The Eliminated Campers have a chance to come back!

BaconBaka OUT!