So, I am now starting story number three! This story is a bit different than my other two, because it takes place in an alternate universe from my other two stories. I wanted to start out with a chapter, but there was a lot of back-story (as usual) which I wanted to avoid, but failed miserably. In this story, everything that happened in Mockingjay still happened, but there are two things that are different.

First of all, there is a little change at the end of Mockingjay, which is as follows: When the rebel medics get there, someone realizes that Prim is too young to go into combat, so she is tasked with rounding up the children that weren't blown up. They all somehow manage to get out except for one, a toddler girl. Prim reaches over the barrier to get her, when the next round of bombs go off. The girl got a horrible burn on her legs and Prim gets a bunch of nasty scars on her arms that are still there. Most of those children end up being orphans, and are then sent to an orphanage.

Katniss and Prim visited the orphanage many times. One time, when they were there with there mother, they met a 10-year-old girl named Jazmyne. She looked like a little Prim: blond hair with pink tips, blue eyes with gold flecks, short, and sweet. Jazmyne also had a spunk about her that was undeniable. They decided to adopt her, so she went back to 12.

Prim decided to go to District 4 with Mrs. Everdeen, and helped her in the hospital there. However, she missed Katniss and District 12 so much that she moved back and opened up a clinic there. Katniss's mother is still in 4 now as a doctor. Jazmyne went with Katniss to 12, and lived with her until she met her boyfriend, Vick Hawthorne. Prim married Rory Hawthorne.

This takes place in the year equivalent to the 90th Hunger Games; meaning that Katniss is 32, Prim is 28, and Jazmyne is 24. The story begins on the day of the epilogue. To explain the names, Dalia means either "dweller in the valley" or "branch", which I felt was appropriate since Katniss is in the woods, a possible valley, and she hid her arrows in a hollow log - a branch of sorts. OK, I just liked the name. Kenneth means "Born of fire" which I felt was appropriate because Katniss is the Girl on Fire.

I think that's it. So, without further adieu, I present to you, Triplets.