Date: October 17

Location: District 12

Katniss had arrived at her OB/GYN appointment. She was a bit nervous, because her mother had said that she had big news for Katniss.

Once she arrived, Katniss went into her room and waited for her mother.

"Hi, baby."

"Hello, Mom. How's the doctor thing going?"

"Good, honey. Shall we take a look at the babies?"

"We shall."

Katniss's mother rubbed more of the blue gel on Katniss's stomach. Then, she rubbed the wand on her stomach again.

"Well, everything seems to be going well. All three are healthy. Now, I have some good news for you."


"Your gender test results came back."


"I guess that the people there felt that the Mockingjay shouldn't have to wait. Anyway, do you want the results?"


Katniss braced herself.

"Your are going to have three darling baby girls! Congratulations!"

"Three girls? What are the odds of that?"

"Very low, but you've always beaten the odds, Katniss."


The two fell silent.

"Have you given any thought to names yet?"

"No. We waited until we could figure out the genders. But we have a lot to think about now, and I'm sure Tessa will be able to help us."

"Oh, that reminds me," said Mrs. Everdeen, as she bustled around, preparing some tests. "How is Tessa?"

"She's good. She's settled in perfectly fine."

"Have you heard anything from Paylor about anyone else?"

"No, which is odd. Tessa's been with me for about a month, and nobody else has come."

"I'm sure you'll get something soon. Now, lie down..."

Katniss's mother performed a few more tests on Katniss.

"You're done, baby. I'll see you when I get home."

"Love you."

Katniss walked back to her house. She took out her key and fit it into the lock.

"Tessa! Ambera!"

"Hey, Katniss!" exclaimed Tessa from the dining room, where she and Ambera were working. "How was it?"

"Well, I'm gonna have three girls."

"Wonderful! I think," said Ambera. "Congratulations."

"Thank you. Did anyone call while I was away?"


The phone suddenly began to ring. Katniss picked it up.


"Hi, Katniss. This is Paylor."

Katniss went into the living room and sat on the couch. "I was expecting a call from you. What's up?"

"Well, we're sending a few more tributes your way."

"That's good. Tessa's lonely. Which ones?"

"Penny, 74F10, Rue, 74F11, and Glimmer, 74F1, will be there first. We need to keep Savannah, 74F8, for a few more tests, but then she'll be on their way. Finch, 74F5, is coming to Twelve as well, because that's where we have found her family."

Finch, thought Katniss. OH! That makes sense! That little girl, Finch, in Dalia's class must be related to that older Finch... Foxface.

"Why are they specifically coming here?"

"Well, let me go from the youngest to the oldest. Rue's parents actually really wanted her back, but they've aged, and can't really care for her. Her siblings mostly have families of their own, and those that don't are still in the care of her parents. So, since 11 and 12 are right next to each other, Rue will be staying with you, but she will travel back and forth to 11 repeatedly."

"All right, so it's not that her parents don't want her, but that they can't care for her. I'm glad she'll be able to see her family. Continue."

"Glimmer has passed counseling, which makes her safe to go to your house. In fact, we're sending her to you for safety."


"Districts 1 and 2 can be difficult on tributes who don't win. And especially because Glimmer is not a Career the way that One wants – or wanted – her to be."

"What do you mean?"

"Glimmer's father forced her into volunteering due to his greed. She said that she wasn't really into being a Career, but after her strong oldest sister won, her father became abusive and greedy. So, he forced Glimmer's next older sister, who was much more timid, to volunteer. Though she was a Career, she wasn't strong enough to win, and died. Glimmer's father then got greedier and forced Glimmer in. Glimmer, though stronger than her younger older sister, didn't have her heart in being a Career, and, though she did a good job, as you know, was eventually beaten."

"Why's she coming here, then?"

"Like I said, we're sending her to your house for her safety from both her father and her district. Don't worry, she's been in counseling for weeks, so she'll be fine."

"Are you SURE?"

"As sure as I'll ever be."

"Now, what about Penny? She's on the older end."

"Well, she's also being hidden for protection, but a different kind. Penny's father was involved in an illegal meat trade, which, in 10, is punishable by death. Penny was a junior associate in the trade, so we're scared that the people in 10 will kill her as well. So, it is for her safety."

"All right. I can't wait to meet them all! And to see Rue again..."

"I know. Goodbye, Katniss."

Paylor hung up.

"Hey, Tessa!" Katniss said, going back to the dining room.


"Can I borrow your laptop?"

"Sure," she said, "I'm almost done with Ambera, anyway. Although, I'm not sure why you'd need it..."

Tessa gave Katniss her laptop. Katniss noticed that it had a beige cover over the top part of the laptop.

"Probably because she's from 9," Katniss murmured, and opened it up.

After turning it on, she went to a baby names website. She began to search a few names.

"I wonder what Peeta will say. But I do feel bad for the girls when they get to dating age."

"Daddy's home, Mommy!"

"Hi Daddy! Did you bring me a cupcake?"

"No, Dalia, I didn't."

Peeta went into the kitchen, where Katniss was finishing up dinner.

"What are we having?"

"Meat. Steak and mashed potatoes, and chicken nuggets for the kids."

"How'd the appointment go?"

"Well, I'm due with three girls."

"Really?" Peeta swept Katniss up in a hug. He was clearly thrilled.

"Yes. And that means you're gonna have to let Dalia date before age 20."

"Fat chance. Have you looked at names yet?"

"A little. It's so hard, because there are so many people that we can name them after, but none of the names fit."

"Well, we've got... how long?"

"Four months at least. Mom says that my due date is April 28th, but she expects them to come out between February 28th and March 25th."

"All right. That's plenty of time. Do you have any ideas?"

"Let's talk about it after the kids go to bed. Oh, speaking of which, more kids from the Capitol are coming."



"Which ones?"

Peeta grabbed a glass and filled it up with water. He began to drink.

"Well, only three are staying with us. Rue, Penny, and Glimmer."

Peeta did a spit take.

"GLIMMER?! She's a flippin' Career!"

"Relax. I'm the Mockingjay. Paylor wouldn't send anyone to me that could kill me. She went through therapy and passed. I trust Paylor."

"Now, what about the fourth girl?"

"You know Finch, the little redhead in Dalia's class?"


"Remember Foxface?"


"It turns out that Foxface's family moved to 12 after her death to get a new start. Finch is coming here to reunite with her family."

"How sweet. Does Tessa know?"

"Not sure, but I'll tell her, and our kids, at dinner. Speaking of which, can you check on the kids outside?"


Peeta headed outside.

"Tessa! Dinner!" yelled Katniss.


Tessa headed downstairs.

"What are we having?"



Tessa grabbed five plates and set them out on the table. She then grabbed silverware, napkins, and glasses and quickly finished setting everything up.


Peeta came in with Dalia and Kenneth. The five sat down to dinner.

"How was your day, Dalia?"

"Good. Me and Finch..."

"Finch and I," corrected Tessa. "We're doing prepositions now."

"Whatever. Finch and I played a fun game."

"What game?"

"Chase the Max."

"Did Hannah play?"

"No, she was playing with Bella."

"Who's Bella?"

"Another girl in my class. She's nice."

"Well, I have two announcements to make," said Katniss. "First of all, I went to OB/GYN today."

What's an obgyn?" asked Kenneth.

"It's a special baby doctor."

"Isn't that Gramma?"

"Yeah. Anyway, she found out the genders of my babies."

"Can you tell us? Can you tell us?" exclaimed Dalia.

"Well, I'm due with three girls!"

"YAY!" exclaimed Dalia.

"No!" exclaimed Kenneth.

"I know, buddy. We're going to be outnumbered."

"I want a brother!"

"Well, Max can be like your brother, and maybe Aunty Prim will have a baby boy."


"We're gonna have to hold our own, Ken," said Peeta.

"You said you had two pieces of news," said Tessa.

"Yes," said Katniss. "Tessa, this one probably concerns you most. Tomorrow, there will be three more girls coming here from the Capitol."

"Yes," whispered Tessa.

"The three are Glimmer, Rue, and Penny."

"Good! It'll be fun," said Tessa. "When will they be here?'

"Not sure. But I do know that they'll come after lunch. Make sure your room is ready, all right?"

"Got it."

The five finished up their meal. Dalia and Kenneth went upstairs to get ready for bed.

"Would you mind going up and getting the kids ready for bed, Tessa? Peeta and I want to get a jump on names, and we want to keep it a secret."

"All right. I presume you'll be using my laptop?"


Tessa headed up the stairs. Katniss opened up Tessa's laptop on the dining room table; Peeta sat down next to her.

"Let's get started."

Sorry this chapter took me so long, but for once, I have a good excuse. I'm currently celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover. On 5 of the 8 days of the holiday, I can't use any electronics or write. As a result, I am greatly hindered in getting a chapter up. I'll try to get the next one up ASAP, but I still have three no-writing days left.

I hope you liked the chapter! This is sort of a two-parter; the second part will be up soon.