"Berry's lookin' hot today," Santana mused, staring after the small brunette walking briskly down the hall.

"Excuse me?" Quinn scoffed, pulling her math book out of her locker, "Did I hear you correctly? No. Man Hands looks like a troll today, doesn't she, Brittany?" She turned to the blonde behind her, who nodded.

"You think she'll lead us to her pot of gold?" Brittany asked. "Lord Tubbington cleaned out my family's bank account again."

Scowling, Santana turned around. "Of course I mean it, Q. Berry always turns me on." Eyes flashing, a sudden look of total surprise crossed her face. "Wait. No." Santana stared at Quinn. "Rachel Berry is sex on legs. She needs to be forever attached to my crotch." The girl furrowed her brow. "No! She needs to never leave my lips. What - no!" Lapsing into panicked and angry rapid-fire Spanish, Santana's face continued getting redder and redder, her voice rising louder and louder, finally getting loud enough that Mr. Schuester actually ran out of the teacher's lounge.

"Santana!" he gaped, "That language is highly inappropriate!"

"But you're the only one who can understand it," Quinn rolled her eyes, Brittany leaning over to whisper, "Wait – they're not just speaking English with an accent?"