Bella bit down on her lip as her car came to a stop at the light. Her stomach tightened and then flipped as she waited for the green signal that would tell her to move forward. She drove this road every day. The first time had been a mistake. She was a little lost in a new place. She'd moved here only two months before after taking a job – her first real job. But now she drove this road intentionally. It didn't matter that it was fifteen minutes out of the way. She felt pulled to this place.

A horn blaring behind her pulled her from her thoughts. She pressed the gas, and the car moved forward. Only two more blocks and she would see it. She wondered if this would be the day she actually stopped and went inside. She wanted to. She knew she wanted to, but she also knew that she probably wouldn't. She would just look out her window and wonder what was inside.

She could see the building up ahead. In the bright light of the afternoon, the white paint looked dingy…dirty. Just like what she imagined was inside. Her heart rate sped. She clenched her thighs together as she heard the word in her head.


Bella wanted to be dirty.

But she wasn't.

The light ahead was yellow. She knew that she could make it through if she sped up. Instead, she released her foot from the gas. The car slowed and then stopped. And she looked to her left. Adult Bookstore. Open 24 Hours. Specifically, Edward's Bookstore. There were no windows on the building. No way to see what was inside. She wanted to know. She was desperate to find out.

But she couldn't.

The same black sedan was parked in front on the building. She wondered if it belonged to Edward. There never seemed to be any other cars in the parking lot. And then she wondered what kind of person Edward was. He was probably some dirty old man with fantasies of young women dressed like school girls.


Bella had fantasies. Her face flushed and her legs squeezed as she thought of them. Her pussy grew wet just thinking about all the things she wanted to do. She could have turned. She could have parked her car right next to the black sedan and went inside. But she didn't. The light turned green and she drove past, taking the next right and turning back toward her small apartment where she would strip down and masturbate with her fingers.

There wasn't a cock.

There wasn't a toy.

There was just her alone with her fantasies.

And for the first time in years, Bella's fingers couldn't make her come.




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