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"You did what?" Adam said almost screaming. "Well I had no idea it would go that far, and you know how boring you both are when you're together. And had had enough of you two! It was always Adam and Diana, Diana and Adam. You guys were sucking the life out of me with all your sweetness and love." Faye said to defend herself. The whole circle was gathered together because of an import new Cassie had to tell everyone. For a few weeks now she was suspecting that Faye had something to do with all of this, till during yesterday's night she dreamed of it. "What you did is inexcusable." Diana said strongly. And it was! How could be that disturbed to do something like that to the nicest people in the whole world. "I had no idea it would end like this. How could I know he met someone who was going to be one of us! "She said still to defend herself. We were all in a circle around a big fire the guys made. Lauren would have been able to make us some decoction to keep us all warm but everything went to fast for that. Melanie who just arrived looked at all of us. "May I know what Faye is being accused of?" The brothers Henderson looked at her like if she was an Alien. Nick was sitting a little further of us and was smoking his cigarette like if all of this didn't really matter. Sean was sitting there half asleep. All the rest of the circle was waiting till someone told Melanie what a horrible thing Faye did.

Cassie stood up and took the word. "Well you know that before I joined the circle and before Adam left to find the crystal skull, he and Diana were so in love that Faye was sick just to see them around each other. Well she got that sick that just before Adam left she putted a spell on him. The spell was supposed to made Adam fall madly in love with the first girl of our age he would speak to. The girl with who he would speak would become madly in love with him to. So when Adam met me, the spell made us fall in love and faked an argent wire. So when I joined the circle the spell become stronger and it was practically impossible to resist. But Adam and I did resist for a long time, that's why he just couldn't break up with Diana and I dated Nick. But when Faye that Nick could actually by interested in my she made the spell stronger. Remember the night we got prepared to go to prom at Suzanne's, the perfume she put me on was actually Faye's way to made the spell even stronger. It was something like pheromones of something like that. But for some day now the perfume doesn't really have an effect on my anymore and I'm becoming strong enough to resist more and more to the spell who's starting to weakening. And Adam and I noticed we didn't really love each other, we just like each other like you like a friend. So I got a little bit suspicious and then I had that dream and I saw what Faye did. She did everything to split Adam and Diana up and for keeping me away from Nick." When he heard his name he looked up for a minute, our eyes crossed and he looked away. "No way, she really did that!" All of our voices got lost in the hubbub for a few minutes.

"We should punish for what she did." Deborah said. Deborah was actually becoming more and more of a good friend to me and less a friend for Faye when she found out that Faye had broken her promise not to use magic on the members of the circle. "Everyone who is favor of a punishment raises his hand. " All hands, except those of Faye, got up. Even Nick had voted for the punishment. "No way, you can't punish me! I'm one of the circle's leaders." She said looking at all of us with a furious look on her face. "Well I suggested that her punishment is that Faye can't become a leader of this coven anymore. What about that?" Adam said. If Faye was not a leader anymore it would mean that only Diana and I would be. And I was pretty happy about that. "And I would like to add that if she ever uses magic against one of us again we take away her powers for a while. I found a spell that can do that in Cassie's book." Melanie added. No way, I had a spell like that in my book of shadows? That book always knew how to surprise me. It's like every time something happened the book know it before us and let us know by opening just at the pages there's a spell we could use. "Hell no! I'm a leader of this coven and don't even dare take away my powers!" She said by pointing her perfectly manicured, red nailed finger at all of us. "Everyone in favor of this punishment raise his hand." And at Faye's discontent every one raised his or her hand. "So that's approved. Faye Chamberlain, you're no longer a leader of this coven and are from know own dismiss of your function as leader." Diana said solemnly. We finished the reunion and all got back to our houses. It's was already late in the night and all I wanted was to go back to bed.

When I woke up the next day I knew two things for sure. Adam and I were over and Faye would never but a spell on anyone of us ever again. Not if she wanted to keep her powers. Now Diana would finally be able to be with the love of her life again. They were so obviously made for each other. No doubt for that. Now I will be able to see what my real feelings are. It's weird not knowing what your real feelings are. One potion I know I will never use is a love potion. I don't want anyone to feel like this, is just too disturbing. I got dressed and walk downstairs to the kitchen where my mom is baking me some pancakes. I can remember the first time I slept in this house, how much I hated it then. I remember grandma was the one who was in the kitchen waiting to make me my breakfast. I miss her, and I don't even have a picture of her to remember every detail of how she looked like. The saddest thing is that the other members of the circle knew her for a longer time then me. "Diana called you early this morning, but I didn't want to wake you up. She said that she has to cancel your plans for today. She has to talk to Adam. So you're and Adam it's over? You looked so cute together." My mom told my while she was pouring a pancake on a plate and putted it in front of me. "Oh, okay. And yes we're over. It was all fake." She looked at me with a weird look at the word 'fake'. "It's a circle thing mom don't asked about it, it would be too long to explain. "If you say so." She sat in front of my and we ate in silence.

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