Blessed Curse Chapter 1

Are You My Master?

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A new story. A new idea. How fun. Incidentally, I am an Asian, so I am not very familiar with British culture and slangs. What do we call them again? Brit Pickers? Anyway, any of you who are good with 1980-ish British culture and slangs are welcome to help. If not, readers, please take this fic with a hint of salt.

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****Blessed Curse****

The morning dawned nice and bright but sadly enough Helen couldn't say the same for herself as she slowly burrowed deeper into her bed covers, trying to put off the inevitable for as long as possible. Outside the window, she could see it was going to be an abnormally sunny day with clear weather and bright skies.


The easier it would be for the dragon to roast her.

"Get up you lazy bum! It's nearly time for class! We're going to miss breakfast."

Helen mumbled incoherently at the high pitched sound of her best friend's voice urging her to get her scared arse out of bed. She was half tempted to snark back, something along the lines of; 'It's my last day alive. Don't you have the slightest bit of decency to at least let me sleep in?' but didn't because she knew that all it would do was cause Hermione to get into an even bigger snit.

Just then Hermione took it another step further and jumped onto her bed.


Said girl grinned triumphantly and began to tickle her.

"HAHAHA-st-ha-Nooo!-hah-stop! I'm get-hahaha-getting up! Mione!" Helen laughed and screamed from under Hermione's generous ministrations.

The brown haired girl stepped back with a visibly satisfied smile on her face, "See that you do!"

A bush of messily mussed and long wavy jet black hair slowly emerged from within the mound of covers; teary emerald green eyes blearily peered out from behind long eye lashes, the owner of the eyes were busy gasping for air from laughing so hard. Even now she was still feeling the after effects and was tempted to start giggling again despite her hurting ribs.

Hermione sighed happily, "Feel better?"

Helen gave her best friend a pointed glare that slowly morphed into a lopsided grin, "Thanks. I guess I needed that."

"I thought as much." The brown haired girl hopped on the bed beside her friend with a piercing look, "How are you really?"

"I'm about to die in a few hours. How am I supposed to feel?" Helen dryly replied with a resigned smirk.

"Prat. Come on. Let's get you dressed up and ready for breakfast."

Helen couldn't help but roll her eyes as her bossy friend dragged her out of bed to the toilet. Though she couldn't find it in herself to be upset with the bookworm. Hermione was probably the only person in Hogwarts who was even more worried about the Tournament then Helen was even if she wasn't the one who was actually forced to participate in it. For that alone, Helen was already incredibly grateful, seeing that right at this moment, the number of people who probably truly believed that she didn't enter this accursed Tournament could be counted on one hand, including the last member of their trio; Ronald Weasley.

Although most of Gryffindor didn't think she had entered willingly, most of them worshipped her for being able to find a way through Dumbledore's magical protection that no one else had thought of.

The Hufflepuffs bristled like someone had stolen their spotlight away; which was exactly what had happened. Considering the fact that their low profile house rarely got any credit for any amazing events, Cedric entering the Tournament had been a boon for them, so she didn't blame them. Even the normally friendly Professor Sprout had looked indignant.

The Ravenclaws were obviously going to take a neutral stand but it was also equally obvious that many of them were just doing it out of habit. The looks in their eyes during the past few weeks couldn't have stated their opinions any better than if they went and shouted it from the very top of the Astronomy Tower.

The Slytherins? Well, no surprises there. Those that had never interacted with her stayed that way. Those that did, mainly her rival Malfoy, all but threw it in her face with their taunts and jeers.

God forbid she have too many friends, it's not like her life wasn't bad enough already, Helen thought with another roll of her eyes.

"What are you rolling your eyes like that for?" Without even waiting for an answer, her friend thrust a comb into her hands, "Here, hurry and brush your hair!"

Sighing, Helen decided to just do as she was ordered to and started pulling the brush along her hair, or Hermione would start fussing again and they would never get down to breakfast in time. By the time she had finally pulled the comb through the last of the knots in her bed hair, the sun had fully risen. Patting down her skirt and blazer, she gave the disappointingly short and petite teenage girl in the mirror a small shy smile.

Long wavy jet black hair hung low over one side of her heart shaped face, partially hiding a thunderbolt shaped scar on her forehead while clear emerald green eyes glinted underneath long eyelashes. Her hair, despite having just been combed had begun to stick out again, making her wonder why she even bothered. Her white shirt was unbuttoned at the top, revealing creamy white skin and a loose red and white Gryffindor tie. Patting her skirt one more to make sure it settled nicely on her hips, she wound her hand around Hermione's and the two of them began chatting quietly on the way down to breakfast, both of them making the not so subtle effort to keep her mind away from her impending doom.

Her mood did not last.

The moment she stepped through the magnificent wooden doors of the Great Hall, the loud voices of a thousand school children excitedly talking had been instantly replaced by a silence as absolute as the void itself.

Helen immediately ducked her head down as she felt a fire start to rage in her chest. Being watched like some freaky exhibit like a zoo, she hated that above everything else. It was as if she was nothing but entertainment for the residents of Hogwarts. She peered up from underneath her bangs and bristled.

Even the teachers were watching her.

Just as instantly as the silence came, it went, replaced by a muted whispering that resounded throughout the massive Hall like a thousand chirping birds.

Anger and fear fought for dominance in Helen's chest as Hermione gently guided her to the very end of Gryffindor's table and slowly began piling sausages and eggs on her plate. Helen peeked out from under her bangs again, surveying the Gryffindor table. Nearly half of them were focused on their plates but were obviously sneaking glances at her whenever they could. On the far end, Ron was obviously trying very hard to shovel food and sneer and then snort at her at the same time. She figured it was a pureblood thing.

Frankly, if Helena was in the mood, it would have been hilarious since he almost always spewed chewed bits of food out through his nostrils every time he sneered and snorted at her.

The other half wasn't even trying to be subtle. Some were openly smiling, grinning or staring at her. That little boy, Cevy? Creevey? Was even rapidly snapping photographs with this stupidly excited smile on his face.

Probably to adorn her funeral, Helen thought glumly until a slight nudge from beside her brought her back to reality, "Come on, eat up Helen." Hermione gently urged.

Helen shot her fuzzy haired friend a grateful smile and began to slowly chew on a fat greasy sausage. Offhandedly she wondered why they tasted like rubber even with liberal ketchup on it.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Somewhere inside her, Helen was aware that time was passing normally and that she had attended every one of her morning class but was too busy blankly staring straight ahead with a weird continuous buzz in her head to notice anything. She barely even noticed that lunch had come and pass and it was now time for the main event.

The bottom of her stomach felt like it dropped out of the sky as she saw McGonagall striding up to her right after lunch, "Miss Potter. Are you alright?"

Helen couldn't trust herself to say so anything and just nodded with a weak smile.

"Hey look, its Potty. How long do you think the slut will last? I bet 2 minutes. Any takers?" the sound of Malfoy's jeers wafted over to her, causing Helen's shoulders to start shaking violently.

"Mr. Malfoy. 10 points from Slytherin." McGonagall curtly reprimanded the Malfoy heir with a disapproving tone.

The pale blonde boy simply grinned victoriously at Helena despite the loss of points and slunk away with his posse of snakes.

The strict grey haired teacher's lips thinned into a scowl before her gun metal grey eyes caught sight of the trembling girl. The Transfiguration teacher forced her scowl into a more supportive smile and gently touched the girl's shoulder, "Come with me, Miss Potter. I'll take you to where the competitors are supposed to meet."

Helen simply nodded once more, forcing down the bile rising in her throat and allowed the older teacher to guide her steps out into the afternoon daylight and her impending fight with a 6 ton, 50 feet long fire breathing reptile.

She wondered if it was too late to put on some sun block.

****Blessed Curse****

The inside of the tent was strangely silent considering the amount of cheering and excitable students on the other side of the piece of cloth, not to mention large roaring reptiles. The only sounds that floated in were the occasional shouts from Bagman's enhanced voice that even the magically silenced tent could not stop.

Helen couldn't help but look around in a surreal daze that made her feel as if she was viewing everything from inside a dream. If not for the slight twinges from her thumb where the small black model of a Hungarian Horntail was gnawing on it, Helena would have been tempted to pinch her cheeks no matter how cheesy it looked. Yet the lump of solid fear in her tummy would not go away, she felt as if her entire life had been leading up to this moment where it would end on the wrong side of a Dragon.

In the front side, and whatever remained would come out the back side that is.

Not an entirely pleasant thought.

She drew a deep steadying breath. It didn't work.

Cedric had been the first to be called and judging by the amount of cheering that slipped into the tent every time the flap was opened, the sixth year had apparently successfully netted his egg. Fleur had then shakily stood up and started walking towards the flap. Helena barely spared her a weak encouraging smile before returning to her own hazy thoughts. Shortly after, Krum had followed Fleur's footsteps with a surly and gloomy look on his face.

Helen had promptly decided not to waste a smile on him.

The fact that all she had to depend on was the flimsy idea of accio-ing her Firebolt and try to outfly a natural born killing machine wasn't really helping her outlook on life.

"otter…. is…. Miss Potter? It's your turn!"

"W-huh?" Reality abruptly returned and Helen barely had time to register the fact that Krum had obviously gotten past his dragon and it was now her turn. She swallowed the lump in her throat and unsteadily made her way to the opening.

Brushing past it, she briefly heard the roaring of a multi headed, flesh colored monster in the stands, a sound that was quickly muted as if by magic the moment she was treated to the intimidating sight of what highly resembled a miniature basin shaped rock quarry, with her on one side and a massive, huge, roaring, black, spiky, and every other monstrous adjective her muddled brain could currently think of, Hungarian Horntail. The hissing reptile was crouched on an overhanging rock above a clutch of cement colored eggs. She wouldn't even have noticed the eggs considering how well they blended into the environment had it not been for her target.

Smack dab in between the cluster of eggs, Helen could see a glint of gold.

It was of a similar size, shape and color to its natural brethren but the gold color gave it away as the target of this god forsaken tournament...

Helen couldn't help but swallow again. The task was beginning to look nigh impossible. Not for a small fourth year like her.

A spark of blue flames, reminiscent to Hermione's bluebell flames hurriedly brought her smashing back into reality, along with it was the roars and jeers from the audience and Helen was forced to hide from a tidal wave of orange flames behind a massive boulder.

Quickly, she chastised herself for losing focus in the middle of something so important and shakily fumbled around in her pocket for her wand, cursing herself for being so inattentive at the same time.


The girl trembled shakily behind her rock as she waited for a sound other than the jeering of a bunch of barbarians and Bagman's useless announcements, 10 seconds passed before she realized she had fumbled the spell. Cursing quietly under her breath again, she darted to another rocky covering closer to the dragon and held out her wand, enunciating the spell as clearly as she could, "ACCIO!"

Her heart lifted as she felt the spell take hold, but it was unfortunately short lived as she felt her rocky shield shudder under the weight of something heavy.

Shakily, she looked up straight into a gaping pink maw filled with sharp glinting teeth and smelt of rotting meat.

In the depths of the maw, she could see a small blue spark begin. Helen immediately rolled away desperately, not wishing to find out firsthand what that rumbling sound of something coming out of that long snake like throat meant.

Not a second too late, she rolled away from a blast of super heated flames that literally melted her rock and darted from rock to rock as the lizard agilely chased her with thundering footsteps despite its tremendous size. She grit her teeth at the sounds of bone claws screeching on rock and tried as hard as she could to gain some space from the giant lizard until her broom could make it.

Time slowed and emerald eyes widened in horror as she lost her footing on the slick rocks and slipped with a resounding crack. The clicking sounds of serrated claws on stone caused her to look up at the lizard that was bearing down on her with an almost disgustingly happy leer. Desperately, she tried to get up but almost fell back again with a pained yelp. Her ankle had almost definitely been broken or at least sprained. Yelping again, she began to panic and crawl away from the dragon, hoping to find some small opening that she could use to hide herself in until a massive spiked tail slammed into the ground, spikes gouging deep holes into the relatively softer earth, closing off her only escape route.

Her fall had caused her to land directly into the middle of the basin. Right in the flat center, surrounded by mountains of rocks. Vaguely she could see the dragon tamers scrambling over the rocks to save her.

She knew they wouldn't make it in time.

Slowly she turned around to find the Hungarian Horntail leering at her with one massive paw already reared back.

She closed her eyes and began to cry.

She didn't want to die.

Not yet.

Defiantly, she opened her eyes again, ignoring her tears and pointed her wand at the Horntail's snout, "Stupefy! Stupefy! Stupefy!"

Bolt after bolt of red light was sent into the Horntrail's maw, each blast had enough power to send it stumbling backwards but when the barrage ended all it did was shake its head in an annoyed manner and roared even louder. It was beyond pissed.

Helen had to drop her wand with a yelp, her repeated blasts had caused it to overheat and the wood was now glowing a hot cherry red. The Horntail began hurtling towards her like a moving earthquake before slashing downwards with one heavy claws.

Her life wasn't perfect, but as long as she was alive, she could still fix it.

Play Fate/Extra OST – Archer. The Hero Who Nobody Knows

She didn't want to die.

Helena had long since stopped paying attention to the horrified screams of the crowd, so she did not notice when it slowly shuddered to a stop as time literally slowed down and gradually froze. The Horntail's clawed paw froze mid fall.

Do you want to live?

She thought she heard a voice. Brushing it off as a figment of a her imagination, there was no way she could hear someone talking right now. In the gaps of the claws, Helen saw the wide blue sky.

"Of course I want to live." She muttered to herself not even wondering why everything had frozen.


This time she was sure it was someone else other than her. The voice was clear and it sounded male.

"Whose there?" she looked around frantically, only to discover a frozen scene. Like a caricature out of hell where horrified screaming faces had been frozen. Like the world had been bleached from color.

"I said, who is there?"

There was no reply.

Hesitantly, Helen decided to answer the question, "I'm afraid... I don't want to be cold…."

There was no reply but Helen got the feeling that the disembodied voice was patiently waiting for an honest answer. She wasn't sure how she realized that.

Her mouth opened and shut noiselessly before she forced it out, "I…. I don't want to die like this. I want to die as Helena Rose Potter, not the Girl-Who-Lived! I want to be a real existence! It's so unfair! I've lived in a cupboard my whole life, I haven't been to Disneyland, I haven't done anything that proves my existence as Helena Potter!" she screamed to the sky.

As if called upon by her declaration a huge mirror, nearly 8 feet tall slowly phased out of thin air in front of her. Warily she looked into it.

There was nothing reflected in the glass. No there was something, it was hard to describe, as if some dark haze was obscuring her view, leaving only two burning emerald orbs watching her. Was… that her reflection? It didn't feel like it.

Kukuku….. Shout it loud. Scream it to the world. Cry your name. PROVE YOUR EXISTENCE!

By the end of the sentence, the reflection in the mirror was roaring at her.

Helena didn't hesitate.


The mirror shattered and time resumed with a cacophony of screams, screeches and roars.

Helena defiantly glared at the huge claws flecked with brown bits, uncaring that she would die until the sound of steel displacing air swished from behind her.

A blade halted the claw's advances with a burst of sparks as steel met bone. The blade above her eyes was split down the middle, creating a two pronged blade with one edge slightly longer than the other, both of them dangerously thin. It looked so fragile. Her eyes followed the sparking blade, halfway up, alloy was embedded into wood; knobbled, twisted wood that looked like it was about to start rotting.

At the pinnacle of the half blade, half staff was a emerald multi faceted orb, surrounded by old wooden vines that all but glowed with power.

The staff was being held with one hand.

Helena blinked; one lean arm was holding back the massive muscle power of a dragon's swipe with nothing but a fragile blade?

The arm pulled back slightly before its owner heaved a muted grunt and the blade shoved the dragon back, somehow throwing the massive lizard onto its back with an amount of force disproportionate to the slight action.

From her seated position on the ground, she tilted her head backwards until a strong jaw line and jet black hair filled her perspective, followed by a lean chest covered with a thin and angular fur lined half breastplate.

Emerald green eyes stared with shock into emerald green eyes.

"I have heeded the call. I ask of you now. Are you my master?" the stranger intoned with a half smirk, the sentence although carelessly uttered, seemed to contain a measure of reverence and ritualism, something she was vaguely aware off.

Before she could answer, an angry roar from the dragon which had flipped itself up again began to rampage its way towards its two puny preys.

The stranger twirled his staff, faster and faster until it was whistling. A visible deep green aura slowly enveloped the staff and Helen realized with a start that it was emanating an incredible amount of electricity as the air began to smell like ozone.

The green eyed man carefully side stepped the prone girl and swung the staff like a hammer just as the dragon was about to bite him in half. The crystalline emerald orb at the very end collided with the Horntail's lower jaw with a resounding crack and discharged its payload, a massive deep green thunder flash directly into the dragon's skull.

As Helen watched the Dragon soar through the sky without wings, she doubted it would be chewing anything any time soon. She picked up a tooth fragment with numb fingers and inspected it. She suspected that she was currently in shock and was simply looking for something to take her mind off the more crazy things. Like the man in front of her.

The stranger turned around and smirked again.

"I ask of you again. Are you my Master?"

A nonplussed Helen couldn't avoid the intense emerald stare.

"Um… yes?"

The stranger chuckled, a deep but youthful sound, "Very well. It is good to finally to meet you Master. I am the Counter Guardian."

****Blessed Curse****

Author's Notes

This fic was born of an interesting concept that me and a friend were talking about. There are so many time travel, so many Harry physically came back in time and adopted younger Harries, different dimension Harries, that I wanted to try something different. Plus, most of them weren't even half completed so I decided to try.

I'm fairly sure most of those who've followed my works for a while already know my beautiful and essay worthy opinion on Harry Potter canon, so I won't say anything but I wanted to know if anything like this has been done before. I've only ever really read pure HP fics, never really interested in crossovers, haven't found one worth reading either, so I'm not sure but I don't want to be accused of copying or something.

Anyway, review, etc etc.