Blessed Curse Chapter 4

Greatest Creation

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****Blessed Curse****

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Within minutes, Helene ran up the stairs to the Gryffindor's dormitory, far faster than she ever remembered climbing them and threw the doors open, cheeks flushed and heart beating rapidly in her little chest, before throwing herself onto her plain bed. That, arguably a fairly bad idea due to the fact that there was already someone else occupying her bed and the raven squawked indignantly as it struggled to get out from under her bed.

"Oh my, I-I'm so sorry!" Wavy hair flicked wildly as the red eyed girl tried to pacify the distinctly upset bird, "I didn't see you there!"

The raven, which was somewhat larger than she had expected merely gave her a disgruntled look through beady green eyes before perching itself on one of the bed posts.

Feeling better that she had not injured the bird with her weight, Helen sighed softly and pulled her knees up before burying her face in them. She wasn't going to cry, no she wasn't. She had learnt long ago from Dursleys that tears helped nothing. Crying was not going to make her taller so that she could cook Vernon's breakfast at the age of 5 and it certainly was not going to help her solve this problem.

The problem in question being her unruly servant.

She was not scared of him per se, alright, maybe just a little. The green eyed girl was upset, angry and more than a little confused at everything. When she had seen the terrible glint of fury and hatred in her self-proclaimed Guardian's eyes, a trickle of that very same fury and hatred had welled in her chest. For a moment, she had almost assaulted Malfoy herself.

A twinge of pain from her shoulder reminded her of her newest piece of the puzzle. An ornate tattoo had somehow carved itself on her left shoulder without her knowing. Only the searing pain as part of the ornate tattoo disappeared while Hawke was busy humiliating Malfoy afforded her that knowledge.

Gently, she rolled up her sleeves and laid a finger on the tattoo. The moment she did so, she felt a strange awareness come onto her. Without knowing how, or why, she knew that Hawke was currently stationed outside her door, far more content to stand sentry rather that make any move to explain his actions.

She held herself tighter again as she felt more confused than ever and wallowed until she noticed a slight movement at the edge of her periphery. The raven, this one a noticeably different one from the one she had seen with Hawke and significantly less noble looking was staring at her with what seemed like disdain. Feeling that moping to herself wasn't helping, the black haired girl gingerly edged over to the bird and hesitantly held her hand out to the obviously magical creature, afraid that it would peck holes in her hand.

It looked at her incredulously and clicked its beak before shuffling further away.

"Oh.. I'm sorry." Helen stalled as she tried to dig around in her memories to see if there was anything she had learnt about approaching an obviously magical raven. Unlike the glossy, noble looking one she first encountered in the tent with Hawke, this one looked as if it had ended up on the wrong end of quite a few arrows and its feathers were noticeably more dirty, "Should…. Should I bow to you like a hippogryph or something?"

"Ah. The lady doth finally honor me with her consecrations. I am surprised, I did not think thine low birth would affordst thou the pleasantries of men."

She did not scream. She simply squeaked at a far higher volume than a squeak would normally be.

That same squeak led directly to her self-proclaimed Guardian gloriously opening the door to her room in the form of him introducing his boot to said door and rushing in, staff blade at the ready until he noticed the source of Helen's distress. He gave the raven, which was currently attempting to look innocent, a dry look.

"He-He-The bird spoke!"

"I am not just a bird, you nit wit. Where are thine manners?!"

Sighing to himself, the man in the butler suit jabbed the crystal end of his staff at the bird, "Silencio."

The raven flapped its wings furiously as its beak opened and closed soundlessly.

"Ignore him." Hawke said shortly, "He has this tendency to provoke anybody within hearing range."

"O-Oh… I- I was just a little surprised," The small girl managed to gasp out amidst her attempts at regaining her breath, "Wh-Why didn't you tell me he could speak?"

"There was no reason to." The tall man replied simply, "Incidentally the other one can speak as well. He just doesn't like to."

"Oh… I was just surprised that he…. speaks weirdly…" the girl ended lamely.

"He's perfectly capable of speaking normally. He just likes doing that because he knows how much people hate it." The man with the armored left hand noted dryly, "Which is precisely why you should just ignore him."

"Oh…" And that was all the little lady said as the two of them fell silent, Hawke standing there with a supremely calm fashion as if he was not in the most awkward meeting of the century.

"Why did you do it?" Helen finally enunciated until the silence became unbearable.

"I presume you mean Malfoy's lesson?" Hawke inquired rather calmly as he cast a simple repair spell at the ruined door.

"Not just that! You even attacked SNAPE of all people!" Helen cried with despair, prompting the youthful looking man to simply shrug, "They insulted you."

"You don't try to kill people if they insulted your friend! You looked like you hated him." Helen stressed the kill part with a glare, "Wait, they? Snape's a little unpleasant but he didn't insult me!"

"Oh he did." Hawke smiled sweetly, "You just didn't notice. As far as my dislike of Malfoy goes, it was simply a bonus as far as I'm concerned. That aside, why aren't you upset, Master?"

"I'm…. I'm upset, but I can handle it. I'm used to it! Both of them may be complete prats, but that doesn't mean you can kill them!"

"Truly?" The man's smile failed to reach his eyes, "You are used to it? You speak as if this is a common occurrence, and yet not a single teacher has seen fit to curb they're disgusting habits? It looks like my first impression of this institute of education when I was first summoned here was not too far off the mark."

"Which first impression? The part about how this place looks like a circus run by fools or the part about Miss A-cup over there needing more food?" The raven, which had seemingly regained his voice, squawked out loudly and somehow managed to rearrange its features in order to look absolutely gleeful.

Helen flushed and shielded herself from the man's eyes with a pillow as Hawke silenced the bird again. This time, he added small stunner to it, sending the unconscious bird crashing off her bed post.

The way the raven had managed to dodge the first silencer before getting stunned somehow managed to feel so fluid and familiar that Helen knew with absolute certainty that this was not the first time her Servant had done so.

"Ho-how could you dislike him?" the short girl spluttered indignantly, determinedly ignoring the raven's little comment about her size, "You've never even met him!"

"That, my Master, is a secret for another time," He cocked his head as if he could hear something she could not, feeling somewhat grateful on the inside at the same time.

"What? What are you talking about?" The girl replied incredulously, "You're not getting away! How am I supposed to trust you if you evade my-"

The door flew open and shattered against the wall for the second time that day as a somewhat upset Severus Snape stalked into the room, large black cloak fluttering in non-existent wind, his large nostrils were flaring noticeably with each breath and his pale cheeks were flushed with anger. Seeing the man stand there with absolute ease as if someone came crashing through his door every day, Snape raised one hand to point at him with one crooked finger and snarled, "You…"

"I'm surprised you woke up already." Hawke noted dryly before adding, "I thought you would have been unconscious for at least a day. Congratulations."

Almost reflexively, Snape flinched away from the man before regaining his domineering scowl, "As much as I would like to reward you for your insolence, the Headmaster demands your presence in his office for assaulting three defenseless children."

Hawke turned around, ignoring the man's ugly scowl and bowed elaborately, "I do believe I'm being summoned to your Headmaster's office for a reprimand. We shall continue our discussion when such a time allows."

Helen was about to retort when Snape sent her a glare so vicious it chilled her blood and hissed lowly, "Be quiet fool." His gaze returned to the man standing protectively beside her, "You are not continuing anything with this barbarian if I have my way."

"The same way you fondle that cauldron of yours?"

That raven was surprisingly durable.

"Good luck Hawke. Remember to use lotion. If you can't find any just touch the pervert's head."

Either that or it was stupid, then again it did seem like it had taken far more than arrows, it wouldn't surprise her to know that someone had bashed its head in with a rock some time ago.

Cue another stunner and silencio.

One silent squawk and crash later, Hawke adjusted his butler's vest and smiled politely, "Shall we be going any time soon? I really rather not stay with you any longer than necessary."

As the two men left her room after her Servant had repaired the door once more, Helen sighed softly and threw herself back onto her bed, feeling far more confused than she had when she first entered her room when she heard the sound of wings gently gliding on the wind.

One green eye opened warily to see the other raven glide into her room through the window before perching on her dresser, observing her and his companion with beady green eyes, this one looking significantly more respectable and lacked the same scars his friend apparently had, complete with well groomed, glossy feathers.

Feeling a little stupid, Helen returned the look with a daring glare.

Surprising her, the large bird seemed to nod approvingly and glided down to her side before settling there comfortably. Showing the same hesitation she did beforehand, the black haired girl gently reached for the bird before running her fingers down his glossy feathers, prompting the raven to shiver and nudge at her hand.

Helen laughed softly, "Good raven, you like that don't you?"

"He's not a raven. He's a crow, can't you even tell the difference you dumb girl?"

Annnd there he was again.

Not having her wand with her at the moment, Helen decided on the next best course of action.

She threw her pillow at him, "Be quiet unless you want me to hit you with my broom!"

"Miserable little…." A muffled reply came from somewhere under the bed.

"I'm sorry, you said something?"

When the raven didn't reply, Helen sighed and returned to caressing the far more polite of the two birds until she heard a knock on her door.

"… I'm not feeling well…" Helen called out wanly.

A head of bushy brown hair poked through the door to grin at her, "Helena Lily Potter. You've always been a terrible liar." She opened the door and stepped in before holding up a golden egg, "Why don't we do something about this to keep your mind occupied? You always think better while you're on your feet so to speak."

Helen smiled weakly, "Thanks, Mione. You're the best."

"I know I am."

Helen sat up slowly and paused for a slow second before opening her mouth tentatively, "Hey, Mione? Can I ask you a question?"

"Mmph? What is it?" The buck toothed girl replied absent mindedly.

"I've never really stood out at school much…. But let's say someone at your school keeps badmouthing you…. Is it… bad?"

The girl holding the Golden Egg stared at her as if she was stupid.

****Blessed Curse****

Play - EMIYA

Jet black eyes glinted as they surveyed the tall man striding along the halls confidently and narrowed a little at the man's complete lack of nerves. Something that irritated him greatly.

"Are you worried? By tonight, you will be gone from this castle, and nothing you do or say can change that fact. Your little whining fool of Master will be all alone." Snape exulted, quiet enough for just the man a few paces in front of him to hear.

"Not particularly." The raven haired man replied dismissively as he brushed his hair back with a careless flick, "Incidentally, please do not speak to me."

Snape blinked, rarely had anyone insulted him so overtly, even more so with the power he held within Hogwarts and this was a refreshing if galling change.

"How Gryffindor... yet somehow fitting considering who your untalented Master us. Let me spell it out for you since I dont think you understand your situation here." The potions Master uttered silkily, "You have no power, no cards to hold. You would stand to be a little more humble towards your betters."

Hawke merely sighed, "And you, my dear potions master, seem to have a hearing problem. I will not say this again. Please do not speak to me. My skin crawls just looking at you and I really rather not hear you as well since I have little patience for cowards."


Hawke stopped and spun around abruptly as he broke Snape's nose with his gauntlet for the second time that day. He glanced at the crumpled piled of black robes dismissively before gingerly grabbing the man's collar with a shrug, "I did tell you not to speak. Must you be so disobedient?"

Offhandedly, he pulled out a tiny notebook and made a record before gently laying a finger on the cold stone that composed one of Hogwarts' impressive walls. Heaving a deep breath in and out, Hawke spoke softly, "Old friend. I know I may seem a little strange, but would you please grant me a shorter route to the Headmaster's office?"

He felt something brush against his consciousness hesitantly before he heard the responding groan of stone as a gaping black portal slowly opened out of the wall directly in front of him. Hawke bowed lightly, "Thank you, I will repay this favor when I can."

Lightly leaping up the steps two at a time without any care for the bouncing body behind him, the black haired man soon exited through the other end of the dark but dry tunnel, appearing right outside the door to the Headmaster's office at the top of the spiraling stair case. He was about to knock on the door when the old man's voice echoed in the empty corridor.

Smiling briefly at the uncertain tone in the man's orders, Hawke pushed open the door and stepped inside before dropping Snape like a sack of bricks. Wearing a polite smile the entire time, Hawke seated himself in one of the short but comfy cushions and folded his arms, ignoring the incredulous stare the entire time.

"May I know what happened to Professor Snape?" Dumbledore inquired carefully, wand already at the ready under the table.

"He was feeling a little unwell." The black haired man answered with a bland smile, "Being a gentleman, I decided to give him some help to catch up on his sleep."

Dumbledore glanced at Snape's clearly broken, bleeding nose, "I am aware that this is not the first time that you have attacked Professor Snape. We've already been generous enough to allow you to stay here despite our doubts," The old man began with a disappointed air, "Must you keep reinforcing those doubts with your assaults on innocent children and a prominent, respected colleague?"

"I was simply defending my Master's honor. Unlike your appalingly biased colleageues, everything I do will always be in my Master's best interest." Hawke folded his legs without a care in the world and offered no further elaboration.

"But you must see how this has affected do you not?" The old man picked up a lemon sherbet and silently offered it to Hawke who politely declined it with a gesture, "How can you say that this is in her best interests?"

"I know what is best for her." The black haired man who resembled James Potter to a fearsome degree simply smiled in satisfaction at the old man's minute twitch, "Allowing her honor to be besmirched and her mind invaded, in school grounds no less, are not within my job description. If anything, I suggest you tighten your leash on your subordinates and charges before something more…. Unpleasant happens."

"I'm not sure what you are implying. Professor Snape has my utmost trust; he would never invade a student's mind without provocation." Dumbledore hastily declared, "He has done his job admirably for the past 20 years!"

"Then he must be a man with very little self-control to invade the minds of everyone who defies him." Hawke observed with a cool disdain as he turned the debate around, "Which brings up the question of why you would allow this treachery to go unchecked. The other alternative, which implies your implicit agreement, or even ignorance, would of course be unthinkable no?"

Dumbledore blinked slowly as he silently popped another sherbet into his mouth, "Do you have proof that he invaded Helen's mind? It's not possible to know this, so I must conclude that you are simply trying to throw mud on the Professor's good name."

"In most cases, you would certainly be right." Hawke agreed, feeling a little edgy at the victorious glint in the old man's eyes, "There is no sure way for me to prove his treachery. But I'm sure that if you could find an experienced Legilimancer to check her mind, you would find traces of his presence in almost every child in this place you call a school."

The man leaned back into his chair, projecting the air of a wise teacher as he pursed his lips, "I find myself rather curious, for a supposed elemental that was abruptly summoned with any preparations, you have a disturbing amount of in depth knowledge about our culture. Legilimency and its counterpart Occlumency are not very well known subjects in this day and age."

Hawke smiled faintly as Dumbledore dodged the question, "I read, Headmaster. As an elemental, I have no need for sleep and I find myself with much time to occupy myself with while Helen rests."

"Ah… a fellow scholar." The old man's cornblue eyes twinkled, "Be that as it may, I cannot allow you to remain in the castle without punishment considering that your victim was the son of a well-respected man in our little community. I have no doubt that he will be here shortly to ask for Helen's expulsion. If you leave beforehand…. I might just be able to protect her. You understand that she needs to continue her studies do you not?"

"Oh yes, I do." The man carelessly flicked an invisible fleck of dust from his armored hand, "But I shall not leave my Master's side. If I have to go, she will have go with me since both of us will die if I do not stay by her side. No doubt there are other schools that will accept her gladly. Mayhaps Beauxbaton, the Flower Garden of France?"

"Oh, you don't have to worry," Dumbledore countered in a grandfatherly tone, "I've already solved that little problem. I can simply provide a replacement source of energy for both of you; it can be easily done within a fortnight."

Well, that certainly explained why the man hadn't interfered before this, Hawke thought to himself, the man was busy trying to find a way to separate him from Helen. The black haired man tired of the subtle dance, simply stood up, "I do believe that's enough for now don't you? We both know I'm not going anywhere and nothing you do can change that."

Hawke turned to leave when he heard the sounds of wood scraping against stone as the Headmaster stood up to his full height, "That is enough, Mr. Hawke." The old white haired man thundered, "This is my school, and you will do as I say."

"I was never really the type to mince words, but I really rather not pull any punches either," The man grumbled audibly as he slowly turned around to come face to face with Dumbledore, "It must really gall you. Knowing that there is someone other than you whispering sweet nothings and reassurances into Helen's ears."

"What are you talking about?!" The tip of the Elder wand began to glow.

Hawke lunged forward with purpose. Allowing a bright yellow spell to barely skim the stubble on his cheek, a gauntlet shut on Dumbledore's thin wrist like a steel trap and twisted. Casually, almost nonchalantly, the man jabbed Dumbledore's elbow and pulled the old man towards him before slamming his head into the desk, prompting screams of fear as every portrait in the room to scream in fear.

"Be. quiet." Hawke hissed in a snake like manner.

Every single portrait in the room fell silent while the man under his grip turned a deathly pale, "Voldemort?"

Hawke laughed softly, "Not quite old man. Not quite."

"You will not get away from this!" The old man trapped in Hawke's vice grip grunted, unable to even Apparete away.

"Probably not." Hawke agreed easily, still speaking in a soft, dangerous tone, "More than likely, you will report me to the administration and have me hauled off to Azkaban before the night is over, am I correct?"

"If you know that, then leave peacefully, and I promise nothing harmful shall befall you or your Master!" Dumbledore bit out.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOI-" Without hesitation, Hawke flicked his foot out to throw his blade staff into the air before kicking it. The staff hurtled through the air until it embedded itself, blade first, not two centimeters away from a deathly pale Snape's throat.

A thin red line appeared on the man's neck as blood dripped from the blade.

Without releasing Dumbledore, green eyes stared piercingly at the greasy haired man with an almost pitying glint, "I did not give you permission to speak. This is your second and last warning. Do that again and I will not miss the next time."

The softly spoken words were filled such terrible power and promise that the greasy haired man shook at the knees until the emerald embedded in the other side of the staff began to glow before sparking noticeably. Bolts of Avada Kedavra green lightning ran down the stave's length and buried themselves in Snape's body, sending him straight into blissful unconsciousness, away from those terrible, god forsaken, green eyes that held so much hatred.

The same eyes filled with hate he saw every time he had a nightmare.

Hawke nodded in satisfaction, "Now that we are alone again, you were saying something about letting me leave peacefully?"

The man nodded slowly, causing Hawke to laugh softly, "I'm afraid that will not do old man. You see, I have no intention of leaving. You know that you can't kill me and I definitely don't want to kill you, but you also know that if you were to send me to Azkaban, I would simply fight my way out, no doubt killing a great many people in the process, until I reach Helen's side again. People would then be sent to recapture me, but I would simply kill them again and again, until no one is left. I don't think you can afford that now can you?"

The man's words buzzed around Dumbledore's skull like a thousand bees, but one simple one stood out the most, "You don't want to kill me?"

Hawke released Dumbledore with a smile, freeing the man to leap back with an agility that belied his age as he snatched his discarded wand from the top of the table.

"Aye, It's not that I don't. It's not I can't." Hawke smiled and slowly lifted his metal hand as a tiny projection of an old, white haired man dressed in painfully bright robes began to float above his palm, "I WON'T kill you." Hawke grinned sickly, "I want to torture you. I want to see your eyes as I take everything away from you, I want to see the despair in your eyes as I break you so completely before you turn insane. I want you to pay for everything you've done to me. Again and again, every time I'm summoned. I don't even care if you're genuinely good; I just want to see you suffer…."

The metal hand clenched with a terrible screech of metal, crushing the projection into a screaming wreck before disappearing.

"What… are you?" the old man asked breathlessly, there was only one man who had ever shown such outright hatred for his own person before. That same person was supposedly still nothing but a floating pair of eyeballs and a mouth but somehow, he had managed to reform.

Did he underestimate the bond that Voldemort shared with Helena? Did it allow this monstrosity to enter Hogwarts in this form?

Hawke smiled sweetly.

"What am I?" The man laughed as if he had just heard the best joke ever.

"Stop playing the fool and answer the question! Are you Voldemort?" Dumbledore demanded loudly.

The man who could have been a doppelganger for James Potter spread his hands as if to hug the old man.

"Voldemort? No. I am your greatest creation."

****Blessed Curse****