"I am a specialist "The doctor said as he started prodding at Harry, injecting the boy with potions and medicine alike "and you are completely disease ridden after living with the muggles, Voldermort was right to send for me. I'm the best in England you know."

Harry doubted it but he knew better than to annoy someone who was giving out possibly toxic potions. He was better than most at potions and medicine and looking at the produce he could tell just by looking at them that some were weak which represented poor skill and a lack of patient when cooking up the potions.

"I'm grateful you are both taking such good care of me" Harry responded as he knew he was expected to. The man looked smug which just grated more on Harry's nerves; the man just some pompous fool with a good reputation.

He probably sought after because he looked approachable and good looking; he would be what most people would find as charming. Harry had learnt that people would rather be looked after by someone who was friendly than someone who was more able; but on top of that most people weren't educated enough to work out that the man was not the best doctor, he just talked a good talk.

"now this won't hurt a bit." he said before gently sticking in a needle. Harry wanted to laugh, he was being treated like one of the purebloods, all pampered and gentle like china despite the fact that everyone knew he had spent the last several years in slums being treated like the other street rats. He half wanted to remind him that he came from a world where you were lucky to be given medicine and if you were that lucky it would be stabbed into you by a grumpy, grumbling and barely trained doctor.

In the dirty, back ally slums the needles were so dirty you were more likely to be infected with something than bloody cured.

"Now, of you go, the stylists are waiting to dress you for the day."The man said and Harry tried hard not to sigh in despair. "and your father is allowed to visit you today too, you must be happy, Voldermort decided it would be cruel to keep family as close as you two apart"

Harry would have snorted but he knew the man was sincere and he also guessed Voldermort was being sincere too; after all the man never seemed to question their relation before he ran away. He was too focused on Harry's intellect to care about his relations, at least Harry hoped so because otherwise this was a rather sadistic punishment.

Harry ground his teeth through his morning ordeal, he knew he had to grin and bear it, even get used to it some point but he was finding it difficult and he hated the constricting clothes. Eventually after over an hour they finished up leaving him gleaming like a polished doll and dressed up in a gown that had so many layers he didn't even know the names of most of the parts he was wearing.

He used to think wearing trousers was chore, he almost wanted to cry out for mercy now. Even walking seemed to take a deal of effort with the weight of the outfit, the constricted movement; it was literally like being bonded.

It was felt like he was being punished before he even arrived downstairs to have luncheon with the purebloods, at which point they would probably find new and inventive ways to make his life even more unbearable.

He wished he was back in London eating garbage food in mouldy, cold, dusty room full of dirty, rotting neighbours who hadn't taken a real bath in years because the water cost too much bloody money. Thats saying something.

After a while he realised he was being followed by someone other than the servant; well it more like he felt the damns things presence. Eyes boring into him shamelessly like he was trying to read his every behaviour, and he just kept doing it until eventually Harry got irritated. Harry knew he was being judged and he knew by who. Stopping dead in his tracks Harry spun round on his heel so he was standing looking eye to eye with the irritating monster.

"Azumi!Stop following me!" Harry said trying his hardest to sound strict; but it came out as more of a whine. He knew he was in trouble and he was actually feeling a little guilt; but it didn't mean he wanted his cat staring at him with that judging look in his eyes that screamed 'you've been naught haven't you?'

Azumi had not forgiven Harry for his mischief last night with Lily; he thought Harry was going to get in more trouble and dig himself into an even worse mess. Especially because Harry had taken it as far as getting her to make a blood oath; it was serious stuff and if he had gotten caught it would have been considered a crime to make a contract with a another man property. Especially a contract of that nature; it would have been considered muggle loving act.

Azumi sat down and just carried on looking; no growling, hissing or anything. Harry felt like he was being scolded before he grumbled "It's not my fault, and if you don't stop that I'll kick you onto the sofa"

They both knew Harry wouldn't do that so the word clearly had no effect and so Harry fidgeted "Seriously cat, you can't follow me around all day and your not going to make me feel guilt, bloody over cautious-"

"Are you talking to your cat?" Voldermort asked in amused voice "I have to say you do make a stunning sight; all pretty, blushed and pouting."

Harry scowled and fought the urge to scratch the man face off; he was not pouting, he was arguing Azumi got up and strolled over to the man rubbing against his legs. Harry watched on shocked ; Azumi never liked other people. Suddenly Harry felt an odd pang of jealousy, covering it over with a stony forced smile.

"I guess he is certainly not like other cats, very intelligent, just like his master" Voldermort said smoothly; the compliment was said so naturally and smooth it took a second for Harry to register it "So what are you feeling so guilty about? Have been behaving badly again?"

God, he looked sinful saying that. Eyes focused and predatory, voice deep and dark; everything about the way he had just said that was wrong, sexual. Harry gulped, on edge and focused again before he gave a little innocent smile "not at all; he just doesn't like the food I gave him."

Voldermort smirked; he knew he was lying, the man always seemed to know when he was lying but never the less he left it that and walked closer.

"You look bored Evans" He stated "The purebloods not entertaining you enough? Nor the library books? Do you need something else to occupy that mind of yours yet?"

"No I'm very entertained, thank you for hospitality" He responded hating the ways the mans lips curled into that all knowing smirk of his.

"Are you sure? I'm doing some studies you see on the deathly hollows, I found some artefacts that might suggest the stories are something far from myth. If your interested of course" The man said; It was a bribe. " but if your having so much already I'd hate to be the one to pry you away. "

Harry looked at him; straight in the eye and serious . If he accepted he would have to spend hours of his day alone with Voldermort who would no use this time to manipulate him into whatever his scheme was; and this man was a seducer, he knew how to get what he wanted and Harry knew better not to feel threatened by him. That would be naive.

But on the other hand, Harry greed for knowledge, entertainment and someone stimulating to talk to was winning over. It was such an attractive deal, too attractive.

"I'm bored" Harry responded knowing that was response enough, it wasn't like Voldermort didn't already know that .Harry gave a himself a smile little smug smile as a smart idea hit him "But I'll need to start wearing more practical clothes than these, there's really too many layers."

"you can wear nothing at all for all I care" he said as he walked off several step ahead; suddenly Harry felt a chill run down his spine. He didn't know why but something about that man tone of voice was so hungry it almost reminded Harry of Kitu, but it passed so quickly that Harry just figured he'd imagined it.

Plus Voldermort was collector from what Harry had learnt, he collected intelligent people and was fascinated at what they could achieve and imagine; he only wanted to collect Harry and manipulate him into working for him. Possibly contribute something to the war. It wasn't emotional, he didn't care ; he seduced, conquered and won by all means necessary but the last thing Harry should do is believe the man cared about him as a person . He was just another highly formed tool.

But Volderort was a first class manipulator and conqueror; people like that were selfish, they grew up not to care and attachments were weaknesses. . Harry knew this from his own experience; he knew his biggest weakness was Azumi.

"You know we'll be spending a lot of time together, you'll have to get to like me" He smiling softly "but don't worry, I'm a lot more interesting than the other purebloods. I've even got some books you'll like on the dark arts, and don't lie to me anymore, I know all your secrets Harry."

"Checkmate" Harry whispered, the words weak with shock as they emptied out of his trembling lips. He was pale, he felt sick, he wanted to run but he couldn't move and looking up all he could see was Voldermort staring straight back at him.

"Oh you didn't think I didn't know did you? After all the effort I went though to hunt you down, you being a little slow aren't you? "

And it had only just sank in how prized he really was, what his situation was and it had only that second dawned on him that the game was over and there was no more second chances for escape.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you entertained"

Harry wanted to scream.