"I finally found it," the person says, with a sly grin on their face.

"I've come up with so many new definitions on this trek," another voice cattily replies. "Here's one: Psychopath - A person crazy enough to do something along the lines of this."

"Then, cat," the girl grins, "Prepare to meet more of us."

She turns the key.

The cat disappears in a flash, as he was the guide, nothing more.

The journey itself is for the girl alone.

(A/N): I decided to put this extremely long thing at the end here.

There are only two things that are preventing this from being an original fiction:

1. The concept of beldams. You know, those button-eyed hags that try to eat your soul, invented by Mr. Gaiman and perfected by Mr. Selick? Yeah, those ones.

2. The Beldam herself. Anywhere from two to five beldams will make an appearance in this story. I know that one of them is the Beldam, but I'm not sure which one it should be, as I have my own interesting plot twists planned for each scenario.

Otherwise, everything else is mine.

Now, now, before a lot of you say that I've ripped off Monster High, I didn't even know what that was before I wrote this. I read it to a friend and they said, "Hey, that sounds a lot like... isn't there some sort of haunted high-school TV show or something?"

I looked it up. There was Monster High.

So. In two simple sentences for all to understand: I own everything. Deal with it.