A group of newly adult penguins are standing before an elderly penguin named Noah. Two penguins watches their son from the crowd named Mumble and Gloria. Mumble Happy Feet did graduate but it was his parents' declaration. But if he didn't graduated none of them will be here at the new Emperor Land. Mumble saved the Emperor nation not just once but twice, that's why the other penguins now respects him and they all regretted what they had done to him in the past. And now he is with the love of his life, watching their son graduate. And of course Memphis and Norma Jean wants to watch their grandson graduate too. But unknown to Erik that Mumble and Gloria are planning to have another egg soon.

A female penguin named Bo looks at her best friend Erik who is standing next to her "I can't believe that we're graduating already!"

Erik nodded while listening to Noah's speech "Yeah. It really has been a long tine since the doomberg incident." Erik slowly turned to Bo "Bo, I want to tell you something."

Bo looks into Erik's cerulean eyes "What is it?"

"Bo, you're so-" but Erik was cut of by Noah declaring them graduates of class humph


"YA! YA! YA!" the new graduates cheered and their old fluffy downs flew into the air

Noah raised his flippers "Now go to the sea and experience our ancestor transition from the sky to the ocean!"

Erik looks around and sees Bo ahead of him "Whatever you were gonna tell me, Erik, tell it to me later!" Bo shouted

Erik sighed "I knew I should have told her earlier."

Mumble moved a bit forward as the newly graduated penguins waddles away for their trip to the ocean "Erik! Watch out for them leopard seals and killer whales! And remember, stranger danger!"

Erik turned around and waved at his family "Sure thing, pa!"

"Don't eat to much fish, sweety!" Gloria yelled out

Erik nodded "Will do, ma!"

Memphis chuckled "It reminds me of your graduation, son."

"Brings back a lot of memories." Mumble turns to Gloria "Right, dear?"

Gloria smiled and nodded "It sure does."

"Erik grew up into a wonderful boy, Mumble." Norma Jean said

"I only hope that his gonna be alright in their trip." Mumble replied without taking his eyes of his son

Just like Gloria and Mumbles batch, the newly graduated penguins were nervous of taking their first dive. Everyone except for Bo, who belly sled off of a ramp like formation. Erik just watched as she splashes into the ocean. He looks down and sees Bo smiling and waving her flippers signaling the other penguins to jump in. Erik laughed joyfully in the sight that Bo did a fantastic stunt and still safe at the surface of the water, he jumps and joins his friend into the ocean below. Soon the other penguins started to join with Erik and Bo. All of them did some fantastic aquatic maneuvers and formations underwater. As the night sets in, the penguins sets foot on an icy island. Bo stood up on the cliff with a couple of penguins behind her. She clears her throat and lets the aurora shine her stage as she sings.

Can anybody

find me

somebody to...


Ohh Ohh Oh Ho

Each morning I get up I die a little

Can barely stand on my feet

(Take a look at yourself) Take a look in the mirror and cry (in the mirror)

Lord what you're doing to me

I spend all my years in believing you

I just can't get no relief Lord

Somebody (somebody, somebody) ooh somebody

Can anybody find me

somebody to love?

I work hard (she works hard) everyday of my life

I work till I ache my bones

At the end (at the end of the day)

I take home my hard earned pay on m own

I get down (down) on my knees (knees)

And I start praying (praise the Lord)

'Til the tears run down from my eyes

Lord somebody (somebody) please somebody (please)

Can anybody find me

So-ooomebody to looooove

(She works hard)

Every day (every day) Oh I try and I try and I try

But everybody wants to put me down

They say, they say I'm goin' crazy

They say I got a lot of water in my brain

Got no common sense

I got nobody left to believe in


(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

Oh baby find me

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

C'mon put your flippers in the air now

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)


(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)


(Find me somebody to lo-ove)


(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

(Find me somebody to lo-ove, lo-ove, lo-ove)

I'm searchin' high 'n' low

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

I'm searchin' hi-igh (high note) 'n' low

(Find me somebdy to lo-ove)

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

There's just somebody out there who needs to find me

(Find me somebody to lo-ove)

Somebody, anybody, find me

(Somebody, somebody, somebody)

(Lo-ove, lo-ove, lo-ove, lo-ove, somebody to love)

I wanna love somebody

I'm sufferin' over here

(Can anybody find meeee)


Somebody tooooooo lo-ooooooooooove


Love me, love me, love me-love


Where is my Penguin ?


Everybody find me, find me, find meee, somebodyyyyyyy


As the song ended the ice island where they are standing on suddenly shook. Bo slipped and fell to the sea. The other penguins try to get out of the island but Erik jumps off the cliff and reaches Bo. A large chunk of ice fell down on their head knocking them out cold.

To Be Continued...