Chapter 10

Ste fell asleep by accident. Brendan just looked down at a sleeping Steven. Brendan kissed Stevens head, for most of the night. That how far he reach now. His phone went of, but he couldn't reach it. "Steven" Brendan said, waking him up. He needed to answer that call, it could be important. "Can you pass me, the phone please?" Brendan asked. Steven leaned over, taking it from the cupboard next to the bed. It read one missed call, from Nan. "Is that you nan?" Ste asked, he thought it might be a secret contact, and he just called it nan. "Yeah" Brendan replied. The phone went of again. Ste clicked answer, putting it against his ear. "Brendan, how are you love?" she asked. Her real name is Florence Brady, Johns mother and Charles wife. When he was alive. "Has dad told you?" Brendan asked, getting straight to the point.. "Of cause that fat bastard has" Florence didn't like her own son, not after him physically abusing her beloved grandson. "Who is lisitering?" she asked, knowing hes paralized. "Steven" Brendan replied. Steven smiled, he told her the truth. "Who is he?" she asked. "My boyfriend Nana" he replied He was actually surprised John didn't tell her that, he thought he would use it against him or something. "Oh, well try and shag him" Florence was one very strange old lady. Ste scoffed. He didn't expect her to say that. "Nana, he can hear" Brendan made a face. Ste chuckled though. "I want to talk to him" Florence coughed a little. "Okay Nana" Brendan nodded. Steven put the phone to his ear. "Steven, how old are you?" Florence asked. "22" Ste replied. "Oh, well my grandson is 33 now, that's 11 years son, do you think you could love him when hes old and wrinkly" Florence, loved her grandson and didn't want Steven to mess him around. "Yeah" Ste said, he was quite nervous talking to her. She was a Brady after all. She was the eldest Brady alive. "Okay, listen Steven, I want you to take good care of him, especially now" she coughed again. "Remember try and sleep with him" she decide to say sleep instead. It sounded less rude. She put the phone down. "Shes gone of the line now" Ste said, putting the phone back on the side. "Steven, shell we do what Nan says" Brendan smiled. "We must respect her wishes" Brendan winked. Ste got up, shutting the door compelatly and closing the curtains. "But Bren, its a hospitable" Ste gritted his teeth. "So?" Brendan asked. "Fine, but if anyone walks in" Ste looked at the chair. Putting it against the door knob. "Good thinking" Brendan was quite impressive. "Yeah, Theresa taught me it, when we went out" Ste commented. "You and Theresa?" Brendan asked, chuckling. "Yeah, it was ages ago" Ste thought he ruined the moment now. "Come on then, I need an operation" Brendan was slightly put of by the Theresa comment, but he forget about it easy.

Ste didn't know, how to start. Its usually Brendan who starts it, so this was new. Also he have to do all the work for once. Ste sat on the bed, he leaned in closer. He was worried, in case he hurt him but he couldn't. He placed his lips on Brendan's. Putting his hand, around Brendan's could kiss him back, like this. Which was good. Steven pulled Brendan's top. He knew he couldn't feel beyond his neck, but he couldn't help it. It was first instinct. "Steven, dont bring any more energy the you have to, I cant feel" Brendan signed. "But I can" Steven replied. Brendan was slightly shivering. "Steven, I want to touch you, but I cant" Brendan was sobbing. "Hey, relax Bren" Ste moved up. So his body was on Brendan's body. Their faces inches part. "Steven, I,m scared" Brendan kept thinking about his dad walking in. "Dont be Bren, just relax" Steven missed his and Brendan's passion.

-In the Moring-

Ste woke up, him and Brendan were both smiling after last night. "Bren, its was amazing wernt it" Ste smiled, he and Brendan could still do lots. Lots of bad things. "Lets hope, the nurses dont complain" Bren knew him and Steven were very loud. "Oh well" Ste wrapped himself around Brendan. "Who is looking after you?" Ste asked. "Dr Browning, Mercedes new fellow" Brendan hated him with a passion. After Lindsey."Oh right, at least you know him" Ste gritted his teeth. "I hate him" he groaned. "I know" Ste looked around, he frowned. When he saw Brendan's full name. Brendan Charles John Henry Brady, on the board. "Why you got such a long name?" Ste asked, looking at the three other names. "I was named after my great grandfather Brendan, Charles is my grandfather, John is my dad and Henry is my great great granddad" he laughed. Ste eyes widened. "Dont worry Steven, my sons names are Declen Brendan Charles John Henry, Patrick the same, but with Declen before Brendan, its a family traditional" Brendan breathed in a and out, that was a lot to say. "Oh my god, poor Patrick" Ste joked. "What about you?" Brendan asked. "Steven Terry Hay" Ste frowned, he hated Terry, the person, and the name. Plus its the name of Jacqui and Rhys dog. "Steven Terry" Brendan didn't know Terry, Ste hadn't told him. "Why Terry?" Brendan asked. "My step dad" Ste replied. "Oh. and your real dad?" Brendan asked, looking around the room. "I didn't know him, my mum said he left cause he couldn't deal with having a kid or something like that" Ste signed, He never spoke to Brendan, abut his childhood before. He didn't think it mattered. "Sorry Steven, Terry was good though wernt he, not many people would look after a kid that went theirs" Brendan really had no clue. "Yeah" Ste thought of Leah,and how she wernt his. "Leah, isn't mine" Ste gulped. Brendan mouth dropped. "What?" he was confused. "Amy cheated on me, when we were kids, look can we drop it" Ste signed. "Dose Leah know?" Brendan asked, he was asking too many questions now, but he was curious.

John was in the local pub, the dog in the pond. He was with Cheryl, Freddy and Constance, with Eileen, Declen and Patrick Victoria left. She could not deal with it. "So Cheryl, where do you work now?" Freddy asked. Jack looked between them, an Irish Family in his pub. He never saw that. He use to live in Scotland though. "Well I,m at Uni, and I help out in the club, and stuff like that really" Cheryl smiles. "You know Lindsey, I want her buried in Ireland" Constance put her foot down. "Oh, but" Cheryl signed. Lindsey made a lot of friends here. Like Riley. "No buts Cheryl, she is my daughter and I want her home" Constance almost cried. "Of cause" Eileen said. Giving Cheryl, the be sensitive look. "Where dose Brendan work?" Freddy asked, changing the subject. "Oh, he owns a club now" Cheryl looked at Declen. "Is my dad coming home yet?" Patrick asked. "Well, not at the minute, your da is a bit ill" Eileen signed. She looked at John. "Yeah, Thats it, he be out before you know it" John giggled, a bit. "He is paralized Paddy" Declen admitted. Declen was 16 now, Patrick was 9. "I heard dads got a new boyfriend" Patrick said. Eileen almost choked on her beer. "Who told you?" Eileen asked. "Declen" he replied, with pride. Declen put his head down. "Declen, we were going to tell him that"Eileen groaned, looking at Declen. Who had a red face. "Its fine mum, I dont mind" Patrick, tutted. John shook his head. "Paddy, do you understand" Cheryl said, he was only 9 after all. "Yeah, I know I think, Understand what?" he asked, drinking his orange juice. "About your da, having a relationship with a man" Cheryl blushed. "Yeah, is it a relationship, like what he use to have with mum" Patrick, was fiddling with his fingers. "Yeah" Cheryl said. "Oh, but granddad, said men who go out with men are not really in a normal relationship" Patrick was not lieing. "Did he now?" Cheryl said, looking at her dad. "Look I simply said men who go out with men, are" John was cut of by Flo. "Freaking awesome" Flo smiled. Cheryl squealed, hugging her nan. Declens and Patrick's great nan. "Oh Eileen" Flo hugged, her ex granddaughter in law. She went over, hugging her great grand children. She went straight pass her son. Hugging Freddy ad Constance. "Is their any more of you out their" Jack asked, seeing his pub packed, full of the Irish. He only said it as a joke though. "No" she replied. Jack smiled. Texas walked in. Looking over. John looked at Dodger. Dodger looked at Texas. "Lets go somewhere else" he said, he was shaking. "Okay" Texas walked out. Cheryl signed. He beat up Ste, and she wernt happy.

Ste got Brendan out of bed, for a second time. Brendan was determined to go out. Get out of the room. Ste opened the door. "Have fun" Paul Browing said. "I dont know what you mean" Ste said, he was the worst liar. "Really? Well make sure you dont do it again" Paul laughed though. Brendan blushed. He had to deal with him. "It wont" Ste replied, blushing as Paul left, Brendan and Ste bursted out laughing. "How long was he lisitering?" Brendan asked, thorguh laughter. "Too long"Ste replied. "Steven, get me out of here" Brendan smiles. Ste laughs. Ste pushes the wheelchairs, quickly. Passed the sign out desk. He pushes him outside. He pushed him outside, into the open air.