Blaine lied completely still on the bed in nothing but another thick diaper as Kurt scurried around the room, grabbing this and that. Finally, he returned to Blaine's side.

"First of all, sweetheart. You're a bit of a heavy wetter." Kurt said, much to Blaine's mortification. He picked up a plastic diaper cover and did up the snaps once he had tugged it onto the diapered boy. "This is gonna make sure that when you go pee-pee or poopy that it stays in your diapey where it should." Kurt cooed.

Blaine remained silent. For one thing, he couldn't believe that his boyfriend, who had been so shy and broken and vulnerable when they first met, was now telling him he was banned from the toilet.

Once the cover was on, Kurt pulled a red and dark-blue striped rugby shirt over Blaine's head and some matching knee socks onto the boy's legs. "Stand up, baby." He cooed.

Blaine quickly obeyed and held onto Kurt for balance as he stepped into dark blue corduroy overalls. Once the straps were done up, Kurt beamed and kissed Blaine on the cheek.

"Good boy. Someone's trying to make up for last night, isn't he?" He cooed.

Blaine nodded, stopping his hands from moving to protect his bottom.

The brunette picked up Blaine and carried him over to the couch where a bottle of formula and a bib was waiting. "Now baby, we don't want any formula getting on your pretty new outfit." Kurt said as he snapped the bib around the smaller boy's neck.

Blaine opened his mouth when Kurt nudge the nipple into it and immediately began to suck it down, enjoying the vanilla taste and the soothing, relaxing feeling that came with it.

Once he was done, Kurt used the bib to wipe Blaine's mouth, then he took it off. "Baby, there are some things that you need to do today." He said sternly.

Blaine nodded, figuring it was all part of whatever fantasy Kurt was living.

"After I burp you and change you if you need it, you're going to tell Wes that you want to give some of your solos to the other Warblers who work so hard for them." The countertenor said.

Blaine's eyes widened. "In this?" He choked out.

"That is what I dressed you in this morning, isn't it?" Kurt replied with a raised eyebrow.

"But-but I look like a baby!" Blaine argued.

Kurt chuckled and cuddled Blaine. "But sweetheart, you are a baby. And babies do what their daddies tell them."

Blaine shook his head. "No way. I'm not letting anybody see me like this." He said firmly.

Kurt stiffened. "Baby? Did you just say no to Daddy?"

Blaine nodded boldly.

Kurt laughed humorlessly and petted Blaine's hair. "Oh baby. Don't you remember what happens to babies who say no?"

Blaine's eyes widened and he hopped off of Kurt's lap, his hands flying to his bottom.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!" He said quickly.

"I appreciate you apology, but you're still getting a spanking, baby." Kurt said calmly.

Blaine shook his head. "No!" He whined. "No spanking! I promise not to say no to Daddy!"

Kurt sighed and stood up. "Sweetheart, you're saying no to Daddy right now. You're getting ten."

The younger boy shook his head wildly and backed away. "No spanking! I'm sorry!" The entire time, he kept his hands protectively over his diapered bottom.

"Blainey-boo. Don't make this harder than it needs to be. I'm not afraid to add more spanks." Kurt warned.

Blaine's eye watered and he shook his head, looking around the room for a place he could hide.

Kurt took another step towards him.

"No spanks! Please!" Blaine cried.

Kurt sighed and reached his arm out, cradling Blaine's face in his hand. "You know the rule. I made it very clear last night. You chose not to follow it, so you need to accept the consequences. Once we get it over with, we can have lots of Daddy-Baby time, okay?"

Blaine sniffled and glanced over at the bed before nodding hesitantly.

Kurt calmly walked over to the bed and motioned for Blaine to come. The shorter boy obeyed, his insides filling with dread for the upcoming punishment. The brunette unhooked Blaine's overalls and removed the thick diaper before patting his lap.

Blaine's eyes filled with tears and looked to Kurt pleadingly.
"I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry." He whimpered tearily.

"I know, baby. No show me you're sorry by doing what Daddy tells you to." Kurt replied.

Blaine sniffled and slowly approached Kurt's lap, laying himself over it with his bottom raised in the air.

"Now baby, why am I spanking you again after the lesson you learned last night?" The countertenor asked, gently rubbing the smooth skin on Blaine's bottom.

"I was bad." Blaine replied almost inaudibly.

Kurt shook his head. "Little boys like you aren't bad, baby. Sometimes they just make naughty choices. Can you tell me what that naughty choice was?"

"I said no." Blaine choked out.

"No to who?" Kurt clarified.

"No to..." Blaine blushed. He couldn't call his boyfriend Daddy.

"No to who, Blaine?" The older boy demanded.

The soloist felt his face heat up. "No to...Daddy." He said softly.

"Good baby. Now you're only getting ten for being such a good little boy and doing what Daddy told you to do when it came time for spanking." Kurt cooed.

Blaine nodded tearily and buried his face in the fabric of Kurt's pants, waiting in horrifying anticipation for the spanking.

Kurt raised his hand and administered the first several spankings with only a few whimpers or whines from Blaine. By spank number seven, Blaine was crying and by ten, he was screaming.

"Shhhhhhh. Calm down, Blainey-boo." Kurt cooed as he ran gentle hands over his baby's burning cheeks. He rubbed some baby oil onto his bottom and taped his diaper back up before cuddling him close.

"You did so well for Daddy." Kurt cooed, stroking Blaine's hair.

The crying boy buried his face in Kurt's chest and sobbed.

The brunette waited patiently for him to calm down before continuing. "Are you ready to go talk to Wes?" He asked.

Blaine sniffled and blushed furiously, nodding.