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Chapter 3

Italics Bold Pack talking to each other in wolf form

Jacob stands on shaky legs and looks for Bella. What he sees terrifies him. Victoria is attacking Bella! "Hang on Jake! We are coming!" Embry shouts.

"Get her off Bella before she bites her!" Quil screams.

Jacob can tell as much as the pack didn't really like Bella none of them wanted her to be changed. Shaking his head to clear it he lunges at the red headed leech.

He can tell she wasn't expecting him to get up as she screams in frustration from getting interrupted on beating up Bella. Jacob can smell blood but doesn't think anything about it as a human was just getting beat up by a vampire.

"We're here Jake. She won't know you are working with us if you push her towards our direction. Then we can take her down." Sam thought.

Jacob was surprised to hear Sam. He thought it was only Quil and Embry coming to help him, not the whole pack. He didn't care as he was glad they were there. Doing as Sam said he pushes Victoria towards them. Right as Victoria was about to turn and run Jared and Paul grab her by the arms. Making quick work the six of them tear her apart instantly.

As soon as they are done Sam shifts back and starts a fire. The rest have gathered up the body parts and were throwing them in the fire. Once they are done Jacob immediately shifts back, throws his shorts on and runs to Bella.

He had heard her screaming during the fight and wanted to see how bad she really was. What worried Jacob the most was Bella had suddenly stopped screaming while they were disposing of Victoria. He didn't want to believe as his pack did…they thought she died. Most were already trying to figure out what injuries she might have and were trying to think of a cover story. When he got closer he was shocked to see her laying still as can be; however, he was glad to hear her heart still beating. He sunk down next to her to examine her body.

Jacob could see broken bones all over her. But what bothered him most was he could smell venom. As he looked closely he began to shake with fury. She had been bitten repeatedly by that vile creature. Jacob knew Bella wanted to become a vampire and to be with Edward forever, but he also knew Bella wanted Edward to be the one to do it. Oh well, he thought. Not like he can suck the venom out like Edward did. It would kill him. Jacob would just have to let her change then help her find Edward.

Right then Jacob heard growling behind him. He turned to see his pack all staring at Bella with pure hatred. Sam was still in his human form and looked down at him sadly. "Sorry Jacob but you know what has to be done. She will no longer be human. She must be killed."

Jacob stood up slowly and made sure to stay in between Sam and Bella. "No, she doesn't. Sorry Sam but I will not let this happen. I can help her so she is like the Cullens and only hunts animals. I will also help her find the Cullens. I will NOT let you kill her when this was not her fault."

Sam looked shockingly at Jacob. He had heard something in Jacob's voice that reminded him of his alpha commands. Using his best alpha voice he told Jacob "You will move and let your brothers finish this…"

Jacob didn't let Sam finish talking. He scooped up Bella and said "Over my dead body. I am no longer part of your pack Sam. And just so you know, none of you have ever been MY brother. I am taking her to the Cullens house to finish her change. Once she is done changing and has fed we will leave. Don't follow us as I will be watching. Tell my dad I'm sorry but I will not let an innocent life die because of your hatred."

With that Jacob turned and ran back to the Cullens house, leaving a stunned pack behind him. Well, I guess I am going to find out if it is quiet in my head after all Jacob thought.

As he got closer to their house he wasn't sure what he was going to do. He knew he had to make it look like Bella ran away but he wasn't sure how to accomplish that. He was again wishing the Cullens were here to help him or at least that Alice could see him so they could come and help.

Once he got to their house he opened the garage door and laid Bella in the back seat of his truck. Jacob knew he couldn't stay here because of the pack. But first he had to do a couple of things. He shut the garage door, hoping the pack wouldn't break though it to get to Bella, and quickly took his shorts off and phased. He was shocked to hear nothing besides his own thoughts. He was glad for the silence as he ran as fast as his legs would carry him to Bella's house. Jacob now didn't have to worry about trying to keep his plan from the pack.

Once he got to her house he phased back and ran to the door opening it. Jacob quickly made his way up to Bella's room. Jacob wasn't really sure what to do until he saw her open laptop sitting there. Okay, first thing type small letter to Charlie he thought.

Dear Charlie,

I just can't do this anymore. I love Edward too much to live here without him. I thought about going and looking for him but decided against it. I just don't know if he loves me anymore since he hasn't contacted me in so long. I am not sure where I am going to go but I can't stay here with the memories anymore. And I can't go and live with mom and Phil either. They have their lives now, I don't want to intrude. I know they wouldn't think I was but I would feel like I was. Please don't worry about me I will be fine.

Tell Mom I am sorry and that I love her. Tell her she will always be my best friend no matter where life takes me.

Tell Phil to take care of Mom for me and that I love him too. Tell him I wish him the best of luck in is baseball career.

And Dad…What can I say to you? I am so glad I came to live with you. I have learned so much about you and am very grateful for that. I love you, Dad.

Please take care of yourselves for me. I love you all so much and will miss you terribly. Maybe someday, after the pain disappears some, I will contact you. I hope you all can forgive me for this in the future.



While the letter printed Jacob moved to her dresser to grab as much stuff as he could that would fit into the duffle bags he had found. He made sure to make it look like Bella had decided this last minute and just grabbed what she could so she would be gone before Charlie got home. He also made sure to grab as many pictures and albums as he could too. He wanted to help her keep her memories of all the people she loved as time went by.

Jacob had moved to her closet when he felt the board under him shift a little. He knew he didn't have much time but it was too weird to not investigate. He knelt down and pulled the board back then peeked inside. What he saw made him laugh.

Of course Edward wouldn't really take this stuff from Bella, Jacob thought. He reached his hand in and pulled out all the pictures of the Cullen family. He smiled as he reached back in and pulled out the CD with all of Edward's compositions on it. Jacob made sure he had everything out of hiding place before putting the board back in place.

Well, he thought, maybe this will help her realize Edward loves her still. He quickly shoved all the stuff into the bag then stood and grabbed what he could out of her closet. When he was done in there, Jacob grabbed her toiletry bag then quickly grabbed her favorite books. As he glanced around the room he saw the blanket her mom had made for her from all her old vacation t-shirts. Thinking it would be a good reminder of Renee's love for her he grabbed it as well. He gave one quick look around and figured that was about all he could take. Jacob just hoped he didn't miss anything that meant a lot to Bella.

As soon he was finished and had made sure the letter was printed and okay, he packed up her laptop too. Jacob figured it was something that would probably be needed. He ran down the stairs and put the note on the kitchen table where Charlie would find it easily. Jacob sighed sadly as he locked the house back up. He knew the letter was going to kill both Charlie and Renee but he didn't know what else to do. After throwing Bella's stuff into the trunk of her car Jacob gave one last look at the house, and then he jumped into her car and sped off back to the Cullens house.

As he got closer he began to worry he had made a mistake not hiding Bella first before going to her house. However, when he got there, the garage looked the same as it did when he had left. He opened the door and sighed with relief as he pulled in next to his truck and saw Bella was still there…and alive.

Now Jacob wasn't sure what to do. He wasn't sure if the pack would leave them alone until they left or not. However, Jacob was worried as well. He remembered the stories the Cullens told them about their transformations, all of them screamed through the whole thing. Well, except Carlisle. Maybe Bella is like him and is able to keep quiet. He sure hoped nothing was wrong.

After a little more thinking, he decided to chance it and stay here. He had told them that was what he was doing. Besides, it would be hard to haul Bella, while she was changing and all their stuff too. Crap! He thought. I don't have very many clothes. And since we are leaving for good I will need more than what I have in that duffle bag in my truck. Um, I wonder if I can get some before we leave. Well, I guess I can use Bella's phone I took from her room and see if maybe someone will bring them to me.

Well, here goes nothing Jacob thought as he dialed his dad's number. "Hello?"

"Um, hey dad."

"Jacob Black! What are you doing? Sam told me what happened. How can you let Bella turn into a bloodsucking demon!"

"Dad…Bella will not be a bloodsucking demon. I will make sure of it. I am just getting things together so we can leave as soon as she finishes transforming. Then you and the rest of the tribe will not have to deal with either of us anymore."

"Jake. That isn't what I want. I want you to come home. I know we have drifted apart over the months but I will just live with the fact you have been brainwashed…"

Jacob interrupted angrily "BELLA AND I ARE NOT BRAINWASHED!" Jacob paused to take a deep breath. He kept repeating in his head "breaking the phone would be a bad thing" over and over until he calmed down. He needed it, at least for now. "Look dad, I am just seeing if you could send someone here to the Cullens house with a couple bags of my clothes. Then we will leave as soon as Bella has hunted."

Billy sighed. He could tell nothing he said would change his son's mind. "Fine. I will call Sam and see if he can come over and pack some bags for you. Then I will see if he will send Paul and Jared to give them to you. I hope you know what you are doing."

With that Billy hung up. Jacob let out an angry huff. That wasn't how he wanted to leave things with his dad. But at least he would have some clothes. Now he needed to think.

He had covered Bella's tracks with her parents. They wouldn't be happy but at least they wouldn't be looking for her. Or at least he hoped they wouldn't be looking for her. His dad knew he was leaving but he wouldn't be letting anyone know where they were going since he didn't know. But where are we going? Jacob thought.

I guess if we are going to try and find the Cullens, we could go see their cousins in Alaska. They would probably know where to find the Cullens or at least how to get a hold of them. But would they really help a shape shifter and a newborn vampire? Or would they think they were in danger and attack us. Oh what am I going to do!

Jacob's thoughts where interrupted as he heard paws running their way. He prayed Bella would continue to be quiet as he knew it would only make the wolves angrier at what was happening if they heard her scream.

He stepped out the garage door and closed it behind him. Jacob didn't want to take any chances. He was surprised when Quil and Embry stepped out of the woods with Paul and Jared standing on either side of them.

Jacob rolled his eyes and stated "I don't think you needed to send so many. What am I possibly going to do? Attack you? I don't think so."

Embry shrugged "I offered to come myself but Sam wouldn't have it. He wanted to send Paul and Jared. I told him I was going too so I could say goodbye. Quil said he wanted to say goodbye too so, here we are. However, Sam was worried you would get upset and attack us so he sent Paul and Jared to be our guards."

"Not like we need them. We tried to tell Sam you would never attack us but he said either to go this way or not at all." Quil continued.

Jacob looked at Paul and Jared who both just shrugged their shoulders showing they must agree with Sam. Turning back to Quil and Embry, Jacob said "Well, not like this isn't a great party and all but I really want to get back to Bella. Did you guys bring my stuff for not?"

"Yeah we got it Jake. Are you sure you want to do this? I thought newborn vampires were supposed to be horrible to deal with?" Quil asked as he stepped forward with the bag he had.

Embry stepped forward as well with a bag in his hand too. "You know Jake; no one would think less of you for changing you mind and coming home. How is your dad supposed to get around without you?"

Jacob snorted as he grabbed the bags from their hands. "He got around without me for years when I was too young to help. He can do the same thing again. I am sure Sam will be the best son he never had. Thanks for the stuff. Have a good life."

With that Jacob turned back to the garage to indicate this conversation was over. He heard both Embry and Quil sigh and whisper goodbye then turn and walk away. Jacob paused at the door and peeked over his shoulder to make sure they were really gone even though he could hear them running back to La Push.

As Jacob reopened the door he thought that went much better then he thought it would. He threw his stuff in Bella's car with hers. Now he just had to figure out what to do when Bella woke up. He remembered from Jasper's story she would be very thirsty. He was wondering if he should just go get her something to drink but then figured it was something she needed to learn how to do anyway.

After doing some thinking he decided to wait until Bella was awake to talk things over. He could only hope she would be able to talk to some degree even with her blood lust. Bella's cell went off. He looked at the caller ID and sighed. It was Charlie. Jacob wanted to answer but didn't know what to say. So instead he turned off the phone and settled in for the long three day wait.

Bella wasn't sure what was going on. All she knew was she felt like she was on fire. She had tried screaming for a while but since it didn't do anything she just stopped. Then she felt like she was being carried quickly somewhere else. She had wanted to ask who had her, where they were taking her and why they were hurting her. But she knew if she opened her mouth all she would do is scream again.

Once the wind stopped she heard a door open and then a car door open and she was laid inside. Again she wanted to ask what was going on but kept quiet. She heard the door open and close a few more times as well as some talking but she couldn't make out what the people were saying.

Bella wondered how long they were going to keep hurting her and when they would let her go. She wondered why they were doing this to her. What had she done to deserve this kind of torture from these people?

Jacob looked over at Bella as he listened to her heart getting faster and faster. Well, here we go, he thought. It is almost over. I wonder if she will be difficult to deal with like Jasper said newborns are. I guess I will find out soon.

Bella wasn't sure how long ago this torture started but she realized now the pain was leaving her toes and fingers. Weird, she thought. I can hear so much better. What is going on? And why does it sound like my heart is going to jump out of my chest? Am I dying?

She laughed humorously at herself. Well it would make sense after I have been burned alive from the inside out, she thought. She gasped as her heart took of faster. It sounded like chopper blades with as fast as it was going. Bella thought this couldn't be good.

Jacob listened as Bella's heart gave its last pump and stopped. Well, I sure hope Bella does well in her new life, Jacob thought.

Bella was shocked when she heard her heart stop beating. I must be dead she thought. But if I am dead why do I feel a pain in my throat?

Jacob wasn't sure what to do. He wasn't sure if he should talk or just wait till she opened her eyes on her own. As he was wondering he froze as he heard Bella take a breath.

I can hear a heartbeat Bella thought. But she could tell it wasn't her own. She took a deep breath. It felt weird, like she didn't need to do the action anymore. But what was more confusing was she thought she smelled something she couldn't really explain. Almost like something was drenched in cleaning fluids. The smell made her want to wrinkle her nose in disgust.

Not able to take her confusion anymore Bella opened her eyes, and then gasped in shock.

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