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: Tony x Kagome


: Kagome didn't believe everything they said in the media but maybe she should have where Tony Stark was concerned.

Foreign Affairs
Chapter Four: Oh Tabloids!

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Kagome fidgeted uncomfortably as she sat beside Tony at the round table, Sesshoumaru seated across from them. His brow had hitched so high into his hairline upon seeing them that she thought it had disappeared completely. She had been provided a peach colored dress that accented her curves and touched just above her knees. It was made of both sheer and silk material and Kagome had to believe – despite his many faults [and she was sure he had them] – Tony had wonderful taste in clothing. Pursing her lips she met Sesshoumaru's citrine hues from her seat and immediately blushed and looked away.

"Let's get this breakfast underway! I'm starving." Tony stated with a grin and a smile that made her cringe for whatever he was about to say, "It was a busy evening and all." He met Sesshoumaru's glance and his grin widened. "Speaking of which – lovely Kagome here said she wanted to discuss something with you over breakfast!"

Tony's arm wrapped around the back of her chair and she could feel his amusement flow from her in waves. Kagome gaped for several moments and her cheeks flamed more crimson then before, "Why y-you!" she sputtered.

Tony chuckled and leaned over, his lips hovering over her ear, "You sure you don't want to tell big, bed Sesshoumaru what his little heiress had been up to last night?" his tone took on a darker undertone, lust coating it thinly, "You don't want to tattle?"

Her flush disappeared down her chest as she turned to Sesshoumaru whom no doubt heard the playboy with his sensitive hearing. "U-um! Sesshoumaru! What are you ordering?" she quickly asked as she pushed Tony's face from her with a rough shove. He chuckled as he turned to the inu-youkai.

"Trying to change the subject, Kagome? Mr. Stark stated you had something to tell me and I find myself curious." Sesshoumaru stated loftily with a sadistic gleam in his eyes.

Kagome frowned and knew he was toying with her, "Oh stop! Now you're just being cruel!"

His nose could no doubt smell the deed all over herself and Tony despite the showers they had each taken.

Sesshoumaru tsked and shook his head, "I have no idea what you are referring to."

Temper flaring Kagome scowled and slammed her hands on the table, standing up, "Fine then! Tony Stark and I had sex last night!"

Kagome really needed to learn to control that temper.

Which is how Kagome ended up in the tabloids the next day – the questions roaming the media being…

Was bachelor Tony Stark settling down?

Was elusive Kagome Higurashi – heiress to all that belonged to the Matsuda Empire going to accept the playboy's suit?

And because Tony Stark was American and Ironman the news hit America fairly quickly.

In America, Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner read the paper religiously on Sunday mornings.

Steve did this because he was all all around average American that was several decades in the wrong time.

Bruce did this because it retained some normalcy in his life.

Imagine their expressions when they saw – Tony Stark Marrying Japanese Heiress Kagome Higurashi: Fact or Fiction? – all over the Entertainment Section.




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