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Taken – Chapter 1 Posted 6/26/2012

Paintball Park Annual Tournament
Pasadena, July 2012

Sheldon Cooper stood unmoving, aiming his paintball rifle through the opening in the thick trees at the spot he knew one of the Engineering Team had to pass through to get to his Team's flag. His camouflaged coveralls and his painted helmet blended in perfectly with the surrounding trees and brush. He'd even stuck a few leafy twigs into it to break up his outline.

Penny, Raj, Leonard and Howard were 20 meters to his left and he anchored the L-shaped ambush. Winkle remained in watch over their flag 150 meters to their rear. She'd been drinking and had accidentally shot Kripke in the crotch several times – by accident, she said. The Team voted unanimously to have Winkle 'guard the flag' while Kripke went and sat in the car.

Sheldon was excited. If they decimated the Engineering Team then Team Physics would advance to second place behind the Pasadena Police SWAT Team, the farthest they'd ever progressed in the double-elimination match.

Both he and Leonard were squabbling over where to display the trophy. Leonard wanted it in their living room whereas Sheldon felt that it would garner more attention in the CalTech trophy case.

Sheldon's keen hearing detected cloth rustling against the underbrush and he could barely contain his excitement. He took a deep breath and held it, letting it out very slowly as he anticipated the appearance of one of the enemy's heads in his sights. He always went for the head because they'd lost a match when someone questioned a 'partial paint splatter'. There was never any doubt about any of his 'kills'. The paint-smeared visor and chest and his victim's curses…

He started to squeeze the trigger when he heard a shrill whistling sound and then…

The Collector Unit had stalked its prey much like the prey was stalking its. It made no sound and if a machine could display impatience, it would have been fidgeting like mad. Its mission would be complete when it beamed the biped into its buffer and departed. It had been on this planet far too long waiting for a qualified subject to stray into its path, far, far too long, a millenium too long.

Its program had been very specific about its quarry: carbon-based life form, bipedal, extremely high intelligence, aggressive and definitely male. An Alpha male of the designated species. Above all, the prey was to be unharmed.

Mission accomplished, it began preparing to leave the planet's gravity well and then ignited its propulsion unit and soon achieved escape velocity and beyond. Once free of the planet's atmosphere it initiated a subspace signal and then powered down waiting for recovery by its designers.

A solar flare hit at just the right moment in time and the Collector's program and circuitry were corrupted and the device repeated its last action on the planet's surface and fired its propulsion unit.

Its speed soon surpassed that of light and it left the solar system and headed out into deep space.

Paintball Park Annual Tournament
Pasadena, 2012

"What do you mean, you're suspending the search? Our friend is out there somewhere, maybe hurt, maybe dying, and you're suspending the search?" Leonard and Howard restrained Penny from braining the Pasadena police officer.

"Miss, it's dark and the Feds have taken over the entire park. Something about radiation levels and, hell, we've all been exposed and we're all going into quarantine."

"Quarantine after exposure to radiation? That's not right. We need to be in hospital being examined and treated for exposure. Is anyone else feeling nauseous? It's a symptom of radiation poisoning. Oh, God, I'm going to lose my hair and – " Winkle was nearly hysterical and getting louder and louder…

Penny punched her in the throat, ending her hysteria. "Radiation poisoning my ass! You're hung over, bitch. You didn't even help us look for Sheldon. You and Kripke over there just stayed behind and got royally pissed! Now shut up while we figure out how to find my Moon Pie!"

No trace of Sheldon Cooper was ever found. It was like he'd been snatched off the planet. The Feds declared the entire Paintball Park a restricted area and fenced it off. Rumors of a UFO sighting added to the mystery. Everyone had seen a ball of light trailing a fiery tail scream up into the afternoon sky.

The Feds closed the investigation and Sheldon Cooper was declared legally dead. The 'UFO' was publicly identified as a malfunctioning weather balloon, nothing more and certainly not anything extraterrestrial.

453 years later
Delta Quadrant

"Something's coming out of the wormhole. Something fast. Red Alert!"

The tactical officer brought up the forward screens and shields while simultaneously plotting a pattern of weapons fire that would either disable or destroy the object that was heading right towards them at an incredible speed.

"Captain on the bridge!", someone shouted out of habit since everyone was watching as the object grew larger and larger in the forward viewing screens.

"Situation report" snapped the captain.

"An unknown object exited the wormhole and changed its bearing and is now on a collision course, warp 2. Object is a probe of some kind but it's like nothing I've seen before."

"Prepare to fire on my order," ordered the captain. Whatever the object was, it had changed course upon exiting the wormhole and was not heading…wait, was it decelerating?

"Hold fire. Long range scanners. Science officer, what say you?"

"It's dropped out of warp and is rapidly decelerating. It's a probe, oh, wait…it's a Harvester Probe…from one of the Progenitor planets. No telling how long it's been in space…or why it's out here in the Delta Quadrant."

"Prepare a tractor beam and bring it aboard landing bay 3. Alert Medical and security to have teams standing by. For all we know, it may have harvested something akin to a Tyrannosaurus Rex!"

Landing bay 3

"Captain, we've analyzed the probe's containment buffer and – and it's a human being in there!"

"What are the chances of it being…viable?" She knew from past experience that objects or beings held in the transport buffer suffered from degradation over time and from the looks of the exterior of the probe, it had been in space a long time.

"Unknown, Captain, but it's only right to release it, and allow Nature to take its course." He made a note to have medical prepare a euthanasia kit in case the being in the buffer reformed into something inside-out or worse. No sentient being deserved to suffer the pain and agony of such a fate.

"How do we initiate a transport? We have no means of – "

The Captain's concerns were unnecessary. The probe itself had determined that the conditions set forth in its programming instructions had been met and initiated a series of actions and released the transport buffer into the ambient environment.

The swirling motes of glitter that were released from containment coalesced into the outline of a man and finally into the man himself.

"Bazinga!" Sheldon Cooper shouted his battle cry and fired two paintballs into the head and body of his opponent. The shout would tell his teammates that their flank was secure and they'd take out the engineering team in a flurry of yellow paintballs. Victory!

His victory cry died on his lips when he was hit by several stunning blasts from the phasers of the security team. He crumpled to the deck. His last thought was that the forest floor was harder than steel.

"Captain, are you all right?" Her XO helped her up while a medical technician ran scans and poured liquid into her captain's eyes and wiped yellow paint from her captain's face.

Katherine Janeway looked down at the figure crumpled on the deck. It was wearing a raggedy uniform of some sort and a helmet and facemask. Foliage had been stuck into the helmet to break up the outline.

"Transport him to sickbay and alert them to use a level 1 containment field. He's obviously a soldier of some sort, probably a member of a militia from after WWIII. No doubt he was taken while on a training exercise. I'll want a report as soon as possible."

She turned to the crewmembers crowded around and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have been presented with a gift from the past, someone who can fill in the many blank spots in our understanding of the Interregnum. Return to your stations and thank you for your assistance."

Sick Bay

"Ah, you're awake. Good. I'm the Doctor and I'm happy to report that you are in excellent condition. The twitching and facial contortions as well as the 'pins and needles' will subside. Can you tell me your name?"

The face that gazed down upon him had a kindly look and Sheldon immediately felt comfortable. Someone had their ducks in order if he was under the care of a physician.

"Dr. Sheldon Cooper. And you are…?" He was asking for the doctor's name.

"I already told you. I'm the Doctor. Are you having short term memory issues, Mr. Cooper?" He was running a medical scanner over Sheldon's head and making 'hmm' sounds.

"No, not at all. But haven't you a name? I understand from social protocols that it is polite to identify oneself when meeting new people. As a physician, surely you know that putting the patient at ease is of primary concern."

"Surely. I am the Doctor. No one ever asked me if I had a personal designation. You are the first, Mr. Cooper. Now, what is – "

"Doctor. I'm Doctor Sheldon Lee Cooper, PhD." Sheldon was a stickler for the proper use of his title. He'd worked hard for all the letters following his name.

"Very well. I apologize for my error. Now, Doctor Cooper, what is the date? Do you know what has happened to you?"

"You're skirting the issue of your name, Doctor. Surely you have one."

"Um, well, no. I'm just the Doctor. The EMH, the Emergency Medical Hologram. Now, what is the date?"

Sheldon was struck by a sudden thought: he was in some kind of asylum and the inmates had taken over and this man was surely an inmate posing as a physician.

"It's Saturday, July 28, 2012. I infer, from your presence, that I was injured somehow and am now in a hospital. This is a hospital, correct?"

The EMH was startled by the recitation of the date. "No, it's not a hospital, Dr. Cooper. You're in Sick Bay. You were released from a Harvester probe and brought here for examination. You are in fine shape for a man of your age." A little humor would go a long way towards cushioning the shock that was sure to come.

"I'm 31 years old, Doctor, and I eat correctly, hydrate, and ensure that I have the proper amount of fiber in my diet. I even exercise."

"I meant – never mind. The captain will want to speak with you, I'm sure, just as soon as she cleans up after your paint attack. Are you a soldier? Were you on a training exercise when you were taken?"

"A soldier? Me?" He started laughing but stopped when he saw that the Doctor was not sharing the joke. And what did he mean by taken?

"I am a theoretical particle physicist concentrating on proving String Theory and thus the makeup of the known and probably unknown universe. I'm a professor at CalTech, Doctor, not a soldier."

The doctor looked at the ceiling momentarily and then asked 'Computer, please research the data base for our young visitor here, Dr. Sheldon Cooper of CalTech.'

"You can interrogate your computer's database verbally? Fascinating." He was intrigued by the possibilities of being free of the need for a keyboard.

"Yes. Ask it something. 'Computer, accept voice inquiries and commands from Dr. Cooper, my authority.' Now, go ahead. You must have thousands of questions."

"I'm sorry, Doctor. You've been very kind to me. Computer, deactivate the Emergency Medical Hologram. My authority."

"Wait! You don't know – " and the doctor vanished. Sheldon was shaken by the Doctor's sudden disappearance but shook it off, his scientific curiosity getting the better of him.

"Fascinating." He didn't know exactly where he was but he knew he had to get out and find a way to get home. The inmates of this high tech facility were obviously in charge. All he had to do was find an exit and then a phone and the nightmare would be over. Leonard would pick him up, probably bitching the entire ride but at least he'd be home.

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Reparata 6/26/2012