Emily Fields, Mother at Heart

Emily Fields' alarm clock turned on, blaring a song that was declaring its final verse on Z107.7, and as Emily turned the clock off, she realized that her phone was containing one new text message. Emily rubbed the sleep from her eyes, wondering who had texted her in the middle of the night, and as she opened her text message inbox, she realized the text was from her friend Aria Montgomery. Emily stared at it quizzically and opened it, wondering why she had texted her in the middle of the night.

You awake?

The time read 3:21 A.M. and Emily stared at the message weird. Why was Aria up that late in the first place? Emily quickly pressed REPLY and started typing back.

I am now…is everything okay? Why were you up so late?

Emily pressed SEND and waited five seconds, hoping to get an answer as quick as possible. But when nothing filled her inbox she swung her legs over the bed and checked the time on the clock sitting on her nightstand to the left of her bed. 8:45 A.M. Emily ran her fingers through her hair and slipped her feet into her slippers, padded towards her bedroom door and made her way to the stairs, the smell of pancakes, bacon and syrup filling the air.

"Mom?" Emily asked as she reached the landing, but to her surprise, a younger boy was standing by the oven, not her mother.

The boy turned and Emily gasped. Isaac Colbert, her ex-boyfriend, was cooking in her house. In her house. Where were Emily's parents? Did they allow this? Is she gonna' get in trouble? Was Isaac going to get in trouble?

"Isaac," Emily said, an uneasy feeling settling into her stomach.

"Hey, beautiful," Isaac said and flipped some pancakes onto a plate. "How are you?"

"Why are you here?" Emily asked and he smirked.

"I wanted to talk to you," Isaac said and Emily then gasped. "What?"

"How'd you get in?" She asked frantically. "My parents are out of town."

"Your sister let me in. Caroline, right?" He asked and Emily nodded.

"I didn't know she was here," Emily said and he told her that she was leaving the driveway right as he was pulling up to it and she let him inside. "Well," Emily said, feeling a little weird still that Isaac was in her home, she pulled a chair out from the kitchen table and sat down. "What brings you here, exactly?"

"Just wanted to talk about things," He said, bringing a few plates over to the table and as he sat everything down, Emily realized how hungry she really was after her eyes fell onto the plate full of pancakes.

"What kind of things?" Emily asked and he sat down, handing her a glass of orange juice with out the pulp.

"Us kind of things," He said and Emily nodded, somehow knowing it was coming. "Ever since I found out about our baby…I can't shake the feeling of us getting back together."

Emily almost choked on her orange juice as she listened to Isaac's words. Sure Emily had thought about it, too, but it wasn't like she was going to immediately go back out with him just because she bore his child. She gave up the baby girl a year ago, nothing is really keeping her and Isaac close anymore, at least other than their friendship. Sure, when she dated him a few years ago she was immensely happy, but that was before he didn't trust his own girlfriend about how crazy his mother actually was and broke up with her, calling her a girl that was just like the rest of his past girlfriend. That hurt Emily more than the knowledge of becoming pregnant had, and to this day she still cringed at the memory of him breaking up with her.

But then again, he didn't know his own mother was crazy, and if someone had told Emily her mother was crazy, whom she was for sending her daughter to another state after learning her daughter was gay, Emily didn't think she'd believe the outsider either, without proof of course, and even when Emily had it, Isaac still broke up with her till he saw it himself.

Now, two years later, he's back in her life, wanting to be with her again, and even though she kept a year long secret from him, especially making the decision of putting the baby up for adoption, Isaac still wanted her. And even with all the murderous things that happened between Emily, the other girls, and their third A, Emily was put through hell to keep her daughter safe, even though her daughter wasn't her daughter anymore. Her daughter was Violet Baker, a year old coming this winter, and she was several hundred miles away from where Emily sat.

Did Emily regret giving her baby up for adoption? Maybe. Maybe she thought seeing Isaac suddenly everywhere after A learned of Emily's pregnancy secret sparked a hope that if Emily had kept the baby that they could have began a cute, "16 & Pregnant" life together, minus the TV show and all the drama…and the age.

"So what about…us?" Emily asked and he stared into her eyes, their breakfast growing colder and colder by the second.

"Em," Isaac said. "I feel…everything returning. All the feelings we've shared, our first time together, all the cute things we did…I feel everything coming back and I can't get you off my mind. Sure, our baby is gone, and that's probably for the best at our age, but we can try again, and make sure we don't get pregnant with another Fields-slash-Colbert newborn. I love you, Em, and I hope you feel the same about me."

Emily gasped, surprised at what she was hearing. Sure she knew he still loved her, she still loved him, but the fact that he was proving himself to her just made her…want him back. Emily was surprised that, ever since she learned she was gay, she could love a boy again. Learning she was bisexual, she discovered that Isaac was the only guy she had ever dated. Sure she had dated a boy named Ben back in high school, but that was during her thought process of discovering the feelings for Alison DiLaurentis, well, Courtney DiLaurentis, and crushing on the new girl, Maya St. Germain, had begun.

"Em," Isaac said, still staring at her. "You okay?"

Emily realized she had been silent, and still, for quite some time now. And even though she couldn't find the words to say, her heart strings were pulling, telling her that the feeling of loving Isaac was returning, and the feeling of him being her baby-daddy, no matter if the baby was gone or not, returned and she smiled. She nodded, tears coming to her eyes with the picture of having a family with him, knowing that if they lasted long enough they could get pregnant again.

"I'd love to get back together," Emily said and slid her hand over his, which was outstretched on the table.

Isaac let a sigh of relief escape his lungs and they started eating breakfast, switching topics to something else before being that couple that talked about a topic till it got awkward. Emily stared into his eyes, knowing that getting pregnant was a mistake for her age, but she didn't regret it. If they were still together, would Emily have kept the baby? Would Isaac stuck around, or left her to be a parent all by herself? Would Isaac want to get married to make the family a real-deal thing? What would have happened if Emily had told him she was pregnant to begin with? How would that have affected her future right now?

Emily couldn't help but feel a zillion questions zoom through her head as she carried on a conversation with Isaac during breakfast, and she suddenly realized what she had to do.

She had to introduce Isaac to Violet Baker, their baby girl a year-long adopted. With the Baker's approval, of course.