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Fifty Shades Abandoned – Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen

Sawyer was off of his towel, leaving everyone behind and running for the shore to get out into the water to save Christian and Ana. They had all be joking around, noticing how content and relaxed the pair had been out at sea together. Regardless of the amount of kissing involved.

And then out of nowhere a wave swallowed them whole, only their boards resurfaced as the wave dragged them all. He had seen Ana's body get abused by the heavy waves, but Christian was nowhere to be seen.

"Taylor!" Sawyer screamed as he ran, "Taylor, get the fuck out here now!"

Taylor, who had been in with Gail, came running out and saw all of the commotion. He watched as Kate and Mia now knelt on the shoreline coughing and spluttering as Grace and Carla stood watching the horror show before them. All frozen by what had happened.

Striking into action, Taylor pelted it from his position and followed Sawyer, Carrick and Ray into the sea and took off to help. With his strength, he found he might have been the last into the water, but he made it to Ana first with Sawyer quickly getting Christian.

All four men worked together, Taylor having Ana in his arms whilst the others got Christian to dry land. They trudged through the shallow water to get to the drier sands and found Grace ready and waiting to strike into some form of professional reaction.

"Lay them down," Grace pointed to the towels she had pulled forward. "If Ana's not breathing, Elliot you know CPR, you need to get the water out of her lungs," Grace instructed and checked her son over. He was the one that spent more time under the water and she had to work fast.

Elliot and Ray checked Ana over, mutually failing at finding a pulse and Elliot did the best he knew with the first aid knowledge he had. He worked fast, initiating protocol to get Ray prepared to breath air into his daughter's lung.

Elliot had felt a weak pulse, but not breathing from Ana, and so he started to pump her chest and wasn't ready to let Ana give up this easily and he would seriously be kicking some ass if either Ana or Christian gave up.

He seemed his feat wasn't entirely useless.

Ana came to as she coughed up the water from her lungs and was forced onto her side. Finding herself facing across the stretch of beach with Elliot beside her she just coughed and choked against the salty water still claiming her lungs.

"What happened?" Ana asked confused and exhaustedly. She closed her eyes, feeling her body begin to shiver regardless of the sun

"A freak wave hit and you both ended up at the shore," Elliot told her as he pushed her back to the sand to rest. "Caught Mia and Kate too."

The wave? Suddenly it all came rushing back to her and the panic thrust within her, prickling across every inch of her body. Then her hearing burst, clearing of the water and she heard Sawyer counting and Grace near enough chanting. Looking, she saw her husband flat on his back receiving CPR and not yet responding.

As she went to crawl, Elliot grabbed her, holding her back, "Let me go," She fought his hold, clawing at him to let her get to her husband. "Please, Elliot, let me get to him," She begged and realised that her Elliot wasn't letting her go for a reason.

"Just wait," He whispered at her, cooing at her to calm down, rocking her as he did so. He was deliberately keeping faith alive in his brother because he knew he would come back to them. And the breath he was holding onto tightly released as Christian gasped alive coughed up the water from his lungs.

Ana watched her husband do exactly what she went through and she didn't know how to respond. She collapsed in his arms as though every bone in her body was stolen from her. She hung limply in her brother-in-law's arms and sobbed low grieving cries even though her husband was staring at her. He was alive and coughing his lungs clean and his eyes were stuck firmly on her.

"Let's get them inside," Grace motioned breathlessly and stood up from her kneeling position to allow Sawyer to help Christian stand and without another word, Elliot lifted Ana into his arms, Kate staying close trying to soothe her best friend. They followed up to the house and she slowly calmed but not enough to stop the

"I can walk," Christian tried to push away the help but, when he stood up and near enough collapsed from light-headedness, he allowed Sawyer to help. He was disorientated but he wanted to be independent and he wanted his wife. "Where's Ana?"

"Elliot's got her," Sawyer commented back as they neared the decking that led into the house. "She's a little upset."

Grace pointed for Christian to be placed down on the couch next to the one Ana was on. And she sat on the coffee table so she wasn't invading either of the twos personal space. "Someone grab me a first aid kit. It looks like they got cut up by some of the coral," Grace commented noticing that both Ana and Christian had similar markings from their near drowning.

"Why is she like this?" Mia asked as she watched Ana cry and shake silently on the side.

"It's the shock," Grace commented as she came and sat beside Ana on one of the couches, "We need to keep an eye on them both." She leaned in towards her son, "Christian, I'm going to need to grab my kit and I'll check you both over entirely."

"Do you bring your doctor's kit everywhere?" Christian asked sarcastically with laboured breaths as his lungs made up for the deprivation they had gone through.

Grace smirked, "Precautionary."

Christian laughed and then, knowing his mom was not as worried about him, got up and went to his wife's side. "Baby," Christian whispered at her as he came to hold her hands. He then captured her as she fell against him, giving into the almost moment that nearly stole lives.

Ana only calmed once her and Christian were left alone.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Fifty Shades Abandoned -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Looking up at the sky, Ana felt a bolt of irony shook through her. She should be counting her lucky stars right now because for whatever reason she was alive and here to tell the tale. She had spent hours earlier with Christian asleep on the bed and Teddy asleep in her arms as she sat awake on the couch on the bedroom. It had been hours but between not letting Christian out of her sights and Teddy out of her arms, Ana found her own therapy in their presence.

When the darkness got too much, she had put Teddy to bed in his cot and then stepped out onto the back porch and sat on the stairs. The sea was much calmer now, and she wondered how the hell it had become a killer earlier. It struck her just how dangerous even the most alluring of things could be.

She loved the sea, and the moment before she nearly drowned had been one of her favourites. Her and her husband enjoying some tranquil alone time, planning out the future with one another. Then in one swift moment, it ended and her future wasn't on her mind.

Her guilt was reigning her entire being, torturing her, blaming her.

"It's cold out here," Christian remarked as he came out to stand behind her. He draped a blanket around her shoulders and stood back, "Tragedy is the girl who doesn't sleep at night."

"I can't sleep right now," Ana replied and she just covered her face with her hands before moving them to the back of her neck, looking down at all times. She let out a frustrated growl and tried to forgive herself the anger that sat in her. She was annoyed at life and herself because life couldn't just resume a pace of normalcy forever and she was frustrated by the tears that didn't seem to stop right now.

Christian came and sat beside her, not uttering a word. He would have time for his say in a moment.

"We have had no drama for months, Christian, and every time something comes along to trip us up," She literally ground the words out, literally hated them all. "Why?"

"Keeps us on our toes," Christian quipped and Ana looked at him; he could see she wasn't finding the comical side of this.

Her eyes searched his, not able to take on his behaviour over it all. "How can you make light of what happened? You weren't breathing, Christian!"

Christian leaned in towards Ana, "But yet here I am. Breathing." Christian ran his finger over her lip, the feel of it softened by her crying Alive and kicking." He watched her roll her eyes at him and he felt the amusement begin to build within him, "We can't predict what the elements are going to do, Ana, and we were out there having fun. It could have happened to anyone."

"But it didn't, Christian, it happened to us," She fought back fiercely, her tone getting angrier. She was unable to forget how perfect the moment was before destruction laughed and stole it away.

"So get angry at mother nature, not me," He told her in a strong well set tone, his inner Dom shining through. "You cannot beat yourself up over this and get angry, Ana. Mia and Kate got caught up in it too so is that your fault too?"

"No," She whimpered back in defeat, finally seeing his point.

"Well stop this pointless crusade against yourself, Mrs. Grey," Christian calmed her, giving her a gentle kiss as though to seal the statement. "Can you do that? He asked her in a plea and she nodded. Placing a kiss on her lips, he pulled back a little, putting his forehead to hers, "Not everything that happens is your fault, Ana, and if you don't start realising that I will have to up the spanking.

Yup, everything's okay, her subconscious shined through and Ana finally relaxed. "Can you give me a year with no drama?" Ana asked, her fingers entwining with Christian's and tightening a little.

"If you give me a year without tears," Christian challenged her, his had such mirth in his tone as he gave back that one ultimatum because he knew the likelihood.

Ana gave out a short laugh, more for the irony of that sentence, "I'm a woman. Christian, hormones invade me religiously every month."

"Then don't ask me to promise something that I can't control," He replied at her. He would give her the world if she wanted it but he wasn't going to make promises he knew he couldn't keep because he didn't want to let her down for even a second. "Let's just settle on making the most of every situation. Drama free or not."

As she felt her husband put his arm around her, she slumped against him, making him her strength in this moment as she accepted that. The feel of his warm body beside her was the comfort she needed right now. "I'm bad for your health," Ana whispered at him, feeling awful at what happened because she decided to be adventurous."

Shifting both their bodies, Christian cupped her face, running his fingers along her cheekbones soothingly as he made her head rise up to look at him, "I could agree, but life would be boring if you weren't so disobedient and adventurous, Ana."

"I nearly killed you, how can you be okay with? Ana asked him confused, wondering how he could be okay with the turn of effects from today alone.

"Operative word there being nearly," Christian pointed out to her, not prepared to give into her.

Ana let out an involuntary sob, "Why aren't you angry with me? I dragged you out there, you should be angry with me."

"Would you rather I be?" He asked her back, pushing her hair back to allow the midnight light to illuminate her woeful expression.

"No," Ana whispered back heartfelt and miserable.

"Then shut up and be thankful for our near misses," He replied in a teasing manner, hoping she would lighten up and just ease up on herself. He didn't hate her, hell he nearly got killed whilst kissing his wife. In his mind, that would have been a perfect death. "It was just the wrong place at the wrong time. Now leave it alone, Sweetheart," He ushered her woes away and used a nickname he rarely used on her.

"I've changed you," Ana told him, fearing that she had changed him too much. She wondered if one day she would recognise him as the man she fell in love with and married.

"Yes, you have," Christian responded in a light tone, "Every day you make me into a better version of myself."