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Fifty Shades Abandoned – Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three

"I knew letting you take control of the Hailey drama was a bad idea." Christian paced the room, he was so angry his palms were twitching. He was tensing his jaw so tight that his teeth were beginning to ache beneath the pressure.

"I'm pregnant!" Ana tried to argue with him. "I will have these side effects until these two come screaming into our lives."

"I don't care," Christian fought back, only stopping to throw it arms up in utter frustration. "We have an appointment with Doctor Green later-"

"And I bet you my blood pressure is a little high as expected. I've been relaxing all morning," Ana interjected tirelessly; crossing her arms across her chest, making them lay on top of her bump.

"That's not the point!" Christian yelled to get her to see his idea of sense. "I knew letting you loose on that woman was a bad idea. Now look at you!" Christian berated his wife as he paced heavily along the length of their bedroom.

"Hey, Teddy Bear," Ana begun, concentrating more on her son's good mood than her husband's bad one. "I think daddy might need a Teddy hug."

The moment she finished, Christian stopped to watch Teddy stand up on the bed and run at him. The moment he caught Teddy in his arms he felt calmer instantly.

"You cannot use our son to placate what happened, Mrs. Grey," Christian scolded at her.

Ana just smirked and relaxed back. "I think I just did."

Feeling like her decoy worked, Ana relaxed back and watched her husband talk to Teddy. She listened to their plans of the day if she felt better and she couldn't help but scowl. Then Christian placed the toddler down on the floor and began his pacing again.

"You seriously are going to burst a nerve or wear a hole through the floor." She giggled with the comment, hoping the sound would weaken Christian's strength. It failed almost immediately.

"As much as I appreciate getting that liar out of our lives, I don't appreciate the backlash on you!" Christian angrily spat his words out. "Jesus, I'm so stupid! You're heavily pregnant with twins, I should be harder on you to remain away from these types of stressful situations, but no, I allow you to set up an interrogation and firing squad on your own!"

Ana had to smile out of smugness. She felt quite accomplished even being riddled with everyday baby induced woes - swollen feet and exhaustion were not unheard of complications of pregnancy. It seemed her mercurial husband had forgotten those potent facts.

"Maybe had I just pressed you to tell me the plan, none of this would have happened. Maybe then you wouldn't be quite so tired."

Unable to take anymore, Ana readied herself. "Christian!" Ana finally shouted, finding her husband's pacing unbearable. When he came to stop at the end of the bed, she sighed heavily. "I'm pregnant with twins, have a lot on my work plate, an energetic toddler, and a husband who forgot what freedom was! Cut me some slack."

"Ana," Christian exhaled, placing his hands on his hips.

Ana just waved her hand in front of him to stop. "No, don't do the 'Ana' spiel with me, Mr. Grey, and if you start an argument then I will start to stress myself out which will bump my blood pressure up."

"That's not fair play," he murmured at her softly.

Ana just smirked. "Well I need you to see some bloody sense! I am going to have legs like elephants and tiredness like I'm some insomniac because that's how pregnancy goes." She forces herself to sit up, unstoppable from her summation. "When I was pregnant with Teddy I survived a car crash, a kidnapping and a stabbing all within a few days. Plus personal attacks from Elena. I think this time I've had it easy!"

"But this time you're pregnant with twins," Christian stated blandly.

"Well then I'm doing a hell of a lot better than I was the first time round!" She then slumped against the pillows stacked behind her. "So please give it a rest."

Christian remained silent for a moment. He could hear Teddy happily playing behind him, but his attention was firmly on his wife - this beguiling, adaptive, beautiful creature.

"Why did I marry such a strong headed, stubborn ass woman?" he asked with a mirthful tone.

Ana just grinned. "Because when you learnt if you can't beat the best, you married them instead." She then giggled again. "Plus I was much too one of a kind for you to obviously live without."

Christian laughed finally, all angst leaving his body, his muscles losing their stiff tension. He shook his head in disbelief that his wife had caught him hook, line and sinker. She gave him honesty and that giggle and he was at her beg and call again. She melted him to his weakest and had him like putty in her hand. And he couldn't even deny he hated it.

"Now will you bring our son and sit with me until we have to leave."Ana simply padded the mattress beside her and waited.

Christian listened, turning only to pick up Teddy up from the floor. He spoke to him softly, pointing at Ana to emphasis what they were doing. When Teddy refused, fussing for his stolen stoles, Christian laughed and bent down to pick up Teddy's favourite toy car - a red Audi miniature. He made quick work to clamber onto the bed to settle beside his wife, setting Teddy between them both.

"He is so your kid," Ana teased as she looked at Teddy with his car. "Boys and their toys."

"I'm bringing him up right," Christian quipped back to his wife, looking arrogant at the mere thought.

"Yes, you are," Ana commented, grabbing Christian's hand with hers so she could thread her fingers with his. "And guess what?"

Christian looked to her. "What?"

"You're buying lunch when Dr, Greene tells you I am doing perfectly fine and you're just panicking for absolutely no reason - again."

"You need to realise that me and my blood pressure are never going to be friends when I'm carrying your adorable spawn," Ana joked as they left the hospital. "And with twins, I had no hope!"

"Okay, okay," Christian relented, sticking his hands up in defeat. "I need to stop listening to myself and start listening to you."

"Which you should have done a long time ago," Ana toyed with him, a look of innocence upon her face. "Although I did hear that twitchy palms is quite the habit to kick."

Chuckling at her playful ways, he spoke, "Bit like loving my wife more every day."

"Oh," Ana stopped him, "That's a habit you won't ever get rid of."

"Do you ever stop?" Sawyer asked as he stood against the car. "Actually, no don't answer that. I just need to find some immunity to the mushy side of you two."

"That's good coming from mister romance and smooches himself," Ana quipped at her best friend. "Oh, Clarke, you make me the happiest man when you look at me like that." Ana stopped mimicking Sawyer to give him a sarcastic glance. "Now tell me you're the one that needs immunity."

Sawyer shrugged. "Maybe so, but at least we haven't reached Kate and Elliot's level."

"Yet," Christian joked, making them all laugh, as he pushed Ana to go sit in the car. "How was Teddy?"

"Asleep," Sawyer replied with the one word. "We were chatting away one moment, the next I was met with total silence. I turn around and he's out cold."

"He'll wake up hungry then," Christian commented pleased. "Just in time for us to get to the restaurant."

"Good, because we're starving!" Ana chirped, rubbing her stomach hungrily. She caught her husband smirking and rolled her eyes. "I have triple the appetite now and it's all your fault."

"I'd say that mission's complished," Christian spoke with absolute glee.

"Oh, you have to be kidding me," Ana spluttered, quickly swallowing her gulp of water. They had barely been in the restaurant twenty minutes and already her appetite was spoiling.

"What?" Sawyer and Christian asked together in unison.

"Don't look together, but my husband stealer is getting on with the oldest man in the room right now." Ana watched for a moment as both men exchanged glances and both turned together. Throwing her hands up a little, she threw her napkin down. "I said not together, so you both turned to look together!" Shaking her head at them she looked at Teddy. "Don't become stupid like most men, Teddy bear. It's an infuriating complex to work with."

"I'm not exactly all man now, am I?" Sawyer joked, a cheeky grin on his face. "I'd like to say I'm more womanly than most."

Christian tried hard to stifle a laugh, all while Ana burst out laughing. As she settled, she found a pair of eyes on her that made her sober quickly.

"Damn you, Luke! She's clocked us!" Ana scolded him in a hushed tone. Coughing against the lump in her throat, Ana felt unease build as Hailey stood up and made an advance for their table. "We don't want what you're selling." Ana watched as Hailey looked intently at Christian.

"You might when you read the papers tomorrow with my story about how Mr Grey runs an unfair interview process complete with entrapment and abusive attacks, and how he discriminates." Hailey gave Ana a smile, one so sickly sweet Ana felt ready to vomit.

When Ana flicked a gaze to Christian she could see his cheek twitching in agitation and she knew there would be a battle needed for them to win.

"I'm pretty sure that Mr Grey's employees would have something to say on the matter too," Sawyer said and stood up, putting his hand out to shake Hailey's hand. Immediately, he picked up on Hailey's change of attitude, the sensuality oozing for her. "The name's Luke Sawyer," he introduced as he shook her hand. "I'm Mrs. Grey's personal guard and I agree that Mr. Grey's interview strategy is evasive and pressuring, but if you want to work for the best, you can't complain when put under a microscope. Also, his discrimination doesn't run very far as he offers a majority of his female staff extra pay and better job perks than most of the men to make them valued and kept me on board when I came sashaying out of the closet in a pair of Mrs. Greg's louboutins."

Hailey looked at him gobsmacked. Her hand dropping from his.

"Sorry to say, but Mr. Grey only gets rid of the weakest," Sawyer finalised and sat back down, giving Teddy a high five when the little boy giggled at the sight of his uncle and threw his hands up in the air.

Hailey laughed, albeit nervously. "Why did he marry that scraggy rat then,"

"I have more class and poise in me than an entire country club put together, but don't mistake

"I have dealt with far worse people than you and I'm still here to look back and thank them for what they gave me. Don't even mistake that for one minute I'd let you tear into my life. You did it once and I had no backbone to fight you, but right here, right now, I would love to put you on your scrawny ass." Ana suddenly zoned back in to find a restaurant full of people watching her. "Just be thankful I value my children's lives now than I value a little dose of payback. Now go back to your sugar daddy, and leave my family the hell alone."

As Hailey huffed, Ana dropped into seat, exhausted far more by that chat than ever running around after Teddy.

"Do I even need to keep guards posted with you?" Christian asked looking at his wife in mocked up shock. "Do I even need a set of balls?"

"You handed them over with your vows," Sawyer interjected, joining in with the sarcastic game.

Ana just grinned. "I'll give you them back one day soon." She sighed, running a hand over her swollen stomach. "Can we skip lunch, I'm in need of a nap."

Christian's brow furrowed at the thought, but he nodded. "Luke, can you take Teddy and get the car ready and we'll meet you out front, please?"

"Sure," Sawyer quickly agreed. "I'll call Gail and ask her to make something easy. "

"Sounds good, I'll be out once I've settled the bill." Christian turned to face Ana and could see how tired she was suddenly was. "You just don't know when to stop, do you?"

"Nope," Ana spoke and shook her head. "But it keeps things fun around here. Now go pay, so we can head home."

"I'm already on it," Christian said, getting up and leaving her after a gentle kiss.

Ana sat and slowly stood up, waiting on Christian as he threw money at a waitress and headed back. She saw movement on her right and looked to see Hailey scurrying out of the restaurant - without her lunch date. Shaking her head, Ana didn't realise a girl could be so desperate to get even an ounce of money. She didn't like money, even now, she didn't beg for extra money or look for it. Hell, she still got shocked at the money the family could rack up.

"Come on then," Christian broke her reverie, picking up her handbag for her. "Let's go home and have a relaxing afternoon. No cat fights, not verbal attacks included."

"Sounds amazing. I'm just fed up with seeing that woman." Ana followed her husband outside and spotted Sawyer looking at her worried as he stood ready to open the car door for her.

"It's all about swollen feet, backache and tiredness, Lukey. So back down. I tamed the husband, I'll tame you too."

"Impossible!" Sawyer objected. "I'm not dissing because that baby gives you something like inner aggression or something because, girl, you do not hold back right now!"

"So you better be watching it," Ana quipped teasingly looking to Sawyer then to her husband. "That means the both of you. I am not having a discussion about not verbally assaulting she who keeps trying it on with a taken man." Ana squeezed Christian's hand. "My man to be exact."

"Don't worry," Christian began, pulling Ana closer to kiss her cheek as they walked to the car, "Your territory has been marked loud and clear."