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Fifty Shades Abandoned – Chapter Eighty- Three

Ana barely slept that night, she had actually remained downstairs only going up to check on Teddy. She had taken to the corner of one of the couches, huddled under a blanket and stared out of the large doors all night. She heard Gail and Jason enter the house and she used the blanket to wipe her cheeks clear, quickly sniffling but it was no use. They were here to work, not get caught up in another domestic issue.

She closed her eyes tightly to try and ignore the screaming tone of her husband's 'If you want to believe I'd petition for a divorce, I'll fucking petition for a divorce!' comment. Did he go to bed and start that evil ball rolling? Did he even sleep? She wouldn't know because she didn't dare go near the bedroom.

"Ana, Dear," Gail called out as she heard someone awake. She thought she was seeing things when she first entered the living room, but seeing Ana there sent off alarm bells."Why are you in here?"

Ana did nothing but dissolved into tears and she was shocked that it was Taylor was there holding her first and not Gail. She clung onto the older man for dear life as she wept. Clearly it was harder to cry yourself dry than Ana had thought.

"I think I've lost him," Ana sobbed at him, her face being buried into his neck. "I've screwed everything up." She suddenly pulled away and looked at Taylor, "Someone's messing with me, Jason, and it's gotten too far now," Ana cried at the lead bodyguard. "I just want it to stop."

Taylor allowed her to cry, but the moment Sawyer sat on the coffee table opposite them he knew it was time to issue her with some sense of security that her husband was failing at doing. "You're a victim of emotional abuse, Ana. You might be feeling weak right now, but underneath it all you're just a ticking time bomb. I'd be terrified if I were Hyde." He saw her disbelieve him and so he continued. "Everything that Hyde is doing is in order to mess with your head and he is starting to win."

Well you know that's true, Ana. "I think he sent me false divorce papers," Ana's lip trembled and tried not to cry again. "I believed that Christian had filed them and now he hates me because of it."

"He's probably angry and it's gotten out of hand and if I know how Hyde's mind is working he did this in order to split you two up. It adds up with the attack at your office last year and him keep calling you a prick tease. He's trying to drive a wedge between you and Christian."

"It's worked," Ana mumbled and closed her eyes to deal with the thumping headache that was taking over as a result from her crying and lack of sleep. "It really worked."

"I'll speak to him and then maybe you should too," Taylor told her and gave her a supportive smile. "Once you two sort it then you'll be unstoppable. It's just a momentary blip."

Blip! That sparked Ana to life more than ever. "I need to go and sort Teddy," Ana tried to get up but Taylor stopped her. "He needs to be feed."

"I'll sort it," Gail commented with a warm smile. "Go to sleep, Ana," Gail soothed as she sat with Ana. "We'll help you out until this settles."

"I think Gail is right," Sawyer jumped in, "I'll sit here until you wake up, Ana, but you need to sleep."

Seeing that everyone wasn't going to let it just slide, Ana agreed and laid down not knowing that they were all watching her with a slight pang in their hearts at seeing the pain she was going through in the name of love. Here she was, deadly in love with a man that had shunned her for one stupid mistake. Even as her unconscious state took over, Ana didn't look at peace or relaxed. All of her upset and angst was still on her face.

As Gail and Jason stepped out they were faced with Christian who looked at them with a weary, wide eyed glance.

"Do you really think she's being emotionally abused?" Christian asked, his tone snaked with worry and hurt.

"How can you not?" Taylor asked sceptically. "She is coping with so much and from what I can see is that Jack Hyde is playing a clever game with her. So clever that Ana thinks she's okay when in actual fact she is waiting for that mega breakdown to hit," Taylor crossed his arms as he watched his boss. "I think we just found her breaking point." He then leaned in, "Losing you is exactly that."

Gail nodded sadly at Christian as she agreed, "I am going to put some breakfast on. I think it's best we let her sleep and you deal with whatever you need to."

All Christian could do as they dispersed was go to the doorway and watch her sleep before going to get his son up.

He was going to do what was best and let his wife sleep.

It took him hours, but he was able to finally crack down on some leads. Even down to the fact that the man that delivered the papers was the same man that had shot the Flynn's. Christian was quite glad to have a found connection and the police appeared even more pleased that they were getting somewhere.

Ana woke up to hear her husband shouting and even though it was a disorientating way to wake up, she was awake immediately. Noticing the new day was bright already, she realised she had slept too late and had to get up and see to her son.

"Someone's forged my signature," Christian ground out. "I don't know what else they might do this to but I can't run that risk." He looked to Taylor, "I want this fucker brought down."

He didn't know she was awake until he turned around and looked at her. She wanted to smile but she was glad she didn't as his icy stance still remained.

"Get up," Christian demanded sternly, "We're heading to the hospital to see Kate and Elliot."

Watching him go, Ana slowly got up and folded the blanket up and went upstairs unable to ignore the looks on Gail, Taylor or Sawyer's face.

This was embarrassment in hell.

The only solace here was her Teddy.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Fifty Shades Abandoned -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"You look miserable," Kate commented to Ana as she watched her daughter secured in her friend's arms. "What's happened?"

"It's nothing," Ana replied and yet refused to look up at Kate. She kept her eyes trained on baby Ava trying hard not to cry. "She really is a beautiful little girl," Ana commented, stealing her own attention. She couldn't bring it up when he husband was in the room, as well as her in-laws. It wasn't right.

"Just because I've had a daughter doesn't mean I'm skipping out on being your best friend, Steele," Kate placed her hand on Ana's arm and moved in ever so slightly. "My job as that doesn't just go away so I wish you would speak to me."

"I can't," Ana spoke back and realised her husband and Elliot had both stopped talking and were watching them intently. "I'm sorry," She said handing the baby over. She didn't want to cry in front of everyone, not when they were so happy. "I'll be back later. Maybe Teddy can meet his new cousin," She gave a forced smile and fled from the room before anyone could stop her. She just wanted to lick her own wounds and find forgiveness with her husband.

"You can't go," Christian called as he left Kate's hospital room. He watched Ana halt in her steps, "We're here for family."

Ana turned around to face him, "How can I be here for family and be happy when I feel like I've ruined every right I have to be happy?" She asked him and felt her every last nerve dissolving, "I did one thing wrong, but please don't believe that's what I want!" She looked at him wildly as he remained speechless. "It's your signature, Christian. It was your signature."

All Christian did was take a step closer to her, closing their gap between their body's. It might be mean, but he wanted her to bleed her heart out so he could heal her completely. As horrible as it appeared to be he knew that she wouldn't be able to kick this unless she got everything out in the open.

"I have that burnt into my memory because seeing you sign the register at our wedding is one of the best things I remember from that day. It was then you made it official," Her voice became a mere whisper as she spoke this sentimental moment. "I saw that at the bottom of the paperwork and I couldn't ignore it. Then you were so cold with me and I just added it together."

"Added it up fucking wrong," Christian mumbled miserably at her, suddenly closing off his body language to her by crossing his arms over his chest.

Ana flinched and nodded, "I don't want to divorce you, but I can see that's what I deserve. Why would you love me when I proved to you that I would believe you were willing to stop our marriage? Why would you ever love me again for that? That's unforgiveable."

"You think I'd really want to do that?" Christian asked her with an incredulous nature to his voice. "Is that what you want?"

Ana shook her head fiercely at him, "I don't want a divorce from you! That's why it hurt so much to read your signature on that paperwork! I felt like someone had taken all of the air from my lungs and was taunting me with by hanging it in front of me." She now cried unashamedly, "I never want to feel like that again because to be honest, it felt like my world was ending right before my eyes."

Suddenly, Christian's eyes softened towards her.

"Believe it or not, the reason I reacted as I did was because I was terrified that you didn't love me anymore. I reacted because I felt like I had done something to make you think I wasn't worth all the drama. I mean that's all I am, isn't it? I just bring you problem after problem," Ana's voice rang out with a fearful tremble.

Christian watched his wife look lost in this current predicament and his heart panged more painful at that sight than it ever did when he had yelled that callous, malicious sentence.

"How can I be a good wife and mother when all I do is attract every bad omen possible?" Ana's lip trembled even more as she finally spoke her own demise, "I just want a happy life with you Christian, but I shouldn't have to fight for that. I think we're owed just a happy life together. You and Teddy are never going to get that when I feel like I'm the one that brings bad luck into your life."

Christian couldn't take her bad mouthing herself anymore. He stepped in and captured her face between his large hands, the first piece of contact they had shared since the morning before. He was going to speak, but his own carnal needs took over and he just kissed her. He forgave her and asked for an apology all at once.

"Never think like that again," Christian scolded her, his tone not cold, but spiked with a sense of fortification. "We're both to blame. We both bring drama, but I want a long life with you, Mrs. Grey. I never want to hear the words divorce in connection with either you and I," He might have stopped the kiss to say that, but his lips were close to hers, his eyes boring into hers.

"Never," She told him back and then looked him harder into the eyes. "It's got to be Jack, Christian," Ana whispered, still refusing to let Christian go.

"Then he'll die," Christian practically made that a vow. "I want our life back to how it was." He watched her nod as she bit her lip to stop herself from crying again. "We will be burning those papers when we get home."

That was life music to her ears.

Then as her husband captured her fully in his arms, Ana felt all of her weight just release from her body, her entire figure just turned into jelly. Being back in her husband's arms, feeling him kiss into her hair, forgiveness given, made her just lose it completely. After everything, the fear of those divorce papers had knocked the wind completely out of her.

Little did she know that was the plan all along.