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Full Summary:

Sawada Tsunayoshi was from a poor family, when his father suddenly dies, leaving him to take care of his sickly mother at the age of fourteen, he drops out of school. Now at the age of 18 and still working, what is he to do now that his mother's health is deteriorating more. Tsuna is going to need a better paying job—and so begins his life at the Arcobaleno Manor—as a maid!

Pairing: Arcobaleno27, (really every person has a moment with Tsuna whether romantic or not), Main Reborn27, Fon27.

Time: Present

Rating: T-M

Note: This is an AU story, so Tsuna is not Vongola Decimo, however the Arcobaleno still have their respective interests and jobs. The Mafia does play a role in this story. Guardians appear however the relationships are only friendly, except for the occasional tease from Mukuro, of course.


~The first day is always the scariest~

Tsuna wondered if he should have applied for a different job. There were plenty of other jobs that paid well, but of course you need some basic education for that though. His mother had gotten worse over the past year and the cost for her medicine wasn't getting any cheaper either. He really didn't want to quit his job at the flower job he originally worked at for the past two years but fate was never really on his side anyways.

Tsuna sighed as he got off his bus and started walking to his new job. Of course his mother was thrilled that his job paid well so that he could keep just a little for himself. God bless her soul that woman was just too loving and forgiving. Honestly he didn't like leaving his mother at home, she had been bedridden the past few weeks, and she wasn't getting any better with the medicine, not to mention the loan sharks that were always hounding him. He would never forgive his father for what he had put his mother and him through. Tsuna glanced down at the directions in his hand so that he would get lost. He had a really bad running streak for his clumsiness and outright naivetés. Though that's partially why everyone liked him.

At the flower shop he originally worked at he had built up a reputation among girls and guys. It was probably because his mother liked flowers but back then he was really good at picking out flowers for people. Whether they were going to be used a gifts, decorations, etc. The shop owner was really upset when he gave notice but she wished him the best in his endeavors. But Tsuna thought the customers were more upset than she was, it was more like he had built up a fan base, and it was really strange but it made him feel like he had a home at the flower shop. He would have to visit often.

Tsuna continued to walk down the street, now looking at his clothes wondering if he dressed well enough. The woman who had interviewed him, Luce was her name, was just thrilled that he had applied for the job opening. She was concerned about having a woman fill the position due to some inherent dangers but beyond that Tsuna had no idea what his job entailed. Luce had only said to dress nicely, but sadly the nicest clothes he owned was a blue button down shirt and some clean dark jeans. He just wore his regular sneakers with the outfit.

He didn't really own much more than a few jackets for the winter season, and probably two other complete outfits. Since his father had died he had to take care of all their expenses. Tsuna wondered how he even survived until that point. His mother before she had gotten very sick, had sold the house, at that point he didn't know about the loan sharks. But it became painfully obvious to Tsuna that something was wrong because they practically moved every month. He finally got his mother to tell him, causing her to break down crying. By that time he was sixteen and knew a little more about the world. He moved them to a one bedroom apartment, where the rent was very cheap. It wasn't long before he had to confront paying the loans his father had previously taken out. He was still paying them now, Tsuna thought he would never get out of debt.

Tsuna looked down the street that was lined with extremely rich houses. He caught himself gaping at just the gardens that were on some of the properties let alone the facades of them. He read the address on his paper going through the address numbers on the homes until he found the one he was supposed to go to.

He stopped in front of a beautifully carved wooden gate that was flanked by rod iron metal work for the fence. Just the front drive way looked like it was worth thousands to Tsuna. He turned to his right where a call box was and rang for someone. Luckily it was Luce who answered. The gate opened slowly showing more of the property to Tsuna. The large white manor had a carefully manicured landscape, with trees and roses of all kinds. Tsuna vaguely felt like he was back in the flower shop. He walked along the dark black top road to the manor gazing at everything around him for a few moments before stopping. In front of the large white house were eight marble columns that held up the front eves, it made the place feel more regal than it already was. But before that there was a large circle turn around for cars, that had a fountain in the center. After that there were about ten marble steps leading up to another beautifully carved wooden door. Tsuna looked down at his shoes, he was afraid to even walk up to the door.

Tsuna looked one last time at the paper in his hands before folding it and placing it in his pocket. He gingerly walked up the steps still gazing at everything around him. He knocked at the door and possibly waited for the worse to happen. A few minutes past and no one answered the door, Tsuna wondered if Luce was on the other side of the large manor. He knocked one more time, but no one came. Tsuna tried the door handle that was surprisingly unlocked. He peeked in his head before walking in all the way.

"H-hello?" Tsuna asked to no one in particular as he closed the door. He turned around only to be met with a man in a black suit.

Tsuna didn't notice anything else because said man was holding a gun to his forehead.



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