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~Sweet Lov'in Mafia~

Tsuna wondered if the man who was currently holding him ransom was insane. How many bags of marshmallows could one man eat in a day? Currently the regal man had munched his way through three bags and was on his forth. The brunette couldn't stomach to look at the other for even a moment because he knew that he would be eating yet another marshmallow.

Currently the two of them were sitting in a room by themselves, which overlooked the courtyard that was out in the front yard. Tsuna couldn't help but think that he had recently got caught up with a lot of rich people out of the blue. However he had more pressing matters to occupy his mind with. He looked everywhere but at the man sitting across from him. He could feel the pair of violet eyes boring into his skin trapping him against the couch. He at least stopped himself from squirming in his seat by gripping his knees tightly.

Luckily, a knock at the door captured the opposite man's attention. In walked a strange blue-haired girl. Her clothing appeared to be too big for her petite size. She was carrying two large silver platters. On one was an assortment of different desserts and on the other an assortment of drinks. She set both down carefully in front of them and stared at Tsuna distastefully.

"Ah, finally, you brought the refreshments." Tsuna watched his capturer, feeling a little stunned at the backlash from the poison his voice held. The girl didn't seem put off though.

"The pastry chef isn't here today. It took some time to make the cakes, byakuran-sama." Her voice was titillated like a child's. Suddenly Tsuna knew that these two were probably were a like—childish. Which meant all the more trouble for him.

"Hmm, I don't recall giving him the day off." Byakuran's eyes narrowed down at the beautifully decorated cakes and sweets. Before Tsuna could react a plate had been placed in front of him with a fork and some tea. However, as the girl's hand retracted from the plate, Tsuna grabbed her wrist. Surprising himself and the girl, he let go just as quick as he had grabbed it.

"A-ah, I'm sorry!" Tsuna waved his hands in front of himself, "But, your hand…" Tsuna looked sheepishly away feeling embarrassed. It looked as if she was going to retort but Byakuran broke the conversation.

"That will be all Bluebell." Byakuran didn't look up from the pastries as he spoke. And with a sudden quietness, the girl left without a word. When the door was again closed, Tsuna could only look at his cake in front of him, he berated himself. However, as he was wallowing away in self-pity, Byakuran tapped at his plate with a fork.

Tsuna wanted to say that he didn't want to eat the cake but, the look on the man's face scared him into submission. He looked at him just barely before slicing a small portion of the cake away with the side of his fork before eating it. The cake was very light and fluffy but after a moment, Tsuna wanted to get sick. It seemed that whoever had baked it had put salt in it instead of sugar. And he meant a lot of salt. The brunette managed to swallow the horrible cake as he raised his head in time to watch the white haired man begin to eat as well.

Tsuna was too late.

A few moments of silenced passed before the man stood abruptly, leaving the room. The door rapt loudly as it closed.

While Tsuna was happy to have a reprieve from the oppressive tension in the room, being alone didn't help his nerve's either. He glanced around the non-descript room. Nothing of importance was anywhere to be seen, only the coffee table, the two couches, and some plants dispersed about the room. He glanced out the window again, staring at the moon as it draped it's elegance across the yard, lighting up the small crevices of the flowers and roses. The light from the chandelier in the room couldn't compete with the lady in the sky. Tsuna sighed heavily as he tried to relax; he had been so strung out as of late. He felt as if the moon as trying to lull him to sleep, taking pity on him.

Tsuna stood popping his back and neck in the process. He didn't know how much time had passed but it was still the middle of the night or very early morning. Honestly, he didn't understand why anyone would want to eat sweets during a time when they usually would be sleeping. But, the tea looked inviting as it was still steaming. Honestly all he could afford was water, and that just came from the tap. He very rarely bought teas or sugary drinks, as his mother wasn't supposed to be in-taking so much sugar and they were usually more expensive than his budget could allow for. Sitting down again, he gingerly cupped the precious china in his hand as he sipped from the elegant cup. To his relief the tea tasted as he hoped it would.

The chamomile went down his throat soothingly as he leaned back into the couch more, taking in the softness. When the cup was empty he placed the china gently on its saucer before slipping his eyes closed for a moment. He let his thoughts wander back to the girl who had brought them their food. Her hand had fresh cuts on them. She must have tried to make the sweets since the chef was out. Suddenly Tsuna sat up in a panic. What if she was trouble for the botched cakes? What would his capturer do to her? She seemed so young, he wouldn't—hit her would he? Tsuna's mind whirled around spiraling into darker thoughts. He stood up abruptly as he walked over to the door. As he raised his hand to knock, the door opened for him as Byakuran stood there a little surprised.

Tsuna froze not knowing what to say. His hand was still raised stupidly, suspended in the air. He was sure that his mouth probably opened and closed a few times, and that his face was probably blazing red. Tsuna finally snapped back into reality and stumbled back a few steps to get some distance from the man in front of him. But, as luck would have it, his leg bumped into the coffee table behind him. He gasped as he closed his eyes, waiting for the sickening sound of expensive china breaking.

When he opened his eyes again all he saw was white. It took him a few moments to connect the dots in his mind. There was an arm wrapped around his waist and a hand clasped around his wrist pulling it out and above him. As he trailed his eyes upward he met with a pair of violet irises. Tsuna felt his eyes widen in shock as the arm around his waist tightened, and pulled him out of the intimate dip. As his hand was let go of, Tsuna couldn't resist trying to wriggle out of the arm around his waist too.

Byakuran was a little surprised that his rabbit had decided to venture away from the couch and to the door. When the brunette finally noticed him, he tried to run from him, how vain that was. As his rabbit stumbled backwards he managed to catch himself on the coffee table. Byakuran would have liked it more if he had fallen backwards onto the couch. However he could make do with the opportunity given to him. When he had the boy in his hold he noticed how light he was. He would have to fatten him up a little before he could enjoy him, he though off-handedly. When he finally pulled him up from hanging over the table he held onto him for a bit longer. The fact that the boy was so much shorter than him made it all the more easy to keep him from pushing away.

Tsuna panicked as he was pulled in tighter and closer, so much so that his face was against the man's white suit. He felt puffs of warm breath caress his already red ears and a hand trailing through his hair.

"You own me twice now, Tsunayoshi-kun." Tsuna shivered as he was finally allowed to step away from the man and back to the relative safety of the couch. "Although making you repay me now would be low of me, I'll wait until you're ripe." Byakuran eyes seemed to glaze over as he approached Tsuna again.

Tsuna managed to catch up with the situation, feeling angry at his age and height being made fun of. "I'm legal! I'm not!—" Tsuna clasped his hand over his mouth, indignation sweeping in. He wanted to say that he wasn't a child however, that would probably work against him in the long run.

There was a heavy silence until Byakuran couldn't hold his laugh in anymore. He turned his head away and laughed into his hand, having a hard time containing himself. If Tsuna could feel anymore embarrassed he definitely was. "Ha-ha, my condolences, forgive me." Byakuran stepped up and gently picked up Tsuna's hand, placing a chaste kiss on the over worked palm*. As he straightened himself out, locking his eyes with Tsuna, he smiled.

"I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. You may call me Byakuran, head of the Millefiore." Tsuna didn't say anything as he stood still. As he retracted his palm, he looked at it as if it was contaminated. Byakuran chuckled lightly as he sat down on the opposite couch waiting for the brunette to sit. When Tsuna sat down and looked at Byakuran he knew that he was going to hate his life in the coming future. He just knew.



Yeah I had some fun in this chapter ha-ha. I hope I teased enough of you with the ending. Also just a future note: Tsuna will bake for Byakuran….hmm hot fudge.

Note**: So when you kiss someone on their palm it is a very affectionate gesture than a kiss on the top of the hand. Usually when someone is kissing another on their palm it is a show of adoration and respect, it's a loving move. I felt it was a perfect thing for Byakuran to do to embarrass Tsuna further.

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