Hey guys! I was so excited about all the review, favorite and follow alerts i was getting. It made me so happy. I got alot of reviews about Zachs 12 pack being fake and i would just like to say that it does exist, trust me i have a friend with one. Anyway i hope you like the chapter!

The guys and I all had the same classes, which was awesome because I had somebody to talk to and to show me around. Anyway the classes here aren't that different from the ones at Gallagher except they are half an hour longer and have twice the amount of homework, and move twice as fast! But maybe it's just the classes I have been to. I have only been to two classes so far and it's already 10 o'clock.

"Where are we going next?" I asked the guys because the block on my schedule for this class was blank.

"T.P." Grant said.

"But first me and you have to stop by the room to fix my wrap, it's falling off." Zach stated and grabbed my arm pulling me toward our room. I let him pull me because I still have no idea where we are going. Finally we reached the room and we walked in. once we were in the room Zach sat me down on the bed and closed the door.

"Shouldn't you be the one sitting on the bed?" I teased.

"Not the time or the place Gallagher Girl." Zach said. The cocky, joking tone of his voice gone replaced by a more serious, more in charge tone. I knew that we didn't come here to fix his wrap. "There is a reason I didn't tell you about what we do here Cammie. I'm not proud of it and what it has done but there is something you need to know about Blackthorne before we go to this class." Zach started but he didn't get to finish because then a huge guy came in and started to yell at us to get to class and that we were going to get it. He started to walk toward us. Zach grabbed my arm and started to pull me around the guy and out the door.

"Who was that?" I asked. He didn't answer he just continued to pull me down the hall. "ZACH." I yelled and pulled my arm away.

"WHAT? We need to get out of here." He snapped back and for once he didn't sound cocky or mysterious

"Who was that and why are we running from him?" I asked in an annoyed tone.

"I'll tell you later just come on." He said grabbing my wrist.

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what just happened." I demanded.

"Later. Not come on." He said.

"No." was all I said.

Zach looked behind me and his pupils got a little wider. I guess he was done with me because the next thing I knew he was throwing me over his shoulder and started to run again.

"Zach out me down, you already have broken ribs and a sprained ankle. Do you want to make it worse?" I yelled.

"If I put you down will you keep running?" he asked.

"Fine." I said and he out me down. We keep running until we exit the back of the school. "Where do we go know?" I asked.

"This way." Zach says grabbing my wrist again and running straight. We run for what seems like forever but it was actually about 10 minutes. The whole time I could hear the guy running behind us. When we stopped running we were at a place with a whole bunch of targets and some of the guys are walking in and out of a large shed. Then the guy that wa chasing us came and stood in front of us.

"You two night drills. Be here at 8 o'clock sharp." He said and then walked away. Zach dropped his head.

"Now will you tell me who that was and why we were running from him?" I asked.

"Yeah. That was our drill sergeant and we were running from him because he would have beat us but he wouldn't in front of all these people." He said gesturing toward the class. That was when I turned to look at everybody else. The guys were done with the shed and were now standing a 100 yard away from targets with loaded snipers.

"Zach." I said pointing toward the guys and turning my head to look at him.

"That was what I was trying to tell you back at the room." He paused. "Blackthorne isn't a school for spies it's a school for assassins." I just looked at him letting it all sink in. Blackthorne is a school for assassins. How could I not get that, I mean T.P., target practice, how they were so good at trailing us last year. I guess I zoned out because Zach started to wave his hand in front of my face. "Hello earth to Gallagher Girl." He said bring me back to reality.

"Yeah sorry." I said still a little dazed.

"You know you taking this really well." He said.

"Yeah well Joe is always telling me one thing. Do show shock or surprise it's a sign of weakness and defeat." I said quoting my former Cove. Ops teacher.

"Ah the golden rule. You know he learned that here. Our teachers are always telling us that." He said I just nodded my head. "We should probably start to practice before we get more night drills." He said and started to walked toward the shed.

"Yeah about that what are night drills?" I asked

"What it sounds like drills at night. Usually they make you do a lot of laps, some target practice and a lot of physical work." He said and again I just nodded my head. We reached the shed and Zach said. "After you Gallagher Girl." I just rolled my eyes.

"I don't think you can me that anymore you know." I teased. "I don't go to Gallagher anymore Blackthorne Boy."

"So what do you want me to call you Blackthorne Babe?" he whispered into my ear. I wasn't even looking at him and I could tell he was smirking.

"Absolutely not." I said and push him away. I just don't get Zach. When I got here he was interrogating me about why I was here, he didn't talk to me at all during classes and then wants to call me Blackthorne Babe. I swear he just does it to annoy me. I walked over to where the guns where and I picked up the closest one to me. I loaded it and walked out of the shed without another word to Zach. I looked at the lanes, there were only to left so I take the closest one to me and aim.