Kitty Kitty-Grimmjow?

A/n: Alright, this is another GrimmIchi fanfiction that hopefully, I will finish. Updates may be slow as I have to work on 2 Kingdom Hearts fanfictions and 2 Avengers fanfictions as well. But honestly I'm kind of stuck on three of the four so I don't know. Who knows when this might be updated. Anyways, this idea oddly enough came to me when I was reading about a Russian Blue Fur cat, and I just kind of put two and two together you know? Yeah... I don't know how that worked either, but oh well. This story came from that. Just to help a few people understand some things...

1. Ulquiorra, Starrk, Grimmjow, and Nnoitra are the only espadas that happen to be alive so that you know that. You will see the other Espadas come into play later on in the story.

2. This is so that people do not get confused, Renji and Ichigo are together at the start of this, but on Ichigo's part he still feels like Renji is more of a friend to him than a boyfriend.

3. I don't plan on having many fighting scenes in this since I can't write them that well, so there will probably be only a few if not any at all.

Well, that is about it. I hope that clears some things up for you all. My friends asked me to in RL so I think this will help~ Any other questions or things that you need to clarify? Ask me alright?

Summary: On a rainy day Yuzu found a little blue cat on her way back from her friend's home, and took the soaking wet cat home. She just couldn't leave it out in the rain! There is an issue here though, Karin is sick and since her and Yuzu share a room, the cat must stay in Ichigo's room for the time being. Ichigo notices some things that are…odd. The cat watches him intently, and stays in his room when he is there but then follows him along anywhere in the house. What he doesn't know is who the cat really is…and when he finds out…


GrimmIchi, RukiIchi (onesided), RenIchi, Uryu/Orihime, Ulquiorra/Orihime, Byakuya/Renji -Later-. I may add pairings, just ask.

Kitty Kitty-Grimmjow? 01

Finding Kitty~

"Dad!" Yuzu cried as she ran inside, soaking wet after walking home from her friend's house. She was holding a tiny blue bundle in her arms and looked rather upset. Ichigo sighed and looked up at his sister from his place on the couch where he and his boyfriend were sitting.

"Yuzu he isn't home, he's off on a house call right now." Ichigo responded and got up, leaving Renji to fall down onto the couch as he had been asleep. The red-head groaned and shook his head as he watched Ichigo go over to his little sister. "What is wrong Yuzu?" He asked as she handed him the blue bundle in her arms. Tears glistened in her eyes as she did so. "Hmn..." Ichigo realized then that...the blue bundle. Well. That was a cat, a blue cat. Alright, odd, but oh well. If the cat wasn't helped, Yuzu would be upset for a good deal.

He took the cat into the kitchen and pulled out a rag, drying the cat off slowly and sighed. It's eyes opened, a deep blue cerulean color. It turned out to be a he I noticed as he mewed at me, and licked my hand. I chuckled some before Yuzu came over and set a bowl of warm milk down for the cat. He shook his fur and leaned in, licking it up. It was a young cat, barley a few months old maybe, yet it appeared to know more than it looked.

"Hmn, he looks famished." Renji commented as he wrapped his arms around Ichigo's shoulders slowly. Ichigo chuckled and kissed his boyfriend lightly on the lips. "Hmn...And so do you." He chuckled as Ichigo hit him on the head and looked away, pouting some to make it see more innocent for his sister that was still in the room. However, her attention was on the blue cat that was now nuzzling her hand, purring. She smiled and looked at Ichigo.

"Do you think Dad will let us keep him~?" She asked happily and Ichigo sighed. He thought it over for a long moment before he gave a soft shrug. She frowned and rubbed her hand down the flank of the cat. "I hope he does…I can't stand to put this little cutely back out in the rain…he'll die…" She looked about ready to cry. Ichigo cursed under his breath and ruffled her hair.

"Come on Yuzu, he won't do that… It's too cruel…and Dad knows that." He promised and looked at the cat, sighing. Renji chuckled a bit and yawned.

"I have ta' head off now Ichi…" Renji said and Ichigo blinked but nodded a little bit. Renji ruffled his hair and kissed him before he left the Kurosaki residency. Ichigo knew why he was leaving, but he couldn't accidently let that slip. After all, it was Renji's mission he had and Yuzu would not understand.

"Alright…then let's wait 'till Dad gets back…and see what he says…"

Isshin stood there for a long moment, looking at his daughter and the cat in her arms. He clearly didn't know what to do, and he was rubbing a fake beard as he thought about what he had been told. "Well…sure we can keep him but… He can't stay in your room with Karin sick…" He mused and glanced at Ichigo. "Hey, Ichigo, take care of the cat until Karin is better alright? Then we can keep him."

"What? I don't want to take care of some cat!" Ichigo protested as he was a softy for the animals but… He really didn't want a cat in his room! Yuzu was about to cry and he cursed under his breath. "…F-fine…" He shook his head, he wasn't about to hurt his little sister. She brightened up and handed Ichigo the cat, which liked his hand.

"Alright then! Dad lets go shopping for cat items!" Yuzu grabbed her coat and her purse before running out. Isshin sighed before smiling and running after his youngest daughter. Ichigo rolled his eyes then looked at the cat. This was not going to be fun, but…oh well.

He carried the cat upstairs to his room. Setting the cat on his bed, he went to go take a shower.

The water ran down his frame and he sighed. It was warm and comforting...just what he needed. Now he just had to think about other things besides that. He had school in a month as it was closed after...they had... coincidentally destroyed it in a fight against some hollows. Yeah, that was not a good thing, and now they were searching for who destroyed the building. They would never know, hopefully.

He growled to himself as the water turned to very hot, someone had turned on the water somewhere else in the house. He moved out of the way of the water and started to put the hair products into it silently. He closed his eyes for a moment and leaned back on the wall, sliding down it after a moment. Tears formed in them, but he let them vanish, never showing as the water rained down on him. Why was he crying? He didn't know…he didn't understand. Was it what it normally was? Was it the fact that he was missing that certain person that made his heart soar…and that was now gone for good?

He didn't know.

All he knew was that he was going to have to find a way to get over him and soon.

Coming to his room again, towel around his waist and one laying over his head, he found the blue cat sitting up and watching him. He smiled weakly at the cat then patted its head before he went to change. He was confused lightly as the cat seemed to be watching him get changed, odd, but then a blue cat like he was, was odd as well. He finished changing into a lose muscle shirt and his boxers. It wasn't that late, but he was tired from everything that happened. He sighed and turned back to the cat, watching it clean its fur. Heh. He walked over and picked the cat up, lying down and setting it next to him. A purr came from the cat, and it snuggled into him.

Well, this wasn't going to be too bad now was it? Oh well…he guess he would see after a few days.

He was asleep, good. The cat opened its eyes and sat up, licking its paws. What he wouldn't give to be out of this form, but that would have to wait for a while now. He shook his head and jumped up by the window to look out it. He sighed and shook his head, such an annoyance. Why did this have to happen to him? The only plus side was being near Ichigo, and that was about it. Even yet, he wished he was normal. Not until his power returned. Until then he would watch the shinigami without them knowing who he happened to be.

The door creaked open. He looked back to see the small girl that had picked him up beforehand. He blinked as she glanced around, smiling when she saw the shinigami asleep, and set something down. She smiled at him before stepping out and carefully closing the door. He blinked and jumped down, going over to the bowl. He looked in it. Milk. Well, that was nice. A purr came from him, despite that he hated purring. He leaned down and licked the milk up lightly. It was good. Heh, that little girl knew what to do after all.

He drank the milk then licked his lips. Not bad at all. He glanced over at the sleeping shinigami. It was apparent his family had no idea he was a shinigami. Huh, wonder why. He would find that out later he guessed. He walked over to the bed and jumped back on it, going over near there shinigami's chest and lying down. He was warm, he noted…Very warm, for a shinigami. Then again, what else could he expect? He was no normal shinigami…

"Ahn…" He looked up at the boy as he rolled over, wincing in his sleep. He frowned, wondering what the shinigami was possibly thinking/dreaming about at the moment. "…why did he have to die? Before I could…" His words ended and the cat frowned. What had the shinigami been about to say? Annoying. He wanted an answer, but he knew he was bound to not get one…

Then, he thought of the words again. He had the other red-head shinigami who could he be talking about that he felt that way about. Interesting. He had to figure this out, and that would be better than doing nothing while he was trapped in this cat body.

If he could understand the shinigami...then maybe he could understand much more about him than that. Than that shinigami side of him that he had seen only, that side that was ready to kill. Not this side, not this humane side...

Waking the next morning, Ichigo groaned and then sighed. He registered a warmth against him and blinked, finding the blue cat from before. The cat was asleep on his chest, curled up into a tight ball. He chuckled and then smiled and petted the cat slowly, waking it, yet it seemed not to mind. It purred and then licked his hand, tongue warm and a sandpaper feeling to it. He chuckled and then sat up, lightly picking the small cat up as well.

"Alright, I guess you are a little sweet thing." He mumbled and then set the cat down as he got up, glancing at the time. Hn. 10:20am. Not bad, considering he had a restless sleep last night. He had no idea why he was still dreaming about that certain person though, or why it bugged him so much. It had been a few months, and yet still, he was in love with that person. Renji couldn't know, he just couldn't know about it... If anyone found out about it, he would be in big trouble.

"Ichigo~ Breakfast is ready!" Yuzu called and Ichigo smiled.

"Be down in a second!" He called back. She was so sweet and innocent still. He glanced back at the cat, of course she would never have left it out to die... She was just so sweet when it came to those things. He sighed then and shook his head. He finished changing and picked up the little cat into his arms. "Alright, time to go eat." He said then paused. "Hn. What should we call you?" He mused and the cat tilted its head before Ichigo smiled. "How about we call you Blueberry?" The cat shook it's head then mewed at him. Ichigo blinked. "Hn...berry?" A shake. He sighed then decided to let his sister name him.

He took the cat downstairs and handed it to his sister who smiled. "Ichi, what do you think we should name him?" She asked and Ichigo shrugged. He grabbed his plate of food and sat down, eating as his sister started to list off names, getting replies from the cat.

"Haru?" Shake.

"Kasai?" Shake.

"Blue?" Shake.

"Blueberry?" Shake.

"Raspberry?" Shake.

"Hmm…how about…" She glanced around the house and her eyes landed on a book. She smiled and looked at him. "What if we call you…Grimm?"

Ichigo about choked on his food but didn't show it. Where had his sister-oh right. That book… He remembered it now. It was a fairy tale book that his dad had bought for his sisters… Agh… Well now he was not happy. He had a cat named Grimm, and that only made him think more of that certain person… Why did the world hate him so much? He sighed softly. Well now, he was going to have an interesting time with the cat. Er. Grimm.